This is a visual effect where a shot is ended by having the camera zoom into a character's wide opened mouth, usually while this character is screaming or singing. Usually done in animation, since, among other things, it's likely to be a Gross Up Close Up in live action. Also done in commercials.

Mouth zoom gif

Sometimes, it is done to represent something literally entering a character's mouth; usually, however, it is solely a visual effect (similarly used with eyes and noses).

Not to be confused with Mouth Cam, which is technically its opposite, or Mouth Screen, which is just a shot on the mouth, or Chewing the Scenery. Sub-Trope of Body Wipe.


  • Done once in one episode of Pokémon. When Ash was battling Sabrina, Sabrina had Kadabra create a dragon and make it chase Pikachu. When the dragon-like Psychic hits Pikachu, Pikachu was then sent flying with his mouth filling the entire screen.
  • Happens in the first episode of Mon Colle Knights at one point prior to a crash.
  • Happiness Charge Precure does this MANY times, mainly with females. One episode ends with the blue haired girl, Hime, panicking and saying in Japanese "It's a secret" zooming into her mouth and past her glistening uvula with a unique throat transition.
  • Zombieland Saga has two in a single episode in which one of the zombie girls, Saki Nikaido, yells at the others for "failing at saga". This results in the camera being eaten and staring at her wiggling uvula, accompanied by BOINK sound effects and the words "saga fail" written on the uvula. A repeat of this happens later in the episode but cuts her off, showing a black screen with the words Et cetera and her uvula wiggle.


  • The Matrix. While Morpheus and his crew are searching for Neo's body in the real world, Neo touches a mirror. The mirror spreads over him like quicksilver and flows down his throat with the camera following. The scene changes and Neo wakes up in his real body. Watch it here.
  • One early short film depicts a man jabbering in front of a camera, getting closer and closer. The shot looks as if the camera ends up the man's mouth, then the camera pulls back out.
  • The Animated Credits Opening to George Of The Jungle end this way.
  • The 1970s version of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers famously ends with this way.
  • The Mask does this as Mask falls to the pavement.
  • Tales From The Darkside The Movie had a Second Person Attack shot, leading to an Orifice Invasion.
  • In Peter Pan, the camera zooms into the Chief's mouth during "What Made the Red Man Red?".
  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Voldemort kills Charity Burbage, a professor at Hogwarts whom he considered repugnant for supporting Muggles. He tells his huge pet snake Nagini that "dinner is ready", and she slithers across the table, until the camera enters her mouth as she starts devouring Burbage's corpse.
  • Batman Returns does this as the Penguin screams in anger.
  • In A Goofy Movie, the camera zooms into a fat lady's mouth and zoom out of Powerline's mouth near the end of "I2I".
  • A Simple Wish, the camera zooms into Mara Wilson's screaming mouth when her godfather poofs himself and her to escape from being crushed by a giant rabi.
  • Inverted in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, when the camera zooms out of Ted's screaming mouth and pull back to Bill and Ted falling to Hell
  • Happens in the beginning of The Boss Baby.
  • In  the beginning of Army of Darkness, where the camera zooms into Bridget Fonda's mouth as she screams from a demon approaching her.

Live-Action TV

  • In The Day Today's "War" episode, the broadcast features precision-guided missiles "with nose-mounted cameras" which provide a POV perspective of the missles' path. One such missile is so precise that its camera shows the missile entering a soldier's mouth and going down his throat before the camera's transmission cuts to static, signifying an explosion in the soldier's stomach.
  • Sesame Street also loves this trope. One example was in the New Years' special, when Telly runs away screaming after Oscar scares him straight with lies on how bad New Years' is.
    • Considering what else he eats, this isn't an uncommon trope for Cookie Monster.
  • The Community episode "Regional Holiday Music" includes a shot-for-shot parody of the aforementioned example from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • Criss Angel used this frequently going into commercial breaks.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Gift, as the Rakweed spores enter the attic through the window, the camera follows them as they pass through the air...and are unknowingly inhaled by Luke.
  • Averted at the last second in Good Luck Charlie when Teddy and Emmet trick PJ into going to the dentist. He starts screaming "Nooo!" as the camera zooms in before his toothache forces him to close his mouth.
  • Ends the opening credits for Round the Twist.
  • One episode of One Strange Rock has a fruit bat apparently doing this for real.


