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Fridge Brilliance

  • Read this update. Marvel at how Parson keeps screwing around with Charlie. Then notice how Parson just swore uncensored. Like he did at the end of Book 1. What could this mean about how the natural Thinkamancy of Erfworld is now affecting Parson?
    • Apparently, Parson can do this at will now. "Beats the shit out of a coconut..."
    • From what I heard, Parson's inability to swear was linked directly to Erfworld's partnership with Giant In The Playground, his Precision F-Strike being the only exception.
  • In Erfworld, the ongoing stream of asspulls that kept screwing up Parson's plans and allow him to be defeated by Ansom despite Ansom's stupidity and pride seem irritating until it is revealed that the whole scenario is SUPPOSED to be an Unwinnable Training Simulation, that the GM is supposed to cheat, and that only way for the player to win is to cheat better, instead of merely exploiting the system. Parson realizes this and decides to reanimate a volcano. -- Wodan46
  • It seemed a little confusing that bringing the tower down in Spacerock City would remove its Capital Status and destroy the portal. Fridge Brilliance #1; the tower is the only remaining part of the Garrison still held by Jetstone. Gobwin Knob already has the Airspace secure, and Spacerock has no Dungeon. Once the tower is taken care of, the city will be officially conquered, by Erfworld rules. However, Fridge Brilliance #2! Once the tower fell, King Slately led some flyers into the Airspace! The city is still under Jetstone control, because while Gobwin Knob has the Garrison, the Airspace is contested again!
  • Fridge Brilliance regarding Faq's lack of Casters in Jillian's new reign: Wanda, Maria, and Jack were all popped by that kingdom under her father, which may be why none have popped for her now. Those cities have expended their ability to pop Casters already.
    • Where was it mentioned that a city can only pop a certain number of casters? Faq does have a Turnamancer. And Wanda wasn't popped there.
    • The Turnamancer is a former Unaroyal, and was hired from the Magic Kingdom. Either way, "limited number of casters" is one of the theories that would explain the fact that new sides pop casters more. Others include simply that newer sides have a higher chance of popping casters, which decays with time, and since Jillian essentially re-established Faq instead of starting a new side, it started out pre-decayed. Both are just theories, however.

Fridge Logic

  • We know that a Chief Warlord's bonus varies with his proximity to his units - his direct bonus to his stack is larger than the one he grants to all units in his hex, which itself is larger than the one he grants to all units in his side. We also know that since nobody in Erfworld can see Parson's stats, his bonus can only be measured by its effect on his units. He's never joined a stack, so we don't know his direct bonus - but why don't we know Parson's hex-wide bonus, which would surely be applied to all units in his city?
    • We may soon learn Parson's direct bonus... He's gonna fight in this one.
    • We don't know his hex-wide bonus, but in-universe they know it. It just hasn't come up yet, so it hasn't been mentioned.
    • It was mentioned early on that his leadership bonus is very low.
      • His bonus is 2, the same as his level.
  • Everyone knows Retconjuration is reserved for the titans. How do they know this? If there were any Retconjurors, nobody would know.

Fridge Horror

  • Erfworld runs on a Command and Conquer Economy; Units dig for gems, gems go in the treasury, the treasury is slowly emptied because they're used for everything. New units pop when gems are spent. Gems are spent as upkeep for units, so food pops for them. Spells cost gems to make and cast. Artifacts cost gems. But unlike the Trope Namer, gems don't grow like weeds. What happens when the gems run out? Parson better get to breaking the very rules of Erfworld, because all life will end if he can't cheat some way of surviving without them.
    • No, popping new units only costs time. Croaking enemy units is implied to give you money, and sacking cities definitely does. It's also implied that natural resources reset when a city is sacked and rebuilt by a new side.
    • There are actually multiple things wrong with both of the statements here: first, cities produce shmuckers; popping units doesn't cost anything besides their upkeep once they've been popped; spells don't cost anything besides juice, the cost came from buying a spell that they didn't otherwise have access to from another caster; artifacts aren't built by by people, they pop into existence, this isn't Exalted; it's never been stated or implied anywhere that croaking units gives shmuckers, nor that natural resources reset; gems are an extra source of income for sides, not primary income sources. Sorry to be blunt, but the problem here stems from misunderstanding things, and I needed to fix that.
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