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  • A highly puzzling case in Downfall. The main villain is advocating genocide of the Gotei, instigate a bloody war that claims many lives including named characters and fan favorites. Yet the changes instigated among the Arrancar the policy is 'don't eat wholes - or each other'. Furthermore, their opponents are shown executing enemy wounded at the conclusion of chapter 20.
    • And who is this Big Bad, by the way? Why... Unohana of course!
  • Played with in a Knights of the Old Republic Fan Fiction in which The Mind Wipe doesn't take effect for more than two days. Revan in disgust says that he has never raped, or condoned rape. Then he thinks, is violating a person's mind, soul, and spirit really any different? However due to that thought he follows the official end and converts back to the light side, of course while still being as close to being a Anti-Hero as he can while being light.
  • In Tiberium Wars, the Brotherhood of Nod draws the line at rape, and authorizes summary execution for any soldier caught in the process.
    • To emphasize this point, at one point a Nod soldier attempts to rape GDI Intelligence officer Sandra Telfair, who has been briefly captured. Before he can start, though, Brother-Captain Allen of the Black Hand smashes down the door, and beats the would-be-rapist's face against a wall before chucking him out a window. The Brotherhood takes this kind of thing seriously.
    • They go so far as to declare it a sin against Kane.
  • The new Chaos gods from The Open Door have laws, if they can be even called that, so anarchic they would horrify many a self-proclaimed anarchist and their attitude towards combat approaches The Unfettered levels, with brainwashing of POWs being seen as a valid tactic. However, they will not tolerate human trafficking or abuse of children, amongst others. Considering who they used to be, it makes sense. In fact, child murderers get to visit the Hall of Torments after their demise.
    • Also deconstructed; this partiality towards children doesn't stop them in the least from doing horrible, horrible things to anyone who isn't one - or, for that matter, from indoctrinating said children to believe anything they do is just and right. This can come off as quite warped to other races they encounter.
  • The website, concerning the question of whether The Empire from Star Wars would beat The Federation from Star Trek in a war, is written in the character of an Imperial officer. When confronted with Federation transporter technology, he notes that "Although some might claim that life continues if a precise duplicate is created from the original, many feel that the discontinuity of consciousness represents death. This may be regarded as a mere philosophical issue, but our officers and scientists are unanimous in their condemnation of this process as an unconscionable concept", referring to philosophical and moral issues surrounding the technology.
    • Of course, one could conclude that this is actually Sour Grapes, not Even Evil Has Standards, especially since the writer will and has espoused that exact viewpoint several times on the site. Incidentally, Star Trek has established that beings are still conscious and aware throughout transport.
    • I think that the point is more that, though transporters are perfectly fine for teleporting a body all over the place, they don't have any mechanism for the soul… that is, if you believe in the soul, and Rule of Cautious Editing Judgementlet's not get into that here]].
      • It makes perfect sense: The Federation is a generally atheistic society, while in the Empire you have the very spiritual Jedi and Sith, scientific knowledge of the Force and the proven existence of Force Ghosts.
  • Pokemon fanfic Dragon Master has Giovanni of Team Rocket delivering the line to power-mad Claire and refusing to continue their alliance.
    • In another scene, Laine confronts Ember about the circumstances of her father's death, and he reassures her with a similar statement.
    • The trope is deconstructed, as well; it's suggested that by keeping evil to standards, Giovanni makes it easier for law enforcement to keep tabs on him and Team Rocket.
  • In Cullin' of the Fold, a Redwall fic that's a Mary Sue and Twilight parody, the female protagonist is captured by a quintet of vermin. When two of them begin to poke and prod her, she jumps to the conclusion that they intend to rape her and says so, adding that she won't fight back if they'll just let her go afterwards, leading to this exchange:

 Petula: Look ... I have a pretty good idea what you're going to do. I won't fight, if you want. I don't want to make trouble. Just get it over with and let me go.

Raz: Er, Riggy? Tuftail? I fink yer might be givin' 'er the wrong idea.

Riggy and Tuftail: Wot? (they realise what Raz means) EW!

Thunder: Wot's she talkin' about? (Eyeshine whispers an explanation) Yuck! Why'd we wanna do that?

Eyeshine: I have no idea, Thunder old friend. She's heard too many lurid adventuring stories, I suppose. Silly beast. 'Oooh, we're vermin, we're evil! Must go do evil things!' We'd never dream of doing that! It's sick and twisted and disrespectful to femalekind as a whole, and frankly it's disrespectful to us to assume that we'd do such a thing! I apologise if my followers have misled you in such a manner, and I'm sure they do too. Right, buckoes?