  • In a French and American commercial for the first Rayman game, the camera zooms into Rayman's mouth, and then it cuts to gameplay footage.

Web Originals

Web Animation

  • In the GoAnimate music video of "Boomerang" by Relient K, the camera zooms into Rocking Ralph's mouth before cutting straight to the collision background. It does the same thing again before cutting to the static background.
  • Also in the GoAnimate music video of "Give it Away" by Red Hot Chili Peppers, the camera zooms into Rocking Ralph's mouth and inverting out of his mouth as he was on the drums.
  • In the music video "Dumb Ways to Die" the camera zooms into Putz's mouth as he was getting hit by a train
  • In a similar music video "Smart Ways to Live" the camera zooms into the president's mouth as he was singing

Western Animation

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic does this many times, and usually includes a uvula. For instance, with the exasperated Rarity during the "Art of the Dress" song ("Suited for Success") and the camera lands on her wiggling uvula (gif at the top), or with a screaming pony at the end of a creepy Imagine Spot in "Hearts and Hooves Day". Pinkie Pie also has it in her mouth while singing.
  • The Wile E. Coyote cartoon "To Beep or Not to Beep" features a scene where the Coyote falls off one side of the cliff – where a bridge stood only a few seconds earlier – and one of the uprooted cactus plants on the other side fails to clear the bridge and, as indicated by his reaction, lands on his hindquarters. This causes the Coyote to leap into the air, screaming into the lens. Because the fill is red, a Fade-Out follows.
  • The penultimate shot of the Daffy Duck short "Stupor Duck." Ends with Daffy shooting all the way up to the moon.
  • The Roger Rabbit Short "Tummy Trouble" has a shot of Roger swallowing a rattle from the rattle's point of view.
  • On Cool World, a character falls toward the camera, which then winds down its digestive track (passing Geppetto and Pinocchio on the way) and comes out the other end.
  • "The Skeleton Dance" has the first skeleton jump towards the camera, which goes through its mouth and out the ribcage.
  • The scene in The Thief And The Cobbler where King Nod despairs about the magic balls being stolen ends with a closeup of his mouth, then goes into an Astronomic Zoom out.
  • Done literally in an episode of Ed Edd N Eddy, Ed swallows the video camera that Double D and Eddy were using to film their home movie to Eddy's brother.
  • Done in some episodes of Metalocalypse. For example, in the first episode, when Nathan yells "WHAAAAAAAA?" after Toki tells him that they left the food back at the grocery store, the camera zooms into his mouth and down his esophagus, then transitions to the next scene.
  • Map plays this trope straight in Dora the Explorer. At the end of every section where he tells the viewers what areas they'll be seeing in this episode, he leaps at the camera with his mouth open. It typically cuts back to Dora afterwards, but he doesn't do that sometimes in season 4 and nor season 7-8.
  • In the first few minutes of the Gravedale High episode "Monster Gumbo", Max Schneider's class argue amongst themselves over various things and erupts into chaos in the auditorium, leading to the boys stealing Coach Cadaver's trophy and ends with Max being chased by the other teachers as we see the camera zoom towards his mouth.
  • Parodied (of course) in the Animaniacs episode "King Yakko". Before the first commercial break, the villain of the episode does an Evil Laugh and the camera zooms into his mouth. Cue the villain yelling, in a muffled voice, "Get that camera out of my mouth!"
  • Rock A Doodle begins with the camera flying through space and toward Earth, where it then flies all the way toward a farm located somewhere in the midwestern US and into Chanticleer the rooster's mouth, showing a closeup of his uvula as he is calling forth the Sun with his crowing.
