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The cast of the Etrian Odyssey series.

NOTE: Some information regarding the NPCs often can be found in the artbook "Etrian Odyssey - Forests of Eternity", which is a preorder bonus for Etrian Odyssey 3.

Etrian Odyssey

Potential Guild Members

Potential Guild Members

Landsknechts are powerful soldiers who wield massive blades, be they mounted on hilts or handles. While the most balanced of the physical classes, they do lean towards offense over defense, and can even drop their defenses entirely to dish out even greater damage. In addition, they can learn how to channel fire, ice or electricity through their swords so that they aren't completely caught flat-footed by magical opponents.

Survivalists are explorers who, as the name implies, specialize in survival techniques. Their knowledge of the Labyrinth allows them to hide in the shadows, ambush their foes, and guide their companions to swifter victories. They can also become expert foragers, gathering up the treasures of the wood and helping to ensure their Guild stays funded.

Protectors are the classic Knight in Shining Armor, and they generously share their incredible defense with others by protecting them, via magical spells channeled through their ever-present shields or using their own body as a blockade. They also learn a couple of simple healing spells to round out their repertoire.

  • Healing Hands: But only in Etria; see below...
  • The Hero: Kinda. Since she appears on both the covers to EO I and II and a lot of the promotional artwork, the "long-haired-blonde female Protector" is usually treated as the nearest thing to a "main" character the games have. You're still not required to use her in any way, of course.
  • Knight in Shining Armor
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me
  • Power-Up Letdown
    • Provoke, which (despite looking, at first glance, like the main point of the class) simply doesn't have enough of an effect to be worthwhile.
    • The Anti(element) shields are actually a downgrade past level 5 (when they start making the element heal you instead of hurting you), since the most dangerous opponents have elemental attacks that inflict status effects, and you only avoid those status effects if you have the skill at exactly level 5 to reduce the damage to exactly zero. Doubles as a Guide Dang It, since the final boss is essentially impossible to beat without a Protector who has all three Anti(element) skills at exactly level 5.
  • Weapon of Choice

Dark Hunters are leather-clad masters of whips and blades, and are fantastic at dealing out damage laced with nasty side-effects. A few expert lashes can bind their opponents up, then siphon away the last of their life force, while a sufficiently honed blade in their hands can deal pinpoint strikes to leave their target paralyzed, confused, or petrified. On top of this, Dark Hunters may use their own allies as bait to lure unwitting monsters closer... whether their allies like that plan or not.

Medics are talented healers with a wide range of recovery skills; if it exists, they can figure out how to cure it. On top of this, their allies can enjoy some positive effects, such as regaining HP and resisting elements. They also have the potential to be decent front-line fighters, though attempting this is understandably dangerous and may not be worth the risks.

Alchemists have refined the very elements into secret formulas that can be mixed and unleashed upon the battlefield at will. Not only are the powers of fire, ice and lightning at their command, they can poison their enemies, and can learn several vital support skills like keeping tabs on horrible FOEs and warping back to the safety of the last Geomagnetic Field they used.

Troubadours are performers who inspire their comrades to greater successes with their songs and dances. Supporters to the core, they can't dish out the damage themselves, yet can still effectively cover their allies from the back. Whether it's giving their weapons a little extra elemental kick, healing or strengthening their bodies, weakening the enemy, or even ensuring they gain more experience from each battle, the Troubadour is second to none when it comes to helping others.

Ronin are warriors skilled in foreign arts. All of their skills revolve around three basic stances, each of which confers its own strengths upon the user and allows them access to specialized attacks. While changing stances mid-battle can eat up time, the results are difficult to argue against.

Hexers craft crippling curses to lay upon all their enemies, but the most frightening of their skills may well be their Evil Eye. Anyone who has fallen under its power can only obey whatever orders the Hexer gives, whether that means turning against their allies... or even destroying themselves.

Citizens of Etria

Citizens of Etria

The Guildmaster. One of the first persons you meet, he'll set you with an adventuring party, while reminding you that you'll probably die.