Riggy: Yes! I mean no! I mean yes ... No! No, we're not gonna do that! Me sister would kill me!

Raz: Damn right I would, Riggs. We was brung up better'n that! 'Sides, yer don't know where she's been. Yer could catch stuff.


QB: They never asked.


QB: Such techniques were necessary for the efficiency of the plan. I don’t understand, you are an advanced species, yet you cling to such primitive concepts like emotion like a younger race. It’s confusing, higher levels of technology can only be obtained by dedicating the mind to logic. How can you be so advanced?


*Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*

  • In Charles Gray's Kim Possible fanfic "Buried", someone kidnaps Kim Possible and buries her alive to impress Drakken and hopefully get a job in his organization. Drakken arranges to have the wanna-be henchman killed because he was revolted by what he had done to Kim. In the sequel, "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" Kim's other villains (except for Monkey Fist) react similarly to her plight (Motor Ed even sends her a get-well card), while Shego works with Barkin and Ron to thwart Monkey Fist's plan to steal some nukes.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light, the supervillain Blizzard turns out to be much more of a petty thug than a sadist or murderer, unlike most of Spider-Woman's enemies. Although Spider-Woman defeats him when he tries to rob an armored car, he doesn't hold a grudge against her and later helps her protect many of New York's civilians when the city is invaded by an army of Brainwashed and Crazy supervillains. He also disdains the rest of Spider-Woman's Rogues Gallery for their sadism and cruelty, providing helpful advice to Tarot when he finds that she doesn't care about revenge on Spider-Woman either and isn't a Complete Monster either.
    • Although NYPD Detective Jason Phillip Macendale is a very Dirty Cop, freely accepting bribes from the Kingpin's syndicate, when Kitty Pryde is threatened by anti-mutant racists, he does his job as a police officer and investigates the crime wholeheartedly. Detective Macendale is royally pissed off by the way that the anti-mutant activists justify their actions with motherhood-and-apple-pie statements like saying that they're protecting the community or their families, since in his mind they're no better than him and at least he admits that he's a corrupt son of a bitch.
  • Within the warped and inconsistent moral code outlined in Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, Naruto's reluctance to have sex with Sakura out of a desire to not hurt her boyfriend Ronan can be seen as this, even if he ultimately gives in.
    • Ronan, who is disgusted by men having sex with each other is outraged to learn that one of the Council's plans is to kill all gay people, declaring that in spite of not liking gay men, he would never kill them. This is meant to be proof that he's tolerant, but to most readers, it comes off as this trope.
  • In When There Was a Tomorrow: Jack, a homicidal girl with a Hair-Trigger Temper and utter contempt for almost everyone, is nauseated by a video on Brute eating habits.
  • The version of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic's Prince Blueblood on the "Askblueblood" Tumblog is even more of a Jerkass than the show version, to the point of possibly qualifying as a Politically-Incorrect Villain. He's hugely misogynistic. He has claimed that Princess Luna's special talent is being fat and eating and that her cutie mark represents the moon after she was done with it, as well as trying to get her kidnapped by pirates. (though Luna has tried beating him with a baseball bat, making this more a case of their family dynamic being Royally Screwed-Up) He rarely passes up a chance to insult or abuse Rarity. He thinks kids who go to school are nerds. However, when someone suggested that he rape and murder Sweetie BelleYes, someone actually suggested this, his response was a blank stare, followed by an image of the "Delete your account" page with the password filled in and the cursor over the Yes button.
  • In the Death Note fanfic Low Light, Light/Kira is horrified when he learns that L blew up an orphanage in order to protect him. "THEY WERE A THREAT!"
  • In Gavalanche's fancomic Prince Blueblood was absolutely horrified to learn that Rarity tried to drown her 'sister', Sweetie Belle just so she could be with him.
  • Yuuka Kazami, in the Touhou fanfiction Imperfect Metamorphosis, has a surprisingly rigid set of standards for a Complete Monster and Eldritch Abomination; the problem is that they make no sense to anyone except her. She views courtesy and decorum as of the utmost importance (to the point that she killed the previous owners of her Inn room because they decided to scream in terror instead of greeting her politely), anyone killing plants puts her swiftly into This Is Unforgivable! territory, and while she is glad to protect children from harm she apparently doesn't consider raping them to be harmful.
  • In All You Need Is Love Takeshi the heroin dealer gives Light a few free pointers on how to avoid getting drugged and raped by L.

 Takeshi (to Light): Have you been watching what you drink, he's probably spiked everything you touch.

Light: I know he does, thank you for the advice.


  1. As confirmed in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: FINAL, Foundation X also exists in Build's universe