  • Rugrats did this in a good amount of their episodes (often when an episode would end with a character screaming or crying, such as "Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster," "Brothers Are Monsters" and "Piggy's Pizza Palace", and with Angelica while exposing her uvula, whether swinging back and forth or motionless) Three examples: Susie starts crying and the camera goes into her mouth and swings around her uvula becoming an inside mouth shot. Later in the episode a bucket lands on Angelica's head making her scream "Daddy" and eat the camera where the episode ends. Didi screams while the camera zooms into her mouth staring at her vibrating uvula.
  • Hopper's death at the end of A Bugs Life.
  • Done at the end of Bart's nightmare on The Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horror II," when Bart wakes up screaming long and loud due to Homer kissing him at the end of his dream.
    • In the end of the second part of "Simpson Safari" where the Simpsons raft go to a scary path. Everyone screams and Homer eats the camera.
  • Done in the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Wormy" when he and the rest of Bikini Bottom are running away from Sandy's pet butterfly, the eponymous Wormy.
  • Taken literally in one episode of Drawn Together where half the members (including one dimensional fat joke, Toot Braunstein) win a life time's supply of food. A camera installed in the refrigerator shows Toot partaking of its edibles, getting progressively larger each time she opens the door, until the last shot is of her grabbing and lifting the entire thing in the air and gorging on its contents in a parody of the Sarlacc Pit camera and all.
    • Another episode had Clara screaming and a transition occurs as the camera zooms into her mouth where we see a meanwhile sign tied to her uvula.
  • In the Disney movie "Teachers Pet" at the very end of the song "I Wanna Be a Boy" Spot runs towards the camera screaming and eats the camera.
  • The end of the first part of the Adventure Time episode "Holly Jolly Secrets" where Jake is screaming while the camera zooms into his mouth
  • In some of episodes of Whats New Scooby Doo at the prologues where the monsters eat the camera
    • The episodes specifically are "Roller Ghoster Ride", "The Vampire Strikes Back", "A Terrifying Round with a Menacing Metallic Clown", "Homeward Hound", "E-Scream" and "Diamonds are a Ghoul's Best Friend" Here's a video of them. "Roller Ghoster Ride" also includes a mouth zoom on Velma, "The Vampire Strikes Back" has one on Daphne (Thorn makes an attempt to eat the camera in the prologue but stops before it goes in) and in the prologue of "A Scooby Doo Valentine" a young woman screams when attacked by the monster with the camera zooming into her mouth.
    • Aloha Scooby Doo has a few monster zoom ins, as well as a quick zoom out on the close up of Daphne’s mouth.
  • The end of the first part of the Lilo And Stitch The Series episode "Swirly" where Stitch is whining and saying "Look at This" and he eats the camera
  • In the episode of The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy "The Nerve" where Billy persuades Grim to help him get Mandy's nerve. Grim laughs and the camera zooms into his mouth
  • Happens in Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends a lot. Most specifically in "Squeakerboxxx" near the end where Bloo swallows a squeaking elephant from its point of view.
  • In the Recess episode "Mama's Girl", after the student body begins taunting Spinelli for accidentally calling Miss Grotke "mama", she screams a Big NO and the camera zooms into her open mouth and past her wiggling uvula.
  • At the end of the South Park episode "You Got F'd in the A", Butters is traumatized that his dance killed the rival dance team, causing his team to win. The kids cheer him and carry him closer to the camera while he screams a Big No.
  • Inverted in the Arthur episode, "Play It Again, D.W.," the camera zooms out of D.W.'s screaming mouth when she realizes her Crazy Bus CD is gone.
  • In the second act of the Mr Bogus episode "Totally Bogus Video", after Bogus gets kicked by the ballerina while attempting to mimic some ballet moves, he winds up flying towards the screen, his mouth filling up the screen.
  • In the Rabbids Invasion episode "Rabbid, Are You There?", after the Rabbids hit a robber, the light the robber was wearing is sent flying into the air, and then, as the light falls into the open mouth of one of the Rabbids, the camera follows. A few seconds later, the scene switches back to the scene where the alarm is set off.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Pizza Face" the camera zooms into Mikey's mouth after pizza attacks him at the end.
