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  • Slender Man and the Rake, in the same story?
    • Some people think it's genius, considering that the SA thread Slenderman originated from also contained the Rake (on the same page, even, if I remember correctly).
    • Now Candle Cove's shown up and Slendy and hell, even the Rake have been a bit Out of Focus. This is getting to be a bit much for one series to conceivably handle well.
      • While I think the series is doing a good job of being unique, I agree that the Creepypasta buffet is getting to be a bit much. I wouldn't be surprised if they found the Grifter tape at this point.
      • This troper expects one of them to come across an old copy of Majora'sMask any day now...
      • I'm expecting them to find a video where Jessa said Candle Jack on camera and-
  • What happened to the exterminator that disappeared in Alex's room? I mean, I know, obviously, the rake killed him, but you'd think police would be suspicious at least...
  • Why would Jeff and Alex even have that recording of their mother's voice saying mundane phrases in "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back," unless they knew beforehand that she would die and they needed those mundane phrases to be recorded? And why would they record that creepy background noise under her words?
    • IIRC, Alex was just recording to use for some music. And then when they died, Alex snapped and started using the recordings as the real deal.
  • What's with the underwater clips that keep showing up in the hidden videos? I sorta feel like it's foreshadowing, but still...
    • It sure smells like foreshadowing, but like a lot of the "hidden video" footage, I don't think anyone has any flippin' idea what's going on with it, save for whacked-out theories (which for the time being is the only thing anyone can come up with).
  • Just something that popped into my head while watching Dark Harvest: did the motif of Slendy hanging bags full of people's guts from trees originate in this one, or is it older?
    • It is much older. It was one of Tall, Dark, and Scary's modus operandi from the original Something Awful forum. Except he would remove the organs, place each one in a separate bag, then return them to the body in the anatomically correct places. Except for the entrails, sometimes.
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