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In the TV Series, Jinnai is a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.

When he was young, everyone preferred his sister Nanami more than him. As a result, he tries to have power because it is the only way he found to be respected.

Fatora is actually TV Makoto and TV Rune's daughter.

That would explain why she looks like Makoto. At some point, TV Makoto and TV Rune got married and Rune was pregnant. After she gave birth, the castle is attacks by Jinnai and the Bugrom. TV Ifurita does somothing that creates a gap between the two El Hazard universe. Ifurita, Makoto, Rune and Fatora arrive in the other castle and they met OVA Rune. After some explanation, they discover that they are in an alternate universe. OVA Rune has 5 years old, her father is died a few months and her mother has just died by miscarriage. This is grave because only one princess cannot active the Eye God. Makoto has an idea: Fatora could be the second princess. After some test, it is revealed that Fatora can be activate the Eye God with Rune. So Ifurita, Makoto and Rune returns without Fatora and Rune is happy to have a sister.

Everyone is convinced that Fatora is really Rune's sister. As Fatora doesn't have parents and that Rune isn't authoritarian, she became a Jerkass Spoiled Brat. When OVA Makoto comes in El Hazard, Rune know who he is and acts. Finally, if Fatora listened Makato and didn't punish Ura, this is because she had the feeling that she must obey.

The OVA 2 and the Alternative World have been imagined by Makoto.

After the first OVA, Miz and Fujisawa decided to marry each other. All goes well until Jinnai attacks the castle with his new Demon God, Kalia. During the battle, Makoto managed to stop Kalia, but during the process his brain has been damaged and he was in a coma for several months. During these months, he imagined the adventures in his head. Every characters from the sequels were just people present in the marriage. The only exception are Ifurita 2 and Qawoor. Makoto absolutely wants to Ifurita back and he is afraid of never seeing her again. So he imagined another Ifurita and a girl who could be related with the Demon God.

It took Makoto just below two and 3/4th years to find his way back to Ifurita.

1001 Nights, to be precise.

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