Basic: A thing that's not to be messed with.

Straight: Von Eclipse wants to revive Patrick Jones so that the latter could teach him how to be a better Bad Boss, take control of Queen Mirage, and commit littering. However, the latter wants to return Queen Mirage to her roots and is really a Knight Templar, and his first act is to invoke Off with His Head to the former for telling him a heinous act.


  • Patrick Jones' first response to the former is to turn into an Eldritch Abomination that can kill anyone who looks into his eyes saying that his goal is to kill all the possible antichrists as part of his Dark Messiah goal.
  • The latter simply takes the quote "If your right arm causes you to sin, cut it off" very literally to the former, leaving the former with a Wound that will not heal. The other villains then go after his organization, whose members take a variation of this very literally as revenge because they idolized the former.
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