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Yuri Keila is the Soulthirster

They both have purple hair, white skin, purple/indigo clothes, and a black belt with yellow details. Also, Yuri is a reference to porn while Keila is linguistically close to kegel, like the Kegel Exercise. Both have to do with pleasure, and Soulthirster is the Dark God of Pleasure.

Mainly this spawned from the belief that after Exterminatus Now completely blasted the Smurfette Principle, I doubt they would play it straight.

  • Oh god, I think you might be right.
    • Though her reactions to Eastwood's advances would suggest otherwise. If she's the Soulthirster, wouldn't she have taken the opportunity to dispose of Eastwood right there? Not to mention she wouldn't be nearly as (initially) naive about what Eastwood was playing at.
  • Maybe it's sheer irony, as Yuri seems to be the opposite in personality.

Yuri is more proficient with beamswords than Ryoushi.

She can be seen with two beamswords in this comic here. Either she has a spare, or she's skilled enough to dual wield them. Ryoushi only wields one. This would indicate superior swordsmanship on Yuri's part.

  • Confirmed.
  • Or it could be that he simply prefers to use one. Nothing's been said about relative skill.

Yuri is going to die at the end of the current arc.

She has made things constantly go wrong, and it would probably be likely that she will die at the end due to her or the team screwing something up, so Rogue will return.

  • The banner at the top seems to have replaced Rogue's outline with Wildfire's, though she's not on the cast page yet. and she is now on the cast page.
  • Jossed. She got kicked off the team.

Simmons was counting on the team to destroy the facility.

He probably figured that the combination of their insane luck and talent for getting shit blown up would get rid of the facility. He wanted that to happen, since he's Genre Savvy enough to realize that an illegal black ops facility that has already torn open a portal to Hell is more trouble than it's worth. He was probably also counting on them to destroy it thoroughly enough to wipe out all trace of its existence so that there's no evidence of an illegal facility left intact.

Schaefer is a lot more competent than he lets on.

The comic "A++, Would Heroically Struggle To The Death With Again" shows Schaefer, after being given a completely false lead by Eastwood that says that the group smuggling arms to cultists was run by a man called "E. Bay", an obvious fake-out. Schaefer not only goes after the lead, but actually manages to track down an actual supervillain called Edward Bay, before proceeding to kick ass most righteous. With this in mind, maybe Schaefer isn't as bumbling as he seems, but uses Obfuscating Stupidity? Getting a lead from an inquisitor, however obviously falsified, gave him an excuse to go after Edward, who he may already have suspected, which led to the aforementioned confrontation and epic disposal of a massive threat!

"Frank" is a rogue Inquisitor, like Silas Morth

In the original games he's always trying to steal the Chaos Emeralds and use their powers, but I doubt the Inquisition would allow anyone to use the damn things on their own. The Inquisition haven't realized this yet, though. They just think he's trying to stop a cultist.

Wildfire is perfectly fine under that full-body cast.

The guys just put her in it so she wouldn't cause anymore trouble.

  • That was the joke.

Eastwood is a Pariah

Everyone else, even Lothar noticed something odd about that artifact he used as a bookend. Morth's non-sorcerous underling said he could feel a slight tingling in the back of his head. Yet Eastwood didn't notice a thing.

  • Might also help explain his atheism
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