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  • Do tropers in TV Tropes have hierarchy about who looks down to who, too?
    • Of course. Tropers are people. The folks who add self-praising Troper Tales are pretty low on the totem pole, for example.
    • I found out that for those who add trope examples it's as follows:
      • 1: Those who add tropes which is media-related and universal tropes and won't appear in Real Life or does it very rarely (Bindle Stick, Iris Out, 555).
      • 2: Those who add tropes which can be found in real life but still media-related (Badass, Cool Car, Deadpan Snarker).
      • 3: Those who add YMMV tropes.
      • 4: Those who add natter.
        • I fall between 3 and 4, because I enjoy reading natter and wish it would be allowed on the main page, but avoid doing so out of respect of the rules, and really only add to YMMV, JBM, Troper Tales, etc.
    • I see it more as a sort of Karma Meter, seeing as the same person who added something useful or helps clean up the wiki may have also added a bad example or natter to another page. For example, posting this relatively useless YMMV theory just caused mine to go down.
    • I enjoy natter too: -5 to Karma Meter.
    • And of course, plenty of tropers look down on fanfic writers, who look down on shippers, who look down on slashfic writers...
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