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"Emergency - which service do you require?"

Police, Firefighters, Paramedics. In an emergency, they are the first to respond, as most emergencies are related to their jobs. Often overworked and underpaid, but still dedicated to their jobs. Got a real big public image boost, at least in the USA, after their selfless actions on 9/11.

Individually these groups (especially the police) are depicted often enough, but once in a while you get all three playing a major role, or at least their respective vehicles.

Note that this is not them as a Power Trio, as this is about the organizations, not a trio of people. Also takes into account locale-specific services like Coastguard, Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, etc. Then there's the mercifully seldom heard of Nuclear Emergency...

Sometimes praised in fiction as The Real Heroes, but it's often lip service compared to how they are usually treated.

Side Note, paramedics are not actually a branch of the emergency services. They are a branch of the EMS. Paramedics are the highest of 3 skill tiers (EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P).

Examples of Emergency Services include:


  • Too many to count, really, although Cops stands out most.


Paramedics and Firefighters

All Three

  • Rescue 911
  • Third Watch
  • The Grand Theft Auto games let you try out each of these in the secondary missions.
  • The Autobots had quite a few whose vehicle form was an emergency vehicle.
    • As far as Transformers go, it's probably worth noting that the Generation 1 combiner team the Protectobots who form Defensor are made entirely up of these vehicles (Hot Spot-fire engine, Streetwise-police car, Groove- anoddly large police motorcycle, First Aid-ambulance, Blades-air ambulance), and that the main cast of Transformers Animated consists of these vehicles plus a military vehicle (despite appearances, Bumblebee is a police car).
      • Technically, Bulkhead is a police APC (Why do cops in the future have APCs?) He's only olive green because that's his natural color. In the pilot you can clearly see that the probes are scanning otherwise identical blue APCs that the police own. The only Autobot who is a military vehicule is Ultra Magnus, who's a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck. Interestingly, the other tfree members of the Elite Guard (Jazz, Blurr and Sentinel Prime), transform into civilian vehicules, despite being actual members of the Autobot military, whereas the main crew of Autobots were just a repair team that Jumped At the Call.
  • So do the robots from the various Braves series (where the good robots are all various public service vehicles) which you probably just know of from GaoGaiGar. Unsurprisingly, both Braves and Transformers were based on toylines from the same company.
  • Rescue Heroes was a cartoon based on a toyline that featured an elite team of emergency service members who operated like superheroes, but focused entirely on rescuing people rather than fighting crime.
  • The aptly named Emergency series of videogames is centred around managing various emergency personnel to, well, solve emergencies. This often involves using two or all three of the emergency services.


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