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Simple. It attaches itself to someone's face.

Usually Nightmare Fuel from some horror film.

May be related to Face Full of Alien Wingwong.

Examples of Face Hugger include:


  • The mind-control starfish of Starro the Conqueror.


  • The xenomorphs from Alien. Many later examples are homages.


Video Games

  • Gligar and Gliscor from Pokémon.
  • Metroids
  • Headcrabs from the Half Life saga.
  • Brainsuckers from X-COM Armageddon, which are used as ammunition by certain aliens in addition to appearing on their own.

Web Comics

  • In Campus Safari, Chrome's miniwhip Aurla does a good impression of one. (Played for laughs)
  • Sam Starfall pulls one of these off in an early strip of Cross Time Cafe. Hortmage finds it irritating and, maybe, disgusting.
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