  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Eyepatch of Power: During one sidequest, it is heavily implied that he lost that eye escaping a treelike monster called a Sickwood, after it killed off the rest of his adventuring party.

Shilleka is the proprietor of the weapon shop. Took over the shop from her grandfather, and has a bit of an accent.

Valerie is the proprietor of the Golden Deer Pub. Expresses concern over the danger the party puts itself through.

Ren & Tlachtga are two veteran adventurers who work for the Etrian government, the Radha. They are usually stationed in the labyrinth to prevent adventurers to go too far without permission. Ren is a Ronin, and Tlachtga is a Hexer.

  • City Guards: Including one instance where they try to kill you for trying to go deeper.

Chieftain Visil is the leader of Radha.

Kupala (as her name is revealed in the artbook) is a Forestfolk who keeps harassing the player until the player beats her entire tribe. She speaks Shakespearean.

Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard

Possible Guild Members

Possible Guild Members

Landsknechts have streamlined and expanded their skills. No longer limited to wielding swords if they want to deal elemental damage, they can now enchant axes as well. They can also grow even stronger when critically injured, so enemies who take advantage of a Landsknecht lowering their defense may be in for a nasty surprise...

Survivalists have added a repertoire of secret herbal toxins to their already impressive bag of tricks, allowing them to potentially poison, paralyze, or put their targets into premature slumber. Beyond this, they remain versatile allies capable of guiding their companions through the Labyrinth and discovering its secrets.

Protectors in High Lagaard have eschewed any knowledge of the healing arts in exchange for a greater focus on their defensive capabilities. Why learn to heal when you can prevent those injuries in the first place? Their elemental shielding arts have also vastly expanded to fill that void and better ensure they won't regret that decision.

Dark Hunters in High Lagaard are still much the same as their counterparts over in Etria. They are, however, slightly more flexible when it comes to setting their deadly comrade-baited traps, as they no longer have to be wielding a sword to set one up. In addition, certain other skills have grown even deadlier...

Medics in High Lagaard don't have access to the incredible Immunize skill boasted by their counterparts over in Etria, but have a few other skills all their own. Their H. Touch, for starters, is much stronger and a real lifesaver, and they've created a more powerful Salve that allows them to completely heal everyone in a single move. They may also sacrifice their very lives to bring back their party from the verge of defeat with the power of Phoenix...

Alchemists have learned how to harness the physical arts and translate them into powerful spells, enabling them to hit enemies with slashing, striking and piercing assaults. They can also unlock the secrets of Megido, or the forbidden magic of Eschaton.

Troubadours in High Lagaard cannot heal, but retain their versatility in all other aspects, keeping their allies motivated and smoothing over any weaknesses their party might be suffering from. They have also developed new melodies exclusively for dealing with FOEs -- a hostile audience like none other!

  • Limit Break: Crusade, which raises everyone's strength, defensive, and HP.
  • Spoony Bard: Maybe. They're not as good as in the first game due to the distinct lack of Healing and Relaxing, though Bravery (and arguably Stamina) is/are still pretty useful.
  • Status Buff

Ronin no longer have to worry about messing with stances during battle; their skills have been honed so that they assume the proper positions automatically, without having to take precious time arranging themselves. Naturally, this makes them even deadlier and dangerous opponents.

Hexers have expanded their repertoire of deadly curses; with a single whisper, they can leave their opponents blinded, poisoned, paralyzed, sleeping, cursed, or terrified and waiting for their next order, knowing it could easily be the last thing they do...

Gunners are marksmen with a truly impressive arsenal of weapon-based skills. Their shots can be charged with any element, strike any part of their target's body and leave it temporarily useless, or stun an opponent outright. And thanks to their Weapon of Choice, they can deal all this massive damage from the back lines, well protected by their capable friends.

