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  • Crosses the Line Twice: In Nemu and Kanae's route,Rika and Rinne's eating each other excrements. Mind you, not the fact itself ,that is just disturbing. The fact that then, after swallowing it, they vomit it all back to each other's holes.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Nemu, Nemu, Nemu. It is a pornographic game but a lot of players feel attracted by her mannerisms who seem to hide a quite psychotic and evil nature even before her first sex scene. The fact she have blatant Foe Yay with the player character only makes it better. After The Reveal a lot of them also find Kanae's true self appealing. Not that they stop loving Nemu but that is for other reasons.
  • Narm: The game and the anime are trying to be so shocking and over-the-top as possible that horror may cross right into humour:
    • Kanae's getting a stuffed pig up her ass, and then having to "give birth" to it. The fact in itself may be seen as erotic or disturbing, but then she asks Takato to call the thing "their baby", says she is having labour pains, and farts in the middle of the process, and says she's sorry for it to be an inanimate object. It may be hard to take her character seriously afterwards.
    • Natsuki's moans and screams. Her voice actress's voice is extremely acute, emphasizing the vocal "i" to the maximum, making her sound like a pig. It may be a Narm Charm to some though.
  • Nausea Fuel: Well of course...
  • Periphery Demographic: Despite all utter brutal rape of the female characters, the nasty contents (ie. scat), and the gritty storyline, it somehow managed to attracted female fans. It could be because how well-written the female characters that are a far cry from the stereotypical moe depiction in harem visual novels nowadays, the story has good developments despite being a Hentai, and it certainly helps that the artist of the game, Hamashima Shigeo, is actually a woman (and it more so helps that she loves drawing female characters that are physically and mentally strong).
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