Both a Wiki Tropes, and a TV Tropes guideline.

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Sometimes, the example section of a page gets bloated. When this has happened in the past we have used seven options:

  1. Prune the examples section. Useful if many of the examples are of poor quality.
  2. Kill It with Fire. Delete the entire article as having poor focus.
  3. Create a set of subpages for it. Useful if the page is sufficiently popular, and also sufficiently objective, that deletion is undesirable. (The results may possibly be put under Sugar Wiki or Darth Wiki if not objective, and sufficiently popular and straightforward (e.g., Crowning Moment of Awesome, So Bad Its Horrible.)
  4. Give it an Example Sectionectomy, for which this trope is named. Leaves only the definition, and some scar tissue saying "No examples please. This only defines the term."[1]
  5. Leave the trope where it is, but make the example section a separate page, sometimes on the Sugar Wiki or Darth Wiki.
  6. Rename a trope. Sometimes it's the title which can cause the whole mess. See Everything You Wanted to Know About Changing Names for more detail on that front.
  7. Move examples to another wiki entirely.

Examples of type 2:

Examples of type 3:

  • Any page that was on Multipage Tropes back when we listed those.
  • Fridge Logic → now largely located in the Just Bugs Me namespace → Now combined with other Fridge thoughts in its own section

Examples of type 4:

Example of Type 5:

Examples of type 6:

Examples of type 7:

Examples of Types 1

Type 1 (and to a lesser extent, 2) are virtually unlistable. Due to the way the Wiki works, they are easily lost in the mists of Wikihistory.

Mixed examples:

  • Mary Sue received somewhat of a 2/4 hybrid, with the article being (almost?) completely re-written and losing all the examples. Though now it seems the new page is a stitched-up combo of the two versions a-la Frankenstein's monster... We're not sure what to call it.
  • You Fail Logic Forever initially had a spin-off page (Insane Troll Logic) for listing non-specific examples as the page had become rather bloated, and a release valve for non-specific examples was thought desirable (type 5). And then the original page was reorganized so that all the fallacies contained therein were spun off into their own pages (type 3), while the original spin-off had developed through a sort of reverse Trope Decay into a full trope in its own right[2].

Non-TV Tropes examples:

  • Wikipedia's "in popular culture" sections have more than a whiff of this.


  1. Sometimes, the Example Sectionectomy is pre-emptive, as was the case in the launching of Pet Peeve Trope
  2. An argument so riddled with flaws as to enter the realm of either Parody or Poe's Law.
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