Author of numerous pulp fiction heroic adventures. The most famous are Tarzan set in Darkest Africa and John Carter of Mars, but other lands are used: jungles and islands thoroughout the world, Venus, and the hollow center of the earth Pellucidar, one of several literary examples of the Hollow World.

Trope Maker for many aspects of Planetary Romance. An influence on Sword and Sorcery, despite the SF veneer to all the marvels. Lots of books here

Most definitely not to be confused with William S. Burroughs.

Works by Edgar Rice Burroughs with their own trope pages include:

Tropes featured in his other works:

 Neither his mother nor his father had ever returned to the little country since the day, thirty years before, that the big American had literally stolen his bride away, escaping across the border but a scant half-hour ahead of the pursuing troop of Luthanian cavalry.

 You know the old fox has always made it a point to curry favor with the common soldiers. When he was minister of war he treated them better than he did his officers.

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