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  "Sony, a word to the wise: Do not tangle with the kind of people who install Linux on their Playstations. Trust me, you are wasting your time."

  • Their epic thrashing of EA's Marketing. The whole episode is concentrated awesome.
    • Especially the dissonance of putting together an Old EA magazine article over the top of a Dante's Inferno video.
    • And their response to how fake reports of the "Bad Nanny" achievement for Dante's Inferno offended the International Nanny's Association:

  "You know how hard it is to piss off people who watch other people's five-year-olds for a living?!"

    • The real CMOA for this event, for Extra Credits, for the Escapist and possibly the entire video-game-based web-series genre? The head of EA marketing invited them to a meeting to discuss their marketing strategy after the video went viral.
      • Think about this-- EA saw it and cared. The episode honestly did something, Electronic Arts is trying to right itself. And this is Electronic Arts we're talking about here!
  • The series' presence on The Escapist was a CMoA on its own. In the earlier episodes, before they got picked up by the site, they said that it was inspired by Zero Punctuation. After a while, they're featured on the same site and have an almost greater following.
    • After they left, they found another hoster almost as fast, and it was none other than Penny Arcade.
      • Which is itself a CMoA, because of the absolute respect and gratitude they showed for Penny Arcade and its Childs Play charity.
  • On June 29th, 2011, James let fans know that the illustrator, Alison, needed shoulder surgery to continue working as an artist. The original plan was to accept donations over a 60 day period. In less than a day, they already doubled their original figures in donation costs.
  • The whole second episode on compulsive gaming was one of these, with James talking frankly about his own past problems and ending on the life-affirming message that real life is always waiting for us to return and that we can apply the same zeal we applied to gaming to life with much grander results.
  • The "Call of Juarez: The Cartel" episode as a whole, but sternly calling out the designers for wilfully misinforming people about human trafficking deserves special mention.
    • Their conclusion about the responsibilities designers have ends simply but powerfully.

  We can inform, and educate, and entertain, but failing all that we can at least BE HONEST.

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