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Eye color means many different things in fiction. Sometimes, they mean someone is special, or has powers, or

perhaps just Innocent Blue Eyes. One of the common uses of eye color is to indicate a person's elemental affinity.

This trope is frequently paired with its Sister Trope, Elemental Hair.

Also, compare Color Coded for Your Convenience, Color-Coded Elements, Technicolor Eyes, and Elemental Powers.

Examples of Elemental Eye Colors include:

Anime and Manga


  • Bionicle certainly attempted to do this by associating eye colours with specific elements, but failed mainly in its inconsistency - the eye colour arrangement was changed in 2004 with only Ice (ice-blue) remaining the same, and again in 2006-2007 when all characters were given green or orange (or later blue) eyes regardless.

Video Games



 You know, blood contains water. And water freezes so well.

    • Nishi'kanta, her sister, was also an example before she was tainted, since she had orange eyes and a fire affinity.
    • The Val'Nal'sarkoth Clan also has this, since they tend to have green eyes and are some of the only people in the Underworld who have an affinity with wood.

Western Animation

  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, people from the elemental nations (and thus what element they can bend), for the most part, have their eye colors Color Coded for Your Convenience. Blue for the Water Tribe, green or brown for the Earth Kingdom (except Toph, who has Prophet Eyes), gold or amber for the Fire Nation (at least, their royal family: Ty Lee has grey eyes, but isn't a bender), and grey for the Air Nomads.
  • The Legend of Korra breaks from its predecessor's elemental eye color coding with the residents of Republic City, a mecca of multiculturalism and mixed marriages. The firebender on the pro-bending team the Rabbiroos has green eyes, for instance; and a metalbending cop from the first episode has amber eyes.
    • The three main characters still play this trope straight, though.
  • Linka on Captain Planet and the Planeteers, who possesses the power of wind, has blue eyes.
  • Stella, Flora, and Layla/Aisha from Winx Club have eye colors pertaining to their elements, Sun, Plants (or Earth, to some extent), and Water/Fluids, respectively.
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