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Some authors like to play favorites making one side look good one, while making fun of the side they don't sympathise with.

Not in this show. In this kind of show, there is no such thing as an acceptable target. They either mock all sides of an argument or none.

This trope is never played completely straight all the time due to the fact that Most Writers Are Human and all humans are biased (at least unconsciously).

This trope applies when a show doesn't have bias for any side in a given situation. However, it can be used inside the story too, when a character is particularly offensive to everybody.

A number of people have called themselves equal-opportunity offenders when defending themselves from accusations of bias, bigotry, etc, and have had varying degrees of success. The less successful ones have helped make the phrase a tad controversial, if only by association.

In addition, it has been argued that if different groups of people are in unequal situations to begin with, then it's difficult to offend them all "the same". [1] Of course, this argument is itself controversial, and has been challenged as misguided, unfair, or patronizing. It's a heated debate.

Examples of Equal Opportunity Offender include:


Live Action TV

  • Top Gear. They recently got trouble with the Mexican embassy for it.
  • Frankie Boyle will attack anyone and everyone.
  • Mongrels was very free about who it set out to offend.
  • In-universe example: Dr. Gregory House.

Stand-Up Comedy

  • George Carlin, moreso in his early days than his later ones. If you exist, he makes fun of you. Woman, man, black, white, left, right, didn't matter. To him, you sucked or someone was making you up.

Web Original

Western Animation


  1. An analogy: if you dealt out an "equal" amount of physical pain to every living human, say with a single punch to the gut, then some might feel nothing while others die a Death of a Thousand Cuts thanks to the previous actions of numerous other not-so-equal opportunity hurters — or just from having unluckily poor health.
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