War Magi combine the healing skills of a Medic with the physical might of a Landsknecht to fill two roles at once. In addition to learning various recovery spells, a trained War Magus with a trusty blade can capitalize on the various weaknesses their allies have already inflicted upon their enemies. They may also learn how to transfer their own TP to others; combining that skill with the ability to drain enemies dry can help ensure an experienced party never runs dry.

Beasts are wild yet fiercely loyal companions with an unique array of skills. Many of these skills revolve around healing themselves, such as recovering faster from their injuries, draining an enemy's own lifeforce through their fangs, or even taking a quick power nap in the middle of battle! They can also potentially sniff out and scavenge any of the forest's treasures, and are incredibly powerful fighters.

Citizens of High Lagaard

Citizens of High Lagaard

Minister Dubois acts as an envoy between the Duke and any potential adventurers; if there's an official mission to be taken, he'll be the one handing over the orders to any interested Guild. In addition, he keeps records of everything each Guild has fought and found, as part of ongoing research of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Lady Gradriel is the Duke's daughter and the well-loved princess of the realm, known as High Lagaard's Sun.

The Guildmaster can always be found at the Guild, and is always happy to give advice to any adventurers... even if it mainly involves reminding them of how dangerous the Labyrinth can be. Has a somewhat... odd sense of humor.

  • Catch Phrase: 'Never underestimate the Labyrinth.'
  • Samus Is a Girl: Revealed in the post game content. Well, if you squint hard enough at her artwork, you may notice her Princess Curls, but they're nevertheless hard to spot.
  • 24-Hour Armor: You almost never see the Guildmaster without armor.

The Innkeeper runs the Flaus Inn. Cheerful, but somewhat imposing; she has a bit of a reputation for being a battleaxe, and raises her rates according to how strong her guests are -- matching the level of the highest member of any given party. Her husband usually works in the Labyrinth, and her daughter is known for being very cute... much like the innkeeper when she was her age!

Doctor Stiles works at the Lagaard Hospital. A handsome, somewhat familiar fellow, he dislikes seeing anyone injured, and has a sort of love-hate relationship with the Labyrinth: on one hand, the resources discovered within can help them develop new medicines and save lives... but on the other, so many are wounded or worse trying to retrieve those riches...

Abigail is the daughter of the head of Sitoth Trading, and can usually be found tending the store. A hard worker, but occasionally can come off as a bit... spacey. Still, she's well-loved, and there's something about her that makes her difficult to say 'no' to...

Barkeep Cass runs the Stickleback Bar, and is in charge of the quest board. Any mission that isn't handed down by the royal family can be found there. Has a very distinctive accent, and loves ribbing adventurers and egging them on.

Other Guilds of Note

Other Guilds of Note

Guild Beowulf is led by the protector Flausgul, who is never seen without his faithful companion Kurogane. Kind and compassionate, Flausgul acts as a Mentor to novice Guilds, offering advice and guidance while they get used to the dangers of Yggdrasil.

Guild Esbat consists of the war magus Artelind and the gunner Wilhelm, better known as Der Freischütz. The old gunner is known for his cold demeanor and thirst for challenge, yet Artelind is somehow able to keep him in line...

  • Cute Witch: As a War Magus, Artelind naturally achieves this.
  • Bad Ass Old Guy: Der Freischultz, who also sports a Badass Longcoat.
  • I Call It Vera: Wilhelm names his guns Selena and Traumerei.
  • Shout-Out: Der Freischütz: Not only it's Wilhelm's title, said opera's name can mean "Magic Bullet Shooter", which Wilhelm certainly qualifies (for example, he can shoot you with an ice bullet), And when you beat him you get a loot which unlocks Zamiel Gun, a mediocre gun which penalizes your accuracy. The gun is named after one character, Zamiel.[2]
  • Tall, Dark and Bishoujo: Artelind
  • Tragic Monster: They reveal Scylla to be one.

Other Characters (SPOILERS)

Other characters

Canaan is the leader of a Winged Humanoid race who reside in the Cherry Tree Bridge, the place located just before the Floating Palace. His kind originally serve the Overlord by bringing fallen adventurers to the Floating Palace, not knowing what the Overlord's plans for them.

