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Have you, or any member of your family, recently lost an arm in an accident, a Ninja attack, or a science experiment Gone Horribly Wrong? Or is your current arm simply not up to the strains of your daily life, whether that be destroying every town you touch, playing the holophonor, or attempting to stop a nuclear war?

Look no further!

We at Trope Co® have recently made a new breakthrough in medical science - we have perfected the limb transplant to degrees thought previously impossible!

Trope Co® limb transplants do not have the problems caused by standard limb transplants. There is no physical rejection causing the arm to necrotise and drop off. (Think what an inconvenience that would be!) With your new arm at your side, you can enjoy whatever muscular strength its previous owner had -- or why not select one of our custom models, our 'Arms Arms', which take the form of attachable weapons?

You have the right to bear arms. Go out on a limb with a Trope Co® limb transplant. And learn to love your own right hand for the rest of your life! Comes in every colour, especially red!

SMALL PRINT: Trope Co® takes absolutely no responsibility for the inevitable result of our 'perfection' - that is, the pervasive and rather disturbingly nonsensical ability of the limbs to take over the owner's mind, often with the personality of their previous owner. Even our Arms Arms, despite not actually having a previous owner, display this property by causing the owner to go into a violent berserker rage. We also take no responsibility for spontaneously animating severed hands.

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