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  • Just about every fight John Preston gets into in Equilibrium radiates awesome but the winner is easily his fight against Chancellor DuPont. At a range of two feet.
    • And just before that when he slices off Taye Diggs's face.
    • And just before that when he goes into a gunfight against many Mooks. Tosses two magazines into the hallway. Goes in guns blazing. Empties the first pair of mags, bends his wrists, and gets new magazines from devices in his sleeves. Empties them. Sticks the guns down on the two things he threw out, which were magazines weighted to stand up straight. Empties them. Drops the guns and grabs a dropped assault rifle. Kills the rest of the Mooks. Drops the assault rifle. Walks into the office, gets surrounded by Elite Mooks with katanas. Takes one from one of them and kills them all with it. That's something like 30 kills, all with four individual weapons, only two of which he walked in with.
      • Want to make it even more awesome? Synch up Super Massive Black Hole by Muse us to that scene (starting just after the Mook's 'Oh... shit...') and watch the scene go to weapons-grade awesome!
    • For this troper it was the moment leading into the fight, when the needle goes flat, and the technician knows exactly what that means. "Not without incident."
    • The moment when John Preston, his dedication to the current order visibly wavering, finally makes up his mind. He looks up, determination in his eyes, and hits the barrels of the guns pointing at him. The guns spin in midair, he grabs the handles, and blasts the mooks in the heads. That moment is the definition of awesome, and the (short and brutal) fight that follows only augments the awesomeness.
      • Made all the more awesome in that it was all for the puppy.
  • One line caps it all off: Preston: No... * polygraph flatlines* Not without incident.
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