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A Sub-Trope of Instant Armor and Sister Trope of Elemental Armor, this trope utilizes elemental forces as a form of (instantaneous) protection in a shape of a usually spherical barrier that covers the user. It can be a ball of flame, sand, lightning, or any elemental manifestation.

See Instant Armor for worn armor that appears instantaneously and Elemental Armor for an elemental variation of the former.

Examples of Elemental Barrier include:

Anime and Manga

  • Gaara from Naruto has, outside from his sand Elemental Armor, a sand barrier that serves as his first line of defense. He even uses one as a form of a transportation/protection hybrid in the Deidara fight.
  • Gajeel from Fairy Tail uses his iron-based abilities as a source of Nigh Invulnerability. He is quite literally Made of Iron.

Comic Books

  • Magneto from X-Men can create electromagnetic forcefields as a form of defense.

Video Games

Western Animation

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