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    • In the episode H.O.U.S.E. Rules:

 S.A.R.A.H.: Shall we play a game?

everyone: No!

    • In A Night At Global Dynamics

 Taggart: He's just made one of the classic blunders.

Larry: What's that?

Taggart: Never go up against an Australian when death is on the line.

    • Fargo on a mysterious CIA specialist
    • Talking about her aunts baby-daddy.

 Zoe: But he's your wonderful Doctor Who.

Vincent: I love that show.

Zoe: WHO as in World Health Organization.

    • In the Alienated Episode you can hear the movie in the background. Made funnier by this being before Battle: Los Angeles was being filmed, maybe the writers were Eureka fans?

 Woman: My God! What do they want?

Man: Us. Our planet. Our water, maybe it's fuel to them.

    • Several in Reprise:

 Fargo: So, does our Cylon spy have a name?

 Zane: I didn't know you were building a TARDIS house.

Jo: A what?

Zane: Big on the inside but tiny on the, uh... nevermind.

 Holly: Have you ever played Warhammer?

Sherrif Carter looks confused.

Holly: Nevermind.

 GD Computer Mimicking Fargo's Voice: You'll never find your way out. Resistance is futile.

 Fargo You had me at Halo.

    • "I'm on a horse!"
    • Glimpse starts with one to the 50's propaganda films.

 Fargo: Global Dynamics wants you!

    • Also in Glimpse, is The Cameo for Stan Lee, who provides a Shout-Out to The Hulk. He appears as Dr. Lee, specializing in the effects of gamma radiation, you can call him Generalissimo, and "Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry."
      • Also, Bear Mc Creary decided to play a tribute with "The Lonely Man Theme" from the Hulk TV Series playing in the background during that scene. Which was slightly adapted to resemble the "Mc Creary Eureka Theme" (the one in the credits and in the background from season 2 onward).
    • When Andy is instructing people on evacuation, Jo adds "You heard Mr. Data, keep it movin'..."
    • "This one time at space camp..."
    • This exchange:

 "That's it?"

"What were you expecting, the Spanish Inquisition?"

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."

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