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  • Three questions have been bugging me for ages. The first is my confusion with the two Prime Ministers in the show. The first is the elderly one who said "uncle" on TV, and the second is Prime Minister Iimura who could be Takizawa's dad. My question is when was PM Iimura in office, before or after the elderly PM? The second question is what is the elderly PM's connection to Mr. Outside? And the third question - who is Seleção No. 7?
    • Before and after, according to what his wife says in the second film.
  • ...what the hell was up with the dream sequence in episode 4?! This Troper still doesn't get it.
    • Possibly a subconscious thing with Akira and the 20,000 NEETS that supposedly turned on him and betrayed him, symbolised by them eating him. That or the director decided to mess with everyone's head.
  • If the 20,000 missing NEE Ts didn't come back until the last episode, then how did Takizawa meet one in episode 5?
    • If I recall rightly, that one mentions going through a lot of trouble to get home, but being worried about the others.
  • According to the events of the epilogue of the second movie, Takizawa says to Mr. Outside that they still have a lot of work to do. I wonder if this is a cliffhanger (not to mention that Seleção VII and VIII are never revealed), while Saki saying that "this is the story of my eleven days with Takizawa" can mean that it's the end. So does anybody know if there's another movie in production to wrap up this or if it's the real end?
  • I think I understand most of the initial Memory Gambit, but what exactly are the steps between "wipe memory" and "show up naked at the white house with a gun"?
    • Step 1: Naked in front of the white house Step 2:?????? Step 3: Profit.
  • Why were the NEETS naked?
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