  • Color-Coded Patrician: He doesn't have a beak like his underlings.
  • Have You Seen My God?: After the player guild defeats the Overlord, he starts to doubt that the lord of the Floating Palace is his god. He then aids the player to find a god if there is any by unlocking the game's Bonus Dungeon.

The Overlord is the sole inhabitant of the fabled Floating Palace. He has been using the Holy Grail to grant immortality to humans, but so far his experiment subjects end up mutating into monsters.

 "Behold, the power of a god!"

Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City

Potential Guild Members

Potential Guild Members

Princes (and their Distaff Counterparts Princesses) are of Royal Blood in some way, shape or form, and this gives them the power to help keep their party's morale high. Should definitely not be underestimated; their armor may seem ornate and ornamental, but they've chosen the path of adventurers and explorers, with all that implies.

Ninja have handled down the ancient arts of the ninja for generations, and have mastered various techniques meant to ensure that all their explorations end successfully. These versatile shinobi can function well in any position, be it right on the front lines or supporting their allies from the back.

Buccaneers are descended from those who once ruled the seas, and are experts with guns and blades alike. While they lack the raw power of Gladiators, they make up for it with their raw speed and arsenal of somewhat less direct tactics.

Hoplite are best known for their iconic armor, which completely encases them and provides unparalleled defense on par with the most famous Protectors. Spears are their Weapon of Choice, enabling them to fight up close or from the back line.

Monks use the power of Qi energy to heal others, and naturally excel in unarmed combat, to the point that they can potentially fight on the front lines right alongside their fiercest comrades.

Gladiators have honed their bodies to become combat experts, and are completely focused on attacking in battle, ignoring such things as defense.

Zodiacs are astrologers who have turned their knowledge of the secrets of the skies towards combat purposes; they can collect ether of the various elements and use it as a catalyst for their powerful star arts.

Arbalists have mastered the use of all manner of bows, from the familiar longbow to more physically imposing crossbows that are nearly the same size as them.

Wildlings, as the name implies, share an affinity with wild creatures and can communicate with them, going so far as to be able to convince these same beasts to fight alongside them during battle. These animals will take the long-empty sixth slot -- so long as it's still open, anyway...

Farmers are easily the weakest of the lot, having little to offer combat-wise. Where they excel is finding and utilizing the vast resources that the world provides; many have thus set out to find their fortunes, despite the vast dangers of the sea.

Shoguns are one of two unlockable classes you gain around the middle of the game. Though they seem to be an Expy of the Ronin class from earlier games, they are only similar in the fact that they both use Katanas, and they both have multi-strike attacks.

Yggdroid are one of two unlockable classes you can gain around the middle of the game. Mechanical humanoids, Yggdroids have a variety of unusual attacks. Statwise they are very similar to the Beast class from the previous game, who is in turn similar to the Protector or Hoplite class.

  • Attack Drone: One of the Yggdroid's skill trees lets it summon attack drones based off the three elements in this game; they will automatically perform a Combination Attack with anyone else in the party who uses an Elemental attack that is the same element as theirs. They can also be ordered to self destruct.
  • Awesome but Impractical: They have the highest HP and STR in the game, but all their skills are highly situational. They can be viable if a team is specifically built around them, however. Not to mention their TP stays at a fixed 60 no matter what level they are (unless you use stat boosting items)
  • Desperation Attack: HP Gun, an attack that can only be used if the Yggdroid is completely bound, does an arbitrary amount of damage based on how much HP the Yggdroid has lost multiplied by a certain percentage, up to 255%. When you remember how much of a Game Breaker the Hexer's similar Revenge ability was, and then factor in that Yggdroids have the highest natural HP in the game, you begin to understand how dangerous that is. The developers understood as well, which is why Yggdroids have to be completely bound in order for them to even use the attack, but allowed Yggdroids to force their parts to bind themselves with the Purge ability to speed the process along, changing the prep time from three turns to one.
  • Etrian Cyborg: Averted; EO3 allows players to take most of the classes as a subclass, but Yggdroids are excluded, avoiding the need for wondering how a human can perform Rocket Punches.
  • The Faceless: All of the "male" choices. By comparison...
  • FemBot: The "female" Yggdroids have very human faces and chests compared to their "male" counterparts.
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: Due to the branching storyline, you can't unlock Yggdroid on the same playthrough as Shogun (though it is possible to get around this with a New Game+).
  • Rocket Punch: And Rocket Headbutt, and Rocket Jump. The Yggdroid loses their limbs and head after doing the attack (represented in-game by their limb being bound), meaning that if you use all three of these attacks, they are pretty much just a torso on the ground.

