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The most easterly part of England. The region is made up of the counties Norfolk and Suffolk and occassionally Cambridgeshire as well. Sometimes the whole of the East of England is inlcuded in this region as well. Its mostly rural apart from the small cities of Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and Peterborough.

Where the main character of I'm Alan Partridge was supposed to have been born. Although home to two large shopping centres, several live music venues and one the largest universities in England, the University of East Anglia, Norfolk is often (rather unfairly) stereotyped as being, at best remote, unsophisticated and out of step with national trends, and at worst, incestuous and almost medieval - the closest American Cultural Translation might be the more exaggerated depictions of the Deep South. Stephen Fry is from Norfolk, and his series Kingdom was filmed there.

The UK version of Sale of the Century, produced by the local ITV company Anglia Television, used to open each show with the ambitious but underwhelming pronouncement "Live from Norwich, it's the Quiz Of The Week!"

Peterborough is supposedly the gateway to East Anglia, an area of Britain bypassed by the Industrial Revolution, which has no motorways, and which operates in an entirely different time zone.

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