  • Ends the balloon teaser for The Alvin Show, with David holding the balloons and floating away. Cue scream, zoom into the mouth, and echo.
  • In an American Dad episode where Stan shrinks the family and Roger picks them up and eats them from their point of view.
    • There is another episode where the family is playing a game to who can move the slowest without falling, Roger cheats Hayley and she is about to fall while screaming no zooming into her mouth.
  • Aladdin: Ends the first act of "Mudder's Day," on the Genie's mouth.
  • The Pink Panther 1993 reboot: "Downhill Panther" goes into the commercial break this way, on the panther's mouth.
  • Roswell Conspiracies: Done in a few episodes (mostly with Sh'lainn).
    • Examples: Ep 2; the Queen of the Banshees flies into the air with her subjects and eats the camera. Ep 7; the spaceship is attacked and destroyed sending Sh'lainn to the others and towards the camera causing it to go into her mouth. Ep 9; a dream sequence ends with a skull eating the camera and it zooms out of Sh'lainn's mouth. Ep 16; the camera zooms into Valra's (a female vampire) mouth (only time where a female uvula is present). Ep 23; Valra proceeds to bite Sh'lainn and snacks on the camera while she's at it. Later in the same episode, Sh'lainn attempts to bite Nick, lunging towards him and the camera mouth first. Ep 30; intro to a website in which a horse turns into a dancing girl and then a panther that eats the camera.
  • Sabrina: The Animated Series: Ep I Got Glue Babe, Gem gets fed up with being glued to Sabrina and demands to be separated yelling "NOW!!!" as the camera zooms into her mouth, staring at a fast wiggling uvula. Later on, she eats the camera again whilst on a roller coaster ride, this time it lands on her motionless uvula.
    • Also happens in a rare intro where Sabrina rides through a portal on her broom and she eats the camera.
  • Hotel Transylvania the series: Episode: Bad Friday: Mavis sees something "terrifying" and screams making the camera zoom into and out of her mouth.
  • Angel's Friends Ep 17: Urie disguises as a doctor and examines her human "Jennifer". She asks her to open her mouth and say "Ah." She does so and the camera zooms into her mouth showing pulsing tonsils and a large uvula (about the size of a finger). Miki also eats the camera as she flies into a door in Season 2.
  • 6teen: Ep Labour Day 1. At the end where Jen is screaming "NO!" with the camera zooming into her mouth and below her uvula. Same part plays again in the next episode as a recap.
  • Storks: Happens 3 times when Hunter says "Boss".
  • Justice League/Justice League Unlimited: Episode 1, Superman is blasted into the camera mouth first. Ep Divided we fall, a clone of Hawkgirl eats the camera during a fight.
  • Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Wasp turns into a gamma monster and flies towards the camera, eating it.
  • Batman: The Animated Series: Happens quite a few times. Example: Episode Harlequinade, Batman takes Harley's hand and proceeds to grapple. The camera zooms out of Harley's screaming mouth.
  • Archie's Weird Mysteries/The Archies in Jug Man (movie): A cave-woman version of Veronica gets free from an ice encasement and does a tarzan yell as the camera zooms into her mouth with the last thing we see being her wiggling uvula before the movie ends.
  • Kim Possible: Kim herself falls towards the camera mouth first twice, and is thrown into it causing her to eat it.
  • Monster High: New ghoul at school intro, quick zoom out of Cleo De Nile. Same clip appears in an episode of MH but zooms into her mouth instead. Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef, Torelei the werecat falls into a pool and panics. The camera zooms straight into her screaming mouth, stopping at her uvula.
  • Scary Godmother: a group of kids get scared and start screaming with the camera zooming into Katie's mouth and into the mouth of her wiggling and screaming uvula.
  • Wonder Woman Bloodlines: Happens during Vanessa's transformation into Silver Swan, complete with a bird screech after descending into her throat.


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