Citizens of Armoroad

Citizens of Armoroad

The Innkeeper's Son serves as the always-smiling face of the inn, greeting all explorers with a cheerful "Hey, boss!" and light banter.

  • Cheerful Child
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Amusingly enough, part of the Viewer Gender Confusion seems to stem from him having the same hairstyle as one of the female Hoplites, who suffered from her own confusion effect before the male designs were revealed.
    • He even complains about this in-game once or twice, mentioning that he looks a lot like his sister and that he's often mistaken for a girl when they go out to do stuff. Well, maybe if you'd cut your hair a bit and wear a shirt that doesn't look like you're wearing a bra, dude...
  • Hero Worshipper: Towards your Guild members.

Firm Proprietor Edie is the merchant working at Napier's Firm in Armoroad. Most think that all she thinks is money, money and money. Her sister later works as a shopkeeper in her shop branch in the Deep City.

Missy the Barmaid works at the Butterfly Bistro, and coordinates various side jobs and quests for anyone interested.

The Butterfly Bistro has many Regulars, such as the traveling troubadour Wolfram, the savvy trader Toma, and the monster biologist Scott.

The Guildmaster has advice for any fledgling guilds, and helps take care of any related matters.

  • Ambiguously Brown
  • Long-Lost Relative: Possibly of Shilleka. He has the same dark skin tone and dresses in similar colors, and the artbook features a small image of Shilleka staring at him curiously.
  • The Unfought: He occasionally talks about sparring with the party, but never does that for a variety of reasons.

The Harbormaster can be found at the docks at all hours. If a guild catches anything, he'll buy the fish off of them; however, he's more interested in seeing if they'll return the port to its former glory...

  • Pirate: Makes comments implying he used to be at odds with Armoroad's marine guard, and remains quick to disparage them whenever the opportunity arises.

Clients can hire members of your party to accompany them on various Sea Quests. Some of these clients include familiar faces from the Butterfly Bistro, as well as interested parties from the various ports of call you visit and beyond...

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Victoria's guild will almost always top off the chart in some side quest competitions if you don't.
  • Guest Star Party Member: Depending on which Sea Quest you're doing, you will always be accompanied by one, two, or three NPCs.
  • Impossible Task: Kirikaze has been sent to try and complete these so her master can marry the princess Kaguya.[4]
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Benjamin, one of Princess Victoria's devoted guards.
  • Little Stowaways: Ace, Visir and Mau Mau tried this to jumpstart their adventure. Didn't work the way they planned; mainly, they got caught, and your first mission with them is helping them complete a public service to avoid getting thrown in jail.
  • Quest Giver
  • Retired Badass: Agatha is a former sellsword who's settled down with her husband Giles; Drake is an ex-pirate who takes up his blade to defend Ayutthaya.
  • Rite of Passage: Princess Victoria of the Gauss Guild is out to defeat various beasts in order to prove her right to eventually rule her northern kingdom.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Victoria.
  • Sibling Rivalry: A trio of Zodiac sisters, each of whom focuses on one element out of the Fire, Ice, Lightning trio, hires you to solve an ongoing dispute about which element is the worst -- with each arguing theirs is the worst.

