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Conforming neither to tradition nor to modern taboos against overt misogyny, this guy's odd combination of feminine style and contempt for women puts him into an especially unusual position. Maybe he was too girly to get a girlfriend in high school. Maybe he's just jealous that women wouldn't be considered as strange for the same mannerisms as him, perhaps wishing he were female instead as a result. Whatever the reason, he hates women while simultaneously acting in ways that are stereotypically associated with them.

Such a character will often represent an intersection of Politically-Incorrect Villain and Sissy Villain, partly since modern culture considers women diverging from gender norms more acceptable than men doing so at this point. However, some portrayals may nevertheless be more sympathetic and make him an intersection of Noble Bigot and Real Men Wear Pink.

Compare/contrast with Female Misogynist, (as a subset of Boomerang Bigot) whom have a similar issue, but the hypocrisy is not as direct; an effeminate misogynistic guy could instead have stereotypes about women that run opposite to those of the settings in which he's presented.

Examples of Effeminate Misogynistic Guy include:

Anime And Manga

Fan Works

  • Freeza in Dragon Ball Insanity School is portrayed as one. As he stated, he "Hates every female life form, except for himself". He's also Camp Gay.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series's Marik loudly proclaims himself the most effeminate guy around, and generally disdains women. Of course, given the women's characterization...
  • Duo Maxwell was portrayed as this in 90% of Gundam Wing yaoi fanfic back in the day.


  • Pavi Largo from Repo! The Genetic Opera is a woman-hating (implied) rapist, but he wears the face of a woman he killed and is generally effeminate.
  • Chi Fu from Mulan would be a milder example; he is a Non-Action Guy known for his Girly Scream, yet when told Mulan is a hero he simply says "tis a woman, she'll never be worth anything." Granted, there is some room for interpreting this as something he doesn't quite mean, and more so says out of contempt for Mulan as an individual, but still...
  • Buffalo Bill in both the film and novel of Silence of the Lambs. It's carefully established that he isn't a "true" transsexual, and several gender reassignment centres have turned him away; rather, he's obsessed with his dead mother and suffering from a vicious case of I Just Want to Be You. On the other hand, he's a large, gruff man who has to "put on" an effeminate guise, which doesn't come at all naturally to him.
  • Lane, the teen who spearheads the cover-up of John killing his girlfriend in Rivers Edge, has a hint of this.


  • The Countess in book/movie Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.
  • Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs; see Film above.

Live Action TV

  • Lionel Trane (a gay, activist teen) from United States of Tara was so misogynistic that he made other, more mature and secure gay characters uncomfortable.
  • A possible interpretation of Michel from Gilmore Girls.
  • Jack from Will and Grace DID occasionally have elements of this, but it varied from episode to episode due to Rule of Funny.

Video Games

  • Street Fighter II has Vega, a narcissistic effeminate matador who seemingly regards women with contempt and disdain. He wears purple eyeliner, nail polish, and what appears to be lip gloss. In the dubs, he tends to speak in a soft somewhat feminine tone. For years, gamers thought Vega was a misogynistic gay guy, until Capcom stepped forward and stated Vega was not gay, but a narcissist. They even had him take an interest in Cammy's beauty in Alpha (so to speak) as a way of showing this.
    • In the Animated Movie, Vega became jealous when Bison appeared to take an interest in Chun Li's "talents." And, when tasked with eliminating her, Vega's method was sadistic; delighting in Chun Li's suffering until she fought back and stepped on his face.
    • Similarly, in the comics Vega gets pissed when Ken's fiancée Eliza, normally a Nice Girl, gets upset at him and gives him a hard slap to the face. If not for Ken being there, the girl would've been torn to shreds.
    • In Street Fighter IV Vega seems to have set down for being a little less violent, but more condescending. A good example is his rival intro with Chun-Li.
  • Persona 4 presents Kanji's Shadow this way, a guy initially clad only in a fundoshi (who later transforms into a muscle-bound titan with a head of roses wielding Mars symbols as weapons) who speaks with an obvious "gay accent." He tells Kanji that he hates girls, because they always gossip and taunt him about his feminine interests, and then says he finds comfort in men. As the Shadow is supposed to be everything the individual hates about themselves, Kanji does not take this monologue kindly.

Web Original

Real Life

  1. Not that he doesn't have his reasons, Fujiko is a Villain Protagonist, anyway
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