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Disney Epic Mickey features a cast of characters, mostly based on Disney properties.

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Mickey Mouse

  Voiced by: Bret Iwan

The Main Character is none other than Disney's own Mascot, based on his early appearances as a mischevious mouse. His attempts to use Yen Sid's magical paintbrush accidentally led to him creating the game's main antagonist, the Shadow Blot, and causing the Thinner Disaster which ruined the Wasteland.

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

 Voiced by: Frank Welker

Originally created by Walt Disney before Mickey Mouse, Oswald was the ruler of the Wasteland, but since the arrival of the Blot, he is now fighting against it as leader of La Résistance.

 Mickey: "I get that he resents me, but --"

Oswald: "Gee, ya THINK?"

File:Mad-doctor 7567.jpg

The Mad Doctor

From the 1933 short where he kidnapped Mickey's dog Pluto the Pup, The Mad Doctor stands alongside the Shadow Blot as the main antagonist in the game. He seems prepared to stand alone as the Big Bad in the sequel.

File:Img1825 02 4204.jpg

The Shadow Blot

Originally the "Phantom Blot" from the Mickey Mouse Comic Universe, the Shadow Blot is the game's main antagonist, a creation of Paint and Thinner that threatens the Cartoon Wasteland.

Gus Gremlin

  Voiced by: Bob Joles (First Game Only) Cary Elwes

Mickey's first companion, Gus is one of the Gremlins fighting against the Shadow Blot, and providing commentary and exposition for Mickey.

Animatronic Goofy, Animatronic Daisy, and Animatronic Donald Duck

Mickey's classic comrades appear as animatronic recreations made by the Mad Doctor so Oswald could have his own close friends. hey're located in various hubs around Wasteland, who have been attacked and disassembled by the Mad Doctor's Beetleworx army.

Peg-leg Pete

The chief authority in Mean Street, Pete has several counterparts in other areas of Wasteland, including Small Pete near Gremlin Village, Petetronic in Tomorrowland, and Pete Pan in Pirates of the Wasteland; all of them know each other. He may become nicer (or not) depending on the player's actions.

File:ImagesCA9836M1 3648.jpg


Oswald's love interest.

File:Clocktower 9980.jpg

Clock Tower

The smiling, golden-faced Clock Tower from the "It's A Small World" ride serves as the first boss. He'll try to flatten Mickey with his huge armored fists and arms.

The Bunny Children

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