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Vegetarian Hitler.jpg

An evil character who does not eat meat.

For some Evil Vegetarians, vegetarianism might be explicitly connected to their villainy. These characters will often be members of an Animal Wrongs Group.

For other Evil Vegetarians, vegetarianism might be mentioned but is not explicitly connected to their villainy. This might be done by the writer to highlight a contrast between the character's evil deeds and his refusal to harm animals.

The Trope Codifier is probably Adolf Hitler, though there is some controversy over whether or not he was actually a vegetarian. It is common for a character to say something along the lines of "I can't believe X is evil! He doesn't even eat meat!" only for another character to answer "Neither did Hitler."

As eating meat is considered manly in many cultures, the Evil Vegetarian might be related to the Sissy Villain trope. Eating meat can also be seen as barbaric, so this might also overlap with Wicked Cultured. See also Straight Edge Evil, Hitler Ate Sugar.

Examples of Evil Vegetarian include:

Comic Books

  • Ozymandias from Watchmen
    • In the film version, Nite Owl expresses surprise that Ozymandias is capable of mass murder because he is a vegetarian. Rorschach replies that Hitler was a vegetarian.
  • The parents of Karolina Dean from Runaways. When Karolina realizes her parents are supervillains, she and Gert have an exchange about Hitler similar to the one in the Watchmen film.
  • One of the evil ex-boyfriends from the Scott Pilgrim series is a vegan but loses his vegan powers when he breaks his vegan diet.


  • Dr. Arnim Zola from Captain America: The First Avenger. Possibly. He could be lying to avoid eating a steak he suspects is drugged. He's evil either way.
  • The goblins from Troll 2, though they have no problem turning people into plants to eat them.
  • The villainess of Leonard Part 6 is a vegetarian, who plans on brainwashing various animals into killing people who try to hunt them.


  • Darken Rahl from the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. He refused to eat meat but he when he saw a man mistreat a horse, he cut open the horse and drowned the man in its entrails, sobbing over how someone could be so cruel to animals. He also has no problem killing and cannibalizing humans for magic.
  • Reggie Veggie from Cirque Du Freak.
  • A strange example from the Artemis Fowl series. Some members of the Extinctionists are vegetarians because they hate animals so much. They won't eat meat or fish but they'll enjoy cutting it up.

Profesional Wrestling

  • Daniel Bryan, as of his heel turn, has started incorporating his real-life vegan lifestyle into his character. He will often preach against the consumption of meat and animal products in his promos to provoke a negative reaction.
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