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~~Dramatic Hour Long Bromantic Comedy, Detective Drama, Korean Drama~~

File:Evasive 5667.jpg

Park Moo Yul, a taekwondo instructor, and Kim Yong Soo, a Manhwa store owner, are two slackers. One day, a lady stumbles upon their quarters, reads the old sign outside ("We’ll take on anything you need"), and believes them to be an investigative agency. She offers them money to find her arrogant cat, Honey. Entranced at the idea of making a quick buck, the two take on the job.

Their neighbor, fortune-teller Jung Hee Kyung, also enlists their help to find out the "ghost" that's making the eerie noise in their building. Turns out to be Honey and her three little ones, who have made a home in the walls. They also come upon three solid gold objects and a withered hand. After reporting it to the authorities, a young woman named Eun Jae comes to them to find out more information about the hand.

Thus begins the Evasive Inquiry Agency (Hangul: 얼렁뚱땅 흥신소), a 2007 KBS2 Korean Drama, penned by Park Yun Sun.

Tropes used in Evasive Inquiry Agency include:

  Hee Kyung: (after seeing Eun Jae's mansion) My imagination is as pitiful as my A-cup. I only imagined a 50 pyeong apartment.

 Hee Kyung: Only the pretty girls are evil.

Moo Yul: Then you're definitely nice.

  • The Bechdel Test: Passes. Hee Kyung and Eun Jae's main conflict comes from their class differences.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Emperor Gojong hid his gold somewhere around Deoksu Palace, because he feared a Japanese invasion.
  • Big Heroic Run
  • Bit Character: The series has quite a bunch of these. Take for example, the three taekwondo students who start off the series chasing a cat, practicing taekwondo at Moo Yul's, visiting Yong Soo's manhwa store, etc. -- all random events that are linked to one another somehow.
  • Blind Seer:
  • Bound and Gagged: Eun Jae in episode 3.
  • Brand Names Are Better: Because her closet is stocked with fakes, Hee Kyung is immediately suspicious of Eun Jae's brand-named goods. Also, Hee Kyung has trouble selling to a pawnshop because her stuff is fake.
  • Brilliant but Lazy: To Yong Soo, one of the baduk-playing elders say, "(You) were such a smart kid. How did you grow up to be like this?"
  • Broken Pedestal: Eun Jae finds out that her father murdered Yong Soo's brother.
  • Call Back: Numerous
    • Little taekwondo kid berates teenagers who read manhwa in-store as a Call Back to an earlier scene when Yong Soo demonstrated the Slippery Slope Fallacy.
    • Moo Yul practices his later speeches to make up for his horrible public speaking, which was exhibited in the first episode.
    • Why couldn't Eun Jae couldn't get her windows open? Because the Gold Building is linked to a series of tunnels so the ground keeps shifting!
    • The Tag usually is a callback to a minor plot point in the episode.
  • Can't Reach the TV Remote

 Hee Kyung: Why are you watching the news?

Moo Yul: Noona ... (Stretches but remote is just out of reach) remote ...

Hee Kyung: Lazy bastard.

  Yong Soo: (about Moo Yul's brains) Is that thing on your shoulder an accessory?

  Hee Kyung: I won't die here! I can't die here.

  Hee Kyung: (to Baek Min Chul) It's not your fault. You're not a bad person. What your father did has nothing to do with you.

  Moo Yul: I revealed my feelings before I wanted to last time, but now I'd like to tell you officially. I like you.

  • Love Hurts
  • Malaproper: Moo Yul messes up the old wives' tale of "pretty songpyun = pretty children."

 Moo Yul: My grandmother says, 'If you can make pretty songpyun, you can make (find) a pretty wife.'

Hee Kyung: Shouldn't it be 'pretty daughter?'

Moo Yul: You have to have a pretty wife to have a pretty daughter!

 Moo Yul: It's a souvenir of my love! (Beat) Am I a pervert?

Hee Kyung: It's okay; all love is a little perverted.

  Yong Soo: (to Moo Yul) You look just like Superman--before he turns into Superman.

 Moo Yul: The distance between me and Eun Jae is the distance between Seoul and New York.

Hee Kyung: New York? This kid is still in disbelief. She's as far away as Andromeda. A goddess from another galaxy. Both of you are different species, even.

Moo Yul: Stick a knife into a corpse, why don't you?

  Baek Min Chul: (to Hee Kyung) Once I'd met you, I fell in love with you. (Beat) Would you feel better if I said that?

  Yong Soo: I wonder if anyone would notice we're gone. (Cut to a couple of customers standing in front of his manhwa store.)

  Moo Yul: If you're going to smile, let me know beforehand so I can prepare.

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