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Main Characters

Nina Delacroix

File:Tvtropesnina 6690.png

The main character (sort of). A young vampire born on Easter, she feeds on chocolate instead of blood.

Layla Delacroix

File:Tvtropeslayla 4587.png

Nina's older sister, determined to make Nina drink blood.

Chloe Love

File:Tvtropeschloe 8431.png

A succubus, who considers herself to be ugly by succubus standards (though she acknowledges that she's pretty by human standards), despite her many admirers.


Brooke Lynn

A melusine. She can turn into a snake monster, but resents her monster form and tries to hide it. Generally laid-back and cool, but confused and shy when it comes to romance.

Kade Whiteclaw

A Catboy. He's Layla's boyfriend, and the object of Nina and Brooke's affections.

Ace Wolfhart

A werewolf, and Nina's unwilling friend. Changed into a girl by an artifact, but seems to have reverted.


 Professor Twigitt: I've never had those urges. That's just you.



Nina's doll, possessed by a pervy dude.


The Hellrune Coven

A coven of witches. Got their own Spin-Off, Magick Chicks, but still make appearances.

All three:

Melissa Hellrune

Jacqui Brightmoon

Cerise Darkshade

Cessily (Cess) and Laura

After the Hellrune coven is sent to a different school, these two plot to become the new Alpha Females. While Chloe is wearing the Doompanties, she transforms the two into succubi to boost her power.



A Snow Fairy

  • An Ice Person
  • Laser-Guided Karma: She talked about having Chloe's E-cup breasts done in school colors, then rigging Chloe's bra to pop open and flash the football team. Cess is shocked when they see Chloe with smaller breasts (Chloe was tired of having to lug around those massive breasts). Eventually, Cess and Laura both get E-cups of their own thanks to Chloe, and Cess realizes how heavy they were.
    • And another piece of it when after she'd gotten used to them, they left once the Doompanties were sealed back in their box.
  • Only Sane Man: Much more sensible than Laura.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: Cess can change her hand and part of her arm to be an ice-based hammer to knock some sense into Laura when she thinks Cess should dye her hair red.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair


An ifrit.

Queen Lamia Asra-pa Quintessa and Mr. Boodles

A vampire queen and her cat. Lived a long time before the story starts. Ace and Nina have to do a report on her.

Minor/Recurring Characters

Tiffany Winters

A vampire slayer who really does want to slay Layla, but that's not going so well. Appears more often now in the Spin-Off, Magick Chicks, but still very active in EC.


 Tiffany: (thinking) At last! Fate has delivered my worst enemy into my hands! VENGEANCE SHALL BE MINE!!! Wait... not "vengeance". What's the one heroes get? Oh right. JUSTICE SHALL BE DONE!!!

    • Also this gem, concerning her big showdown with Layla.

 Tiffany: (envisions herself battling Layla) "It shall be so epic, it would fill up 4 volumes of a manga!!"


  Tiffany: (hugs Layla) I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU!


Maria Delacroix

Nina and Layla's mother. She's apparently had 13 children.


 Maria: Of course! Adora Love's daughter!

Chloe: You knew my mother?

Maria: We were schoolmates. Your mother had the... sweetest blood.

Chloe: ...h-how interesting, Mrs. Delacroix.

Maria: Please, call me Maria! <3

Nina: Mooooommmm!


 Maria: It's okay, girls! You're just going through a phase. I went through the same phase, myself. With Chloe's mother!

Chloe: Huh?

Maria: Ohh! The things she would do to me...! They made me quiver.

Layla/Brooke/Chloe: (look Squicked out)

Brooke: (covers Nina's ears)

Nina: ?


Professor Twigitt

A teacher at Charybdis Heights.


 Girl!Ace: And I want to go to the mall and buy cute outfits and stuff...

Twigitt: I've never had those urges. That's just you.


Mr. Wolfhart

Ace's father.


  Mr. Wolfhart: (Glomps Ace) I've always wanted a daughter!



The Delacroix's housekeeper. It's unknown what she is, just that she looks kinda like an owl and is creepy.


Tiffany's boss.

  • Bad Boss: In Tiffany's eyes-- in reality, she just wants Tiffany to, you know, do her job.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: At the mercy of Layla's-Body!Nina. Blair's taking advantage. Also, Layla brainwashed her into giving Tiffany a raise.
  • Only Sane Employee: Considering that she's working with Tiffany, this isn't hard to do.

Diodore Renoir

Layla's fiancee.

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