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A manga series by Tamatsuyada, who follows High-schooler Kyouka Shiraishi works part-time at a local brothel.  She starts off using sexual favors for her reluctant step-brother and her fellow students to do things like pay her phone bills, but after being busted by the student council president Reona, she's given the option to work at Reona's mother's brothel.

 From this point, her money fixation gradually shifts to her coming to terms with her feelings for her brother, trying to protect him from potential seductresses, and trying to protect the brothel from rival factions.

The manga is currently ongoing, and received two animated OVAs essentially featuring the first three "chapters" of the story.

Energy Kyo-ka!! contains examples of:

  • Absurdly Youthful Mother: The owner of the brothel, Erina Houjou, is only 34 years old, and already has an adult daughter.  Justified in that she started working at her deceased husband's brothel when she was 14, and got married to him just a year later after having sex with him repeatedly.  Assuming she had her daughter a year after marriage, this means she's a 34-year-old woman with an 18-year-old daughter, and was married when she was younger than her own daughter now is. 
  • The Ace: Kyouka is this for the brothel - she's capable of making any man orgasm to the point of exhaustion, no matter how large he is or how much stamina he has.  The only person who may be more capable than her is Reona's mother Erina Houjou, though she doesn't have sex nearly as often as Kyouka due to running the brothel.  In her younger days, Erina actually won her husband's hand in marriage after he had sex with her and realized she was the most erotic girl of anyone he'd ever been with - even though he uns a brothel.  When Lily Tanaka attempts a takeover, she knocks out Erina first, which forces Kyouka to take on her men instead.  This implies that Erina would have also been able to handle the massive penis sizes of Bob and George and sexually subdue them if she were conscious.
  • A Day in the Limelight: In Chapter 8 Reona is the main character, with Kyouka taking a backseat, only appearing in two pages. Erina is also the main character during the flashback of her meeting her husband, as well as later when the brothel has been put out of commission and they have to make ends meet on the road - forcing Erina to service a client along with her daughter Reona.
  • A Naked Shoulder to Cry On: Zigzagged. Kyouka actually starts wimpering and getting close to tears when she first has sex with her brother, but she's actually getting sad while asking why he didn't ravish her sooner when her "pussy was always dripping wet" waiting for him. Naturally he fixes his mistake by plowing her as hard as he can.
  • Anything That Moves:
    • Kyoka will bang pretty much anyone she can. Initially she does it because she's constantly broke, then she does it because she's working at a brothel. But even when she's not in it explicitly for the money, her enormous sex drive prompts her to slip men inside of her whenever possible.
      • Even her list of gangbang sessions is enormous, let alone the number of men she's slept with. For reference, she's been gangbanged by three virgins at her school (for money), hordes of old men a during her first time at the brothel, most of the guys at her school to win over her brother, a crowd of guys at a festival to also win over her brother, a ton of beachgoers, every guy on a bus, and dozens of guys at a competition. She's also double-teamed a pre-teen with a friend of hers, and gangbanged her own brother alone with Reona and Erina (a sex session that Reona claims values over 10 million yen if he had to pay for it).
        • She also slept with a huge American man whose height dwarfed her, and whose girth was so thick it made Reona pass out.
          • Special mention goes to her older brother. Despite their relationship, she's been blowing him for years under the guise of doing it for money, before eventually dropping the pretense. Then she gets jealous and forcibly takes his virginity. Ever since then, her tendency to deliberately go after other men has been reduced, and she's usually frustrated when she's banging guys other than her brother.
    • Reona will sleep with anyone necessary for the sake of the brothel, as well as Kyoka's brother (who she also has a crush on).
    • Erina usually sleeps with less people due to leaving things to Kyoka, Erina, and her brothel girls, and was basically exclusive to her husband for a long time, But when needed, she'll sleep with clients just like Reona and Kyoka would. She does go out of her way to sleep with Kyoka's brother for free along with Kyoka and Reona, though, licking his armpit and offering him anal freely.
