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His physique is so magnificently shaped that men as well as women become disconnected at the sight of him.
Vincent Canby's description of Joe Dallesandro
So basically everyone in this office is sexually attracted to Curtis, man or woman.
Why can't there be more girls like him?
Hiroshi, Ranma ½ (though for a reason different from others)

Danni (to Carla): I love The Fugitive. Who would you rather sleep with, Tommy Lee Jones or Harrison Ford?

J.D: Harrison Ford, hands were probably talking to Carla, I'm having such a gay day...

Carla: "Day"?
God, I'd go gay for that voice.
..this is the only character who doesn't suck. Not because of the writing or anything, but because it's fucking Will Smith. The King of Cool. He can make anything sound awesome. He's like the most charming man alive. I don't even know what it is, there's just something about....him.
Why do all the girls like Sasuke so much? Maybe it's his gorgeous eyes? Or his full, pouting lips? Or his sexy, emotionless voice? Come to think of it, why do I like Sasuke so much?

We have the hottest boyfriends in school, they're so hot they make boys drool.

"That's the biggest downside about being a Badass Adorable: The inevitable amount of Fan Girls you'll gather... along with the occasional guy."
Cyber Tiger 88 on Kimba's fanbase.
It's not men, it's just... him.
Ianto Jones discussing Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood: Children of Earth
Oh, c'mon, even straight dudes dig Batman. He's fair game, like Harrison Ford.

I have been told I could make straight men see rainbows.

Wayne: I loved Marky Mark in this, especially with his shirt off, I thought he was super sexy.


Wayne:...Sorry, that was an inside thought.
Wayne and Garth discuss the 2011 Oscars.

Sam: Did you ever kill anyone?

Mitch: No.

Sam: Did you ever climb Mount Everest?

Mitch: No.

Sam: Did you ever say you could see why women find Sean Connery sexy?

Mitch: Nnnooooo...

"All str8 boys admit that he is very sexy and HOT. Boys!!! I know we are str8 but we need to change after this video."

He's dainty.... I'm not gay, I'm just saying, that's nice. I challenge any dude not to look in his eyes and feel some kind of shit.... OK I was like a fag for two seconds.
Jamie Foxx on Prince
"I had an erotic dream about Henry Rollins last night, and I'm straight as an arrow!"
"You're not gay if you think Rudy's hot. Unless you are gay and think he's hot, or if you're a het woman and think he's hot. Oh, nevermind. The guy's hot."
Cpl. Josh Ray Person, Generation Kill
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