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  • Facebook has exposed more and more of your activity since it started, with every new version they launch. If you leave a job, they list the name of the company and the date you left on the live feed for all to see.
    • Likewise, they uped the security in the wrong places. It used to be you could friend anyone you see on there, but now, they have a block that prohibits you from friending someone who you have no prior connection with, determined by mutual friends or career or family relations! The pages of popular people, like celebrities, are prone to this.
    • That sounds like a good idea actually, especially if you're a celebrity or web personality. And there's always the option of messaging someone with such a block if you do indeed know them.
  • Why does Facebook have so many rogue apps, which just end up being viruses and survey scams? My friends post that crap on my wall all the time, and nothing gets done when I report the application. It's like Facebook, frankly, doesn't police their site well. -_-
    • The same reason pretty much every app marketplace open for public submission does; places like iTunes and the Android marketplace have a similar problem, if not quite on the same scale. Facebook likely has it much worse because a) its massive user base size makes it a very attractive prospect even compared to that of iTunes, and as demonstrated by your friends people may fall for them more readily on Facebook (no offence intended), and b) it's easier to slap something together for within an internet browser than it is to program for non-PC/Mac platforms. Yes, Facebook should be doing more, but admittedly do they do much in any other department of cleaning up and enforcing things?
  • I fail to understand why so many people bitch about Facebook like it's Big Brother using its evil computer to track every detail of your personal life. They only show information that you gladly offered up. If you don't want the whole world to know something, then don't post it for the whole world to see.
    • Keep in mind, these are usually the same people who bitch when they are woken up by a text instead of, you know, turning the phone off or using the silencing feature.
    • I can control my actions. I cannot control the actions of my comparatively computer-illiterate friends and loved ones who have "HEY YOU SHOULD JOIN FACEBOOK RIGHT AWAY" constantly pushed on them.
    • Every page with a Facebook 'Like' button on it will check your computer for a login cookie, and then report back to Facebook with information about the page you're on, linked to your account. I wouldn't call that 'information I gladly offered up'
      • OK? How is that hurting you exactly? You'd have a legitimate gripe if your credit card or other deeply personal information is being compromised, but I've yet to see that be the case. The paranoia is just ridiculous sometimes.
      • I've seen people accidentally "share" porn links (or a controversial news article, or an off-color music video on Youtube, or spamming some ridiculous Viagra ad) because they clicked a rogue "Like on Facebook" button by accident. I can't confirm if anyone's actually been fired/disowned/divorced/otherwise severely bitten in the ass by this, with the exception of extreme embarrassment and other social implications. While this is precisely what Private Browsing and No Script and such are designed for, Facebook being connected to fucking everything is somewhat intrusive.
  • The friends issue, adding someone you hate to your friends list just to unfriend them, adding everyone in sight and then having to unfriend all of them when you get aware of privacy, adding a few people and then being unfriended a couple of times and the emotional upheaval which does happen when that does happen, adding everyone and not unfriending anyone and getting spied on, being trolled and having to unfriend heaps of people, differing in opinion = valid reason to delete a person different from you even if reality they couldn't do it..
    • That's without the habit of people being more likely to delete you if you even mention your opinion on there. In that sense it is clearly Humans Are Bastards.
  • Facebook is currently in the middle of turning every userpage's format to "look more like My Space". ...what.
  • Why is the site such a magnet for 419 Scam and advance-fee fraudsters? I heard somewhere it was the new way they operate.
  • The awkward moment when a mass deleter see's someone they deleted in public...
    • Umm...if someone is going to go crazy over being "deleted" on facebook, they have some issues and facebook is actually the least of them.
      • There have been cases of people going mental in person, even setting fire to people's homes, because someone deleted them on facebook. It's serious business... apparently.
      • It being "Serious Business" doesn't make it any less ridiculous. Anybody who goes mental over being deleted on facebook has issues and facebook has nothing to do with them.
  • Every single update is an eyesore. The new Notifications is worst.