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"Why do the world's best assassins always have eye patches? That's like the world's best car missing a headlight."
"I had me good eye on ya the whole time!"
—The Demoman, Team Fortress 2

Fury: Peter, optimism is a revolutionary act.

Peter: Who told you that? The guy who poked out your eye?

Fury: (jumps out of his chair and gets right in Peter's face) Yes.
I've got my eye on you.
Fury, Iron Man 2

Barbara Gordon: Whoa... that eyepatch is awesome!
Slade Wilson: ...yes, well. Sometimes the darkest impulses of the human heart can be triggered by emotions so strong, so raw, that our loved ones act without thinking -- I learned this the hard way... (contemptuously) But I'm happy you think my patch is "awesoome".

DC Superhero Girls (2019 TV Series), "#DinnerForFive"
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