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Blair is the re-incarnation of Zii.

After a life of sex crimes and emotional manipulation, Zii was eventually reborn into a figure who couldn't engage in intercourse and is inevitably thrown around and chewed on by the larger figures. Her death, like her life, probably involved intercourse.

  • A perverted female gets reincarnated as a perverted male ghost in a doll? Eh.
    • Some details agree with the theory.
      • Jossed by Blair's cameo here.
      • That and the fact that its highly doubtful Zii's ideal woman would be a Valley Girl brigade.
      • Or that a reincarnation of Zii wouldn't like men.

Tiffany and Layla will become canon.

Tiffany's obvious Foe Yay toward Layla in Chapter Two might just be going somewhere, especially since they're going to a concert together and Layla's single at the moment. Layla also acts a lot more friendly with her than...well, pretty much everyone else, though that may be because they don't know each-other. Still, Layla asking Tiffany to go with her to the concert was surprisingly nice for her. Not to mention Tiffany's reaction to the invitation. It seems that Lay'a's Kiss of the Vampire may have had more of an affect on Tiffany than expected...

  Tiffany: "I SO FREAKIN' LOVE YOU!" (next panel, thinking:) What am I doing?!

  • More evidence in Magick Chicks, where Tiffany lets Layla feed off her to calm her down from a berserk rage, and later they have a touching phone conversation.

Layla is using her Blood Starvation to trick Nina.

While her Blood Starvation is obviously real, Layla seems to at least have her wits about her. She hasn't tried to get Nina to drink blood in a while. She may pretend that she's "too weak" to bite hard enough, in an attempt to reverse this situation. Brooke offering her blood was just an unexpected bonus.

Layla just turned Brooke into a vampire

It hasn't been made clear how turning works in this Verse, and Word of God mentioned the issue would be brought up at some unspecified point. We've seen Layla feed four times by this point, and the aftermath of one other. Brooke definitely had the strongest reaction to being bitten, and Layla may not have been in full control of herself at the time.

  • I doubt it. It was very similar when Layla bite Chloe, and there weren't any consequences.
  • Same when she bit Tiff. Just the biting part not the whole "Lack of control" part.
    • i remember when she bit Tiffany Winters when she died and so far we only saw a dead person get turned to Vampire

Layla and Brooke will become canon.

Same boat as Layla and Tiffany. As stated before Layla's single now, they fight and argue like many couples tend to in manga, this entire current chapter is shaping up to be one big Ship Tease for the two, they just had a second kiss (and Brooke is clearly enjoying it), and the more Brooke hangs out around Layla the more and more her bisexual tendencies seem to come out. Between all this and slumber party it just might happen. And if they keep ending up in all these Not What It Looks Like situations then for all we know Layla might just start thinking about the possibility herself. Its hard to believe that the idea hasn't at least crossed Brooke's mind at this point.

  • Brooke now coming to grips with the fact that she is indeed attracted to Layla.

The plot of the new proto-Alpha Bitches to become queen bee at Layla's expense will backfire.

Instead of countering the gay rumors, Layla will pretend to be bisexual, and thus her popularity will rise exponentially. Amongst boys, at any rate.

Nina is an example of why becoming Spoiled Sweet is not always a good thing.

We all know why spoiled brats become the way they are due to the many examples we see in entertainment and possibly in Real Life as well, right?
We also know that as a rule, those individuals who become Spoiled Sweet instead are seen as a good thing, correct?
Are you following me so far?
Well Nina serves pretty well as a Deconstruction of this trope in that while she is for most part a very sweet-natured girl, she is still shows that spoiling/protecting her so much has retarded her personal growth which explains why she acts less like a 14 year old and more like someone half that age.

  • Yeah, the naiveté is becoming hair-pullingly infuriating. It actually helps you relate to Layla's near constant exasperation with her though.

Layla will be under pressure from everybody to act more like a Lesbian Vampire from now on, leading to a love triangle with Brooke and Tiffany.

Layla is just sort of going along with things right now, but Brooke is bi-curious and attracted to Layla, Tiffany's in a Transparent Closet and attracted to Layla, and Layla's mom and sister (along with every single girl in school, apparently) are really encouraging her supposed "coming out". I predict from now on Layla's attempts to show she's still attracted to guys will fall into Failure Is the Only Option as she becomes the resident Les Yay magnet of the series.

