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"We put an explosive charge in your head. Does that sound familiar?"
Owen Davian, Mission Impossible III

"Could I at least tell my wife?"


"The Bomb says no, Brian."
Penny Arcade on how the development of Starcraft 2 stayed a secret.

Coyote: I see you don't have the tooth I gave you.

Annie: No, I left it in my room.

Coyote: Hmm, good, good. Show me your right hand. (uses a bind on her) If you tell anyone on the forest about the tooth, even Ysengrin, this bind will snip off your hand. Do you understand?

Annie: Wh-I, but...

Coyote: Good.
Gunnerkrigg Court, chapter 31, "Fire Spike". Coyote uses a variation.
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