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This trope was much used in the eighties anime, especially in the openings. Hearts and stars continue to be the most popular symbols, while lipstick kisses seem to have gone out of use.

Related to Lucky Charms Title, where a show's printed title includes similar whimsical shapes.

The symbols are:

  • hearts
  • stars
  • clovers
  • crescent moons
  • rainbows
  • music notes
  • wings
  • lipstick kisses
  • colored letters
  • fruits (oranges and bananas are favorites)
  • flowers (all kinds)
  • tears
  • bells
  • colored numbers
  • umbrellas
  • mushrooms and feathers, if you're playing Super Mario Bros..

(Horseshoes, pots o' gold, and red balloons tend to only appear in cereal.)

Examples of Everything's Cuter with Lucky Charms include:


  • Lucky Charms, of course. They're magically delicious.

Anime and Manga

Newspaper Comics

Video Games

Western Animation

  • Powerpuff Girls full of hearts
  • Metalocalypse sort of uses/subverts it in Toki's fantasy sequence song about a girl he's going to date. His song is both appropriately cutesy/brutal: he decapitates an adorable dragon, and lucky charms (stars, rainbows, balloons, everything) spews out.
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