Layla is bisexual.

Or a lesbian in denial. But I think she's bi, since she does seem to like Kade a lot, but has a LOT of romantic scenes with Tiffany and Brooke.

There will be a Crossover with Magick Chicks

Come on! it's in the same verse! Tiffany is even a regular character in both comics! it's just HAS to happen. Anyway, it could start as any other arc of eerie cuties...and then we have a Cerebus Syndrome

Zii is cousin of Chloe

  • Word of God is that they are completely different universes. Any crossover would be something more along the lines of the 'Blair' doll seen that one time.

Nina and Layla are only half-sisters. Nina's father is Count Chocula.

  • It would explain the chocolate-cravings and how she's so unthreatening and tender-hearted a child of Satan.

Chloe Has Two Mommies

The principal is the brother/sister of the principal of the other school

Nina might not actually have any of the standard vampiric weaknesses.

  • Nina is not a standard vampire, she feeds on chocolate instead of blood and does not have nearly any of the standard vampiric abilities because of it. Maybe that gives her immunities other vampires may not and that she or her family don't actually realize this because none of them are willing to risk it.

Chloe's family will come over to the Delacroix's for dinner, resulting in Adora and Maria seeing each other for the first time in years

They reminisce about... old times. In front of their children. And husbands, who knew nothing about this. The result: awkward.

We will eventually meet the other 11 Delacroix kids.

Girl!Kade will be an Ethical Slut

  • Or will at least try to be, as a counterpoint to his usual Handsome Lech antics. If this does happen, though, he's bound to run rather abruptly into some harsh gender-biased double standards.

Nina is the Reincarnation of the ancient Vampire Queen she has read about for her homework.

That is the reason why Blair had a stake behind hir back in case Nina showed any indications that she has developed blood lust as it might trigger the dormant Vampire Queen personality, thus bring forth a new dark age for humankind. Her parents are probably aware of this; that's why they allow a pervert like Blair around their daughter. The reason for Nina's immaturity is that her parents deliberately raised her to be like that, to avoid her evil personality to emerge. She doesn't eat chocolate because she was born on Easter; she questions if that makes sense and so did Ace earlier. Instead, her parents fed her chocolate to stunt her growth. It would also explain her weird behavior when talking about the Vampire Queen.

The Hands of Ace Wolfhart

I Notice that Ace's Hands Turn Normal and not Furry for some unknown reason and when Kade Kiss Ace(As a Girl) The Genders got switched with Kade being a Girl and Ace being a Guy(again)

Eugene Delecroix was an Alien Spy

He's supposed to be a couple of centuries old, and talking to a fellow by the name of Renior. Now, look go look on the other Wiki for him, and you'll find a Renisance painter who was a mentor to the more famous Renior. And there is a strong resemblance in the pictures.

Layla's betrothed will turn out to be gay.

There's no way they'll actually get married, and the "Layla's a lesbian and I'm a supportive mother!" scene could be Foreshadowing.

Twigitt is Paracelsus.

Looking for eternal youth in the last days of his "life," he found something similar to the "fountain of girl" from Oglaf, and has been using it ever since. When she said "after all, I am a..." she wasn't actually saying the article, but beginning the phrase "alchemy's greatest genius." She's been trying to figure out how to turn girls into boys for over 400 years.

Kade is bisexual.

As shown with Girl!Ace, he's "wired" to "heterosexual," not "likes girls." As a result, Girl!Ace was attracted to boys while he was gender bent. Girl!Kade still seems pretty into Layla, even if he's a girl. As a male, he was very obviously attracted to females, but his Ho Yay with Ace may mean that he's bi.

(Almost) Everyone Is Bi

Everyone (except for Nina and maybe Ace) has some Ho Yay and Les Yay scenes. Emphasis on Tiffany, Layla, Brooke and Kade.

The panties Chloe borrowed from her mother are a trinket from Adora and Maria's past relationship.

Doesn't that skull look familiar?

The panties Chloe borrowed from her mother are some sort of "coming of age" device for succubi.

Not only can she now see better, but she's also flirtier and has grown horns.

Chloe will become the new Big Bad.

Another crossover with Magick Chicks will lead to her meeting Faith. The result will either be villain-to-villain combat or them teaming up.

Chloe is in love with Nina

If you look closely,when chloe had the panties, Nina is the only girl she doesn't want to harm or convert.

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