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When a contestant has been eliminated from a Reality Game Show, they may make a final statement to camera, before disappearing back into the obscurity from whence they came.

Or not, depending on the show.

Examples of the former

  • American Idol has the eliminated sing their last song before fading away.
  • Survivor has the just-eliminated contestant make a final speech during the end credits while the votes of their teammates are shown.
  • The Weakest Link usually allows an eliminated constestant to kvetch about alliances and unfair treatment, before explaining who they think should be next.

 Paul Merton: (breathlessly) Well, obviously, I'm amazed I won, completely amazed. But I think Ian made a tactical mistake by continually mentioning Bob Maxwell. I think that was his mistake. But I think, you know, in the end, the best man won. Wh-wh-wh-wh-what more can I say?

Ian Hislop: No, no, I don't mind losing at all, I mean, it's just fun, it's just telly, it's just a quiz. The fact that there's a whole load of questions about carp on a topical news quiz, I mean, so what? It's just fun. Who wins, who loses doesn't matter. It's just fun. (twitch)

  • The Biggest Loser gives contestants both the chance to complain about the game immediately after elimination and a montage about how they have continued to lose weight (or not) after being kicked off the show.
  • Hells Kitchen usually shows the eliminated walking towards the exit in slow motion, followed by them giving a statement outside the building. Sometimes chefs who were eliminated or quit in the middle of an episode get an Elimination Statement at the loading docks out back, but most of the time they don't.
  • The Apprentice has eliminated contestants do this in the cab home.
    • Subverted hilariously in Season 4 when The Donald fired four contestants at once. The cab ride showed the group crammed together in the back seat, completely speechless.
  • On Judge Judy, the involved parties give their feelings on the results of the proceedings while the credits roll.
    • Frequently this is the only time they are allowed to present their case as they originally intended, as they don't have the other litigant yelling over them, or Sheindlin constantly doing her smug Shut UP, Hannibal routine.
  • Top Shot shows the eliminated contestant give their thoughts, often on what they may have done wrong in the eliminating challenge and what they learned over the course of the show, as well as saying good bye to the other contestants before walking away.
  • The statements on The Amazing Race tend to me much more good-natured than on other reality shows, and focus almost entirely on the positive instead of what went wrong.
  • Each group eliminated from The Sing Off gets to perform one final "Swan Song" as they depart.
  • The sportswriters on Around the Horn get to give a short statement before Reali mutes them for the day.

Examples of the latter

  • Murder in Small Town X/The Murder Game- since the eliminated investigator was "killed". In the latter, they did choose the next lead investigator via a pre-recorded message.
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