  • Beach Episode:Omata de Nukarete Okuchi de Gokugoku? Yuujou to Fukujuu no Semen Gourmet Match. It is set on a beach where Kyouka's group is challenged by Rachel to competition involving...extracting fluids from males.
  • Bi the Way: In Chapter 5, Reona shows signal she is romantically attracted to her classmate Harada and even touches her tongue with her own....All while they're having sex with male students. Kyoka only ever shows such an inclination when she first sees Erina, noting how sexy she finds her (though this is more a result of Erina's sex appeal than Kyoka's orientation).
  • Black Comedy Rape: When she becomes principal and teacher of Kyoka and Reona's school, Reona's mother threatens to send "nasty men" after students who disobey her rules. And they will be going while wearing no clothes. It's also implied she either seduced or raped the principal into submission in order to take over. After their first time together, when Kyouka's brother assumes she's doing it for more money, Kyouka gets frustrated and says she'll fuck him dry whether he likes or or not as revenge.
  • Brother-Sister Incest:
    • Kyouka has been madly in love with her step-brother since they first met as children, and regularly blows hm to extort money out of him even when he protests.  Eventually, she stops charging him, and when Reona attempts to take his virginity on his birthday, Kyouka finally admits her feelings for him and fucks his brains out.  She comes close to crying as she describes how her "pussy was always dripping wet" waiting for him, and questions why he didn't sleep with her sooner. She also makes it clear how much she gets off on the fact she's sleeping with her brother when she not only begs him for a kiss (something she's never done before or since to any other man), but also lovingly calls him "Onii-chan" while orgasming - meaning she feels like an innocent young girl getting dominated by him, as opposed to the domineering attitude she takes with everyone else.
    • After this first time together, much of Kyouka's time and energy is spent either trying to have sex with him, or protecting him from other girls who'd like to do the same (though Kyouka does make a one-time exception to let Erina and Reona help her gangbang him because she knows her brother will enjoy it).
    • During a situation where she's forced to fuck an entire busload of men to use their semen to power the bus, she imagines them all being her brother to work herself up and easily gets enough semen for the bus.
    • Soushuuhen "Gaisen Fukki Hen" . Sherry turns out to also be incestuous with her brother, and was in fact targeting Kyouka's brother due to being sexually frustrated from being away from her own brother. In the end, Kyouka manages to prove her sexual superiority, but Sherry's brother comes to visit and fuck her, so Sherry stops pursuing Kyouka's brother anyway.
  • Calling Your Orgasms:
  • A staple of any hentai manga, but Kyoka in particular absolutely loves sex and delights in making it clear when she's having a good time. Dialed up to eleven when she fucks her brother - she not only melts in his arms and holds him tight, she constantly tells him great he's making her feel, how much she lusted over him, and even begs him to kiss her while calling him Onii-chan.
  • Erina also gushes over her husband's size and technique when she first fucks him, begging him to take her from behind and gasping with her mouth watering when she finally cums. Similarly, he points out how mesmerized he is by her body and calls out when he cums from her blowjob and titfucking combo, as well as after they fuck for real.
  • Cosplay Cafe: Chapter 8 focuses on Reona and her friends doing one in the school festival. Of course it degenerates in servicing the clients into a not-very-chaste way.
  • Dirty Kid:
    • Erina was just 14 when she applied to work at her husband's brothel, and ended up fucking her then-Master so erotically that he completely fell for her and married her a year later. Justified in that she was poor and was implied to have learned her sexual techniques to join the brothel and escape poverty out of desperation, but ultimately fell in love with the Master after they fucked each other repeatedly. Her eroticism is particularly noteworthy since her husband was already running a brothel full of much older, more sexually experienced women by that point, but Erina's ravenous sexual appetite compensated for her inexperience. In the present day she's still extremely dirty when she wants to be - when gangbanging Kyouka's brother with Kyouka and Reona, she not only gushes while licking his armpit, but immediately offers to let him fuck her ass.
