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"Will it stop, Doctor? The drumming. Will it stop?"
The Master, Doctor Who

"Magi! Magi magiro! Magi! Magi magika!"

Songs that cross from the TV... Into your brain.

 "Here's the mail, It never fails, It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to yell, 'MAAAAAAAIL!' "

"We just got a letter, We just Got a letter, We just got a letter, Wonder who it's from?"

  "Love, exciting and new/Come aboard, we're expecting you..."

  "Baby, don't hurt me/ don't hurt me/ oh-oh..."

  Hartnell Troughton Pertwee...Hartnell Troughton Pertwee...Baker Baker McGann...Baker Baker McGann...Hartnell Troughton Pertwee...Hartnell Troughton Pertwee...Baker Baker McGann...MCCOOOOYYYYY... DAVISON DAVISON DAVISON DAVISON...

 We are the mutant race

Don't look at my eyes don't look at my face

We are the mutant people

Don't look at my eyes don't look at my face

We are the mutant race

You don't look alike me, I don't look a like you

We are the mutant people

We're gonna march ourselves right out of this zoo

 We've got laughs from coast to coast(Pause)to make you smile./We might look at each of you to capture all that style/for the red white and blue and those funny things you do! America, america, and this is you./ Stories from the friends next door (pause)they never told/you might be a star tonight so let that camera roll/ for the red white and blue, and those funny things you do America, America, and this is you.

 It's no viral video that people play and play

It's more like an infection that you can't make go away!

Listen once to this refrain

And it's burned into your brain!

That's the World News Polka!

 But wish no more, my life you can take

To have her please just one day wake

 Take a look

It's in a book

A reading rainbow (reading rainbow)

A reading rainbow (reading rainbow)

  "What's a, what's a doodle do? What's a, what's a doodle do?"

 "Rubix Cube, 80s Pop / Platform Shoes, 50s Frock,

Harry Potter, Fluffy Toys / Paris Hilton Kissing Boys!"



  1. It's not a Disney Channel original, but it's where the show was most famous on.
  2. They often use this song to close their albums and concerts. It also appears on "Skinnamarink TV", a later show they did.
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