Senator Flowdia is your contact with Armoroad's Senate, and hands down official missions to your guild. Old enough to have witnessed much of Armoroad's history with her own eyes, she is willing to support any who dare brave Yggdrasil and uncover its secrets.

Armoroad Enforcer Kujura is a Shogun in service of Armoroad, especially Princess Gutrune.

Princess Gurtrune is the leader of Armoroad, although she is often sick and has to leave the day-to-day operation to her advisor Flowdia. Known as the Porcelain Princess due to her beauty.

Members of Other Guilds

Members of Other Guilds

Astrologer Hypatia is part of the Murotsumi Guild. A great deal of her time is spent trying to keep her gung-ho partner Agata out of harm's way; however, lately she's been suffering from distracting nightmares that keep her from getting enough sleep.

Ninja Agata is Hypatia's brash and overconfident partner. In his eagerness to uncover the labyrinth's secrets, he tries bulldozing his way through, leaving his guild behind.

Citizens of the Deep City (some spoilers)

Citizens of the Deep City

Innkeeper Angie runs the Twinkling Tavern, which serves as the party's base of operations within the Deep City.

Edie's Sister handles her sister's shop branch in the Deep City, as well as serving as Armoroad's emissary. Cheerful and upbeat, she approaches everything with an open mind and hopes for the best.

Abyssal King Seyfried

Automaton Soldier Olympia

Etrian Odyssey IV

Potential Guild Members

Potential Guild Members

Swordsmen naturally excel at the art of bladesmanship, wielding swords and rapiers. Natural leaders, they inspire their teammates by being the first to meet the enemy.

Medics make their return, one more serving as their guild's healing specialists. Taking a cue from the Monks of Armoroad, they've added maces to their arsenal.

Fortresses are armored just as heavily as their name implies, taking up the duties of Protectors and Hoplites. With thier heavy hammers and clubs, they also pack a considerable punch.

Runemasters invoke the raw elemental forces found in the atmosphere, channeling them through runic symbology.

Nightseekers lurk in the shadows while weakening their targets, sapping their strength with throwing knives before advancing with dual blades drawn.

Snipers pick off their enemies from a distance using bows. Specialize in doling out critical hits, as well as aiming at vital areas in order to seal off their target's ability to move parts of their bodies.

Dancers take up where the Troubadours of old left off, supporting and inspiring their allies with their dazzlingly quick, nimble dances. Along with boosting their strength, certain moves let them relieve their friends' exhaustion, and when the situation demands it, they leap into battle with a whirlwind of blades!

Mystics are a tribe of magicians who live in the wild, and cannot join the Guild until certain requirements are met. By setting up special fields, they can inflict various negative effects upon their enemies, and can attack or heal by releasing those fields.

Warriors resemble great beasts and possess all the strength that implies, bearing down upon their enemies with blades flashing. Survivalists who excel in battle; like the Mystic, they cannot sign up until certain conditions are met.

Gunbladers[5] carry special, mechanized swords that can perform powerful special attacks, but are prone to overheating. The third of the Special Classes who must wait until certain conditions are met before joining the Guild.


  1. They can't heal as well as a Medic, their buffs aren't as good as a Troubadour's, and their attacks suffer from having situational effects and simply not matching up to Landsknects, Ronin, Dark Hunters, or Gunners at similar levels. That, and the fact that they really need other members to provide the Standard Status Effects required to actually use their sword skills effectively.
  2. A demon summoned by the main antagonist Caspar who wants to see the protagonist Max dragged to hell in place of him by making Max use a demonic bullet during a shooting contest. In said contest, Max nearly accidentally shoots his lover Agathe who arrives in the location amid fears for Max, but the bullet misses her, and instead hit Caspar who is hiding in a tree, thus forfeiting his own soul to Zamiel.
  3. except for the Yggdroid Fembots
  4. This is a Shout-Out to the Japanese folklore of Princess Kaguya, whose beauty attracts many hopeful suitors whom she sends to nigh-impossible quests if they ever hope to marry her.
  5. Unofficial placeholder name to be changed after confirming official one
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