    • Kyouka and Reona also sort of count. They're older than Erina was when she first had sex with her husband, likely being around 17 or 18 - but they're both still High School students who regularly gangbang crowds of men as old as Erina and her late husband, if not older. It's also implied that Kyouka has been blowing her brother for money since long before the start of the series.
  • Distracted by the Sexy:
    • Soushuuhen "Gaisen Fukki Hen" . At least from Kyouka's point of view. The moment she sees men offering free sex in the fertility festival, she seems to forget her previous objective of stopping Sherry of having a baby from her brother. But she still manages to recover and challenge her to a sex contest before it's too late.
    • Also deliberately invoked when Kyouka is on a bus that runs on semen and has to find a way to make every man on it cum. She imagines a crowd composed of just her brother and uses the thought of him gangbanging her to distract herself from the difficulty, which allows her to completely ravage the group and keep the bus going.
    • When the Houjou Brothel is in financial trouble and everyone has to work overtime to make money, Erina leads a client into the brothel and distracts him from the exorbitant price by walking him past Kyouka, who is already naked and ravenously making out with a client as a "free service" before getting ready to fuck him. The display pushes the client over the edge and convinces him to pay for a room with Reona and Erina.
  • Flashback: In Chapter 3, when Reona is trying to seduce Kyoka's brother into giving her his virginity, Kyoka flashes back to when they first met as kids - showing her without her huge boobs and rear, and also lacking her distinctive tan and blonde hair. The manga also flashes back to Erina as a 14-year-old when she tells Reona and Kyouka how she met her husband, and the chapter covers their first meeting, first sexual experience and their marriage.
  • Gyaru Girl: A flashback to when they first met confirms that Kyouka's naturally as fair skinned as Erina and has the same shade of brown hair. She's since acquired a full-body tan and died her hair blonde, and clearly enjoys how it sets her apart from other Japanese girls to add to her sex appeal - at one point, she even proudly declares that she is the "sluttiest girl in all of Japan". Even during her first time at the brothel, when she's swarmed by the clients they all identify her by her skin and hair color.
  • Hot Springs Episode: Chapter 7 is set on a hot springs where the female characters give service to male clients at random, with a lottery deciding which client each girl must please.
  • Hot Teacher: Erina becomes this when she seduces the principal of Kyouka's school into letting her teach Kyouka and Reona's class.  She then takes over the school and uses her influence to make everyone have sex, all the while trying to monopolize Kyouka's brother for herself by attempting to seduce him.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: When Lily Tanaka attempts to take over the Houjou brothel, she brings two massive african american men with her - Bob and George.  Both tower over everyone around them, and Reona initially attempts to have sex with Bob despite her tiny frame before collapsing from the size of his penis.  Even Kyouka, who is the curviest girl in the brothel with a much bigger chest and butt than Reona is made to look tiny next to Bob - his entire body is still in view when Kyouka is sitting on his crotch, she only reaches up to his lower waist when comparing their standing heights, and her massive ass doesn't even fully cover his crotch when he's behind her.  The challenge for Kyouka in this situation is sexually subduing a man who is much larger, in terms of both height and girth.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure: Kyoka has a massive rack and huge ass, but her stomach is pretty flat. While many women in the series are quite curvy, her only real competition is Reona's mother Erina Houjou, who herself is also extremely well-endowed and rear-heavy. A flashback shows that Kyoka lacked her absurd figure when she was younger - Erina, however, was still ridiculously busty with a big ass even at the age of 14 when she first made love to her husband - so much so that she made every other older woman at the brothel seem plain by comparison.
  • Making Love In All The Wrong Places: Kyouka has a massive orgy at a public festival just to prove to her brother's foreign friend that she's the most suitable sexual partner for him. She also bangs every guy on a moving bus to get their semen to power the vehicle, by imagining she's being gangbanged by copies of her brother.
