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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the Dr. Seuss vs. William Shakespeare rap battle of Epic Rap Battles of History, I noticed that many other fans claimed that Shakespeare's first verse didn't flow well. But then I remembered the lyric "I hath gone iambic on that ass, ye bastard" and gave it a second listen. Shakespeare's first verse is actually in iambic pentameter and once you realize that, the first verse flows perfectly with the beat. - Kaxbe
  • During Einstein vs. Hawking, Stephen Hawking sings "I've got 12-inch rims on my chair, that's how I roll y'all". It turns out that really is how Stephen Hawking rolls.
  • Hitler says that he prefers the "Rick Moranis version" of Darth Vader. Rick Moranis is Jewish. Either he doesn't know about Moranis's ethnicity, or he hates Vader more than he hates the Jews. Either way, it's hilarious.
  • The reason Captain Kirk hates Columbus so much is because Columbus is one of the greatest examples in history of why the Prime Directive is necessary.
  • When Elvis tells Michael Jackson that he has a rap for his monkey, it might refer to Bubbles... or, given Jackson's status among many, it might refer to his other monkey.
  • When the Cat in the Hat raps about Macbeth, the blackboard behind him has the equation "1+2=SO MUCH BLOOD". Later, Things 1 and 2 show up and start threatening to stick their feet up Shakespeare's ass.
  • The reason why Dr. Seuss never spoke himself and let his creations rap for him? The real Dr. Seuss died from cancer in his jaw/throat area, which made it very difficult to speak in the days before he died.
  • It always bugged me how Hitler claimed he went BACK in time to mess with Vader in the prequel. Until I realized, the Star Wars movies were set a long time, in a galaxy far far away.
    • Also why Vader claims he's the one who invented everything that Hitler did.
  • Hitler tells Vader that he appears to be in pain, right after the latter removes his iconic helmet.
    • He also tells Vader to take a trip on his train... Guess how a lot of Jews were transported to concentration camps?
    • And to "step into [his] shower". In concentration camps, before being taken to a gas chamber, the Jews were usually told they were being taken to a shower.
  • I always thought Hitler could've won the rematch if he'd stopped with his "Sieg fucking heil!" line. Of course, he is known for going too far...
  • Lincoln did win the Civil War "Four Score and Sixty-Five years in the past". Lincoln Vs Chuck Norris was released in 2010 and was exactly 145 years since the Civil War ended in 1865.
    • Rule of Cool is likely why it wasn't given as the more accurate "Seven Score and Five".
    • More like a reference to the Gettysburg address. "Four score and seven years ago..."
    • Yes... that was why the above "Seven Score and Five" was a joke.
  • How come in the Mario Bros. VS Wright Bros. battle, Luigi is the Ax Crazy Large Ham? It could be part of his Mr. L personality showing through, partially summoned by his anger towards the Wright Brothers.
    • Or it could be because Luigi has previously had to fight a dude named Orville.
    • It's because the Marios are doing the Public Enemy bit, with Luigi playing the role of Flava Flav. Notice his bling is about the size of an alarm clock.
  • Why does John Lennon hate Bill O'Reilly so much? Well Lennon was a leftwing activist. If he was alive today, he would hate O'Reilly and his ilk.
  • Hitler refers to Vader as "black". This is not only a reference to his armor's color, but also to the fact that he is voiced by James Earl Jones
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