  • Mood Whiplash: Chapter 10 ends with Erina being shot by an sniper just after telling an lovey-dovey story about how she met her husband.
  • My Brother Is Off-Limits:
    • Chapter 3. Kyoka gets very quickly jealous when Reona begins to seduce her brother and stops her before she can take his virginity.
    • Soushuuhen "Gaisen Fukki Hen" . Kyouka gets very envious when her brother appears with a female friend that does turn out to have a romantic interest on him.
  • Love Potion: Played with.  When Kyouka has to make every man on a bus orgasm to use the semen to power the bus, she pictures her brother's head on all of them to force her arousal into overdrive and then ravenously fucks them them into submission.
  • Playboy Bunny: Botsuraku shita Houjou-ke Donzoko Shoukan no Fukkatsu o Kake, Mama no Nuginugo Gokuraku Service. Kyouka's group dresses like that to advertise their new prostitution service. One chapter (and chapter cover) also has Kyouka dressed as a slutty cat in an extremely revealing fur bikini that's several sizes too small for her boobs and ass.
  • Proud Beauty: Kyouka knows how attractive she is, and regularly uses it to get money for her odds and ends.  She wears her school uniform with an unbuttoned shirt to show her massive cleavage, has her sweater wrapped around her waste and wears a miniskirt.  She gave her brother blowjobs knowing even if he protested he'd be too aroused to stop her, and shortly after the manga starts she seduces three boys in her school into giving her 15 creampies, then charges them severely.  During a festival when a foreign friend of her brother is trying to seduce him, Kyouka proudly declares herself the "sluttiest girl in all of Japan" and challenges the girl to an orgy competition.  Being the owners of a brothel, Erina and her daughter Reona also know how enticing their bodies can be and use them to further the family business.  When Erina, Reona and Kyouka all gangbang Kyouka's brother, Reona even says that having sex with the brothel's top 3 women at the same time like he is would usually be worth 10 million yen.
  • Sick Episode: Chapter 3, where all prostitutes of the brothel are sick and Kyoka has to recruit her old friend Karin to service a client. This is adapted in the first part of episode 2 of the anime, and they both team up on the young son of a wealthy client to take his virginity.
  • Sore Loser: Lily Tanaka, who left the brothel years ago solely because Erina surpassed her and came back to try to take it back, but knocks out her old co-worker with a tranquilizer so she can't compete, proving she isn't in for a fair competition.
  • Shotacon:
    • Chapter 3. Kyouka and Karin discover their client is actually a young preteen boy, but that don't makes them reluctant at all in trying to please him. Karin in particular is head over heels about sleeping with him. Kyouka is enthusiastic to give him a good time, but isn't as excited as she gets when she's gangbanged or sleeping with her brother.
    • In the last page of Chapter 9, we see Harada clearly buying shotacon manga.
  • Token Loli: Reona is the only major female character with a completely flat chest.
  • Took A Level In Badass: When Kyouka has to plow Bob into backing off, she initially has trouble making him orgasm because of his massive girth.  She eventually powers through this problem and forces him fully inside her with high-speed pistons, making him orgasm more than Lily can do to George, despite Lily having 20 years more experience in having sex and also having prior experience sleeping with extremely well-endowed men like Bob and George.
  • The Rival: Reona sees Kyouka as this, though she later admits to herself that Kyouka is by far the most sexually enticing girl the brothel's ever had since her mother.
  • You Got Spunk: Kyouka is so excited to have sex with any and everyone at the brothel during her first visit that she gets swarmed by all the clients.  She's then on the receiving end of their spunk, and notes how much she enjoys herself.  When she finally has sex with her brother, she practically melts while praising how great he is when he actually gets into it and starts fucking her like he means it. This especially impresses her since she has a massive amount of sexual experience, regularly having sex with 3-5 men at the same time, yet her brother is able to make her orgasm like crazy while losing his virginity to her.
  • Zettai Ryouiki:Chapter 2. Both Reona and Kyoka in their school uniforms have grade A.
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