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A list of the characters that appear in the Eagle Eye Mysteries game series, and the tropes associated with each character. (This list consists largely of recurring characters, unless otherwise indicated, as most one-off characters are often the guilty party or suspects in the mysteries they appear in, and as such any information on them would be spoiler-ific.)

The list is complete (for now).


Main Characters

Jake and Jennifer Eagle

The founders of the Eagle Eye Detective Agency.

  • Amateur Sleuth
  • Badass Longcoat: In EEM London, both twins wear trench-coats as part of their character sprites; Jake sports a khaki-colored one, while Jennifer's is dark blue.
  • Born Detective: Jake and Jennifer's rules for sleuthing were given to them by their great-grandfather, based on a crime-solving handbook he wrote in 1842.
  • Brainy Brunette: Jennifer.
  • Cool Board: Jake rides one in the first game, whenever you go to an investigation scene with him as your partner.
  • Crazy Prepared: In EEM London, the practice mystery's intro tells you that Jennifer packed the TRAVIS in her suitcase prior to the twins' trip to London, just in case they ran into any mysteries while on holiday.
  • A Friend in Need: Generally speaking, but especially to Nancy Marx in EEM Original's "Case of the Midnight Masquerade;" specifically, the versions of that mystery in Books 1 and 2.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: According to (now former) senior producer of Stormfront Studios, Sarah Stocker, Jennifer's personality was designed for her to be this. See here.
    • The introduction to EEM London's Justified Tutorial also makes it pretty clear that Jennifer's the one who designed the TRAVIS, and who added the new features that it didn't have in the first game. As well, "Case of the Robin Hood Hacker" establishes that she's a bit territorial about who gets to handle the TRAVIS.

  Jake: (if you play the mystery with him as your partner) My sister's pretty touchy about who we let handle the TRAVIS. She only wants (player's name) and I to use it.

  • Redheaded Hero: Jake.
  • Rollerblade Good: Jennifer rides on a pair of these in the first game, whenever you go to an investigation scene with her as your partner.
  • Secret Keeper: As of EEM London's "Case of Blood's Bold Bauble."
  • Sibling Rivalry: With each other in tennis, as revealed in EEM London's "Case of the Vaporous Victorian."

The Eagle Family

Jake and Jennifer's relatives in both games--immediate, distant, and by marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Eagle

The twins' parents. They're never actually seen, but are referenced on a few occasions in the first game, so we know they're around.

Miranda Eagle

The protagonists' aunt, Uncle Basil's wife and Nigel's mother, and a reporter for the Times.

Basil Eagle

The protagonists' uncle, Aunt Miranda's husband and Nigel's father, and a successful novelist. He's also a fan of Sherlock Holmes and a member of the local fan-club dedicated to the fictional detective, and performs in a Shakespearean troupe at the Old Vic theater.

  • Brainy Brunette: He's a male version.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: During the less-serious moments of the game, and generally regarding ideas for potential new books to write. Aunt Miranda often scolds him for it.
  • Gentleman and a Scholar
  • Team Dad: Of the Eagle household in London.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: He gives the detectives a short and somewhat subdued version of this in "Case of Macavity's Mace," after they cause Lady Edna distress by asking her about her deceased pet monkey Cupcake, which is a sensitive topic for her.

 Uncle Basil: My! I've NEVER seen Lady Edna quite so upset. But you had your reasons, I'm sure.

Jake/Jennifer: I hope so.


Nigel Eagle

The protagonists' cousin, and son of Miranda and Basil Eagle.

  • Berserk Button: He will not tolerate anyone cheating at chess. Period. As he says at the start of EEM London's "Case of the Chess Club Caper":

  Nigel: (upon entering the garret) Blast it all! It's a royal game, and cheating is just not done! It's a disgrace.


Patrick Moss

Aunt Miranda's brother-in-law through marriage to her older sister Joanna. He has three children, Geoff, Darren and Claire. All of them feature prominently in "Case of Blood's Bold Bauble."

  • Secret Keeper: You, Jake and Jennifer become this for Patrick upon hearing the story behind the titular "Blood's Bold Bauble," a Crown Jewel that was stolen amongst others in a daring heist and was the only one never recovered (because a fisherman found it but kept it out of fear of being associated with the thieves).
  • Secret Legacy: The story of Blood's Bold Bauble, explained above, is a longtime family secret that has been passed down from parents to children in the Moss family for 300 years. Patrick told his children about the legend, but he thinks that one of them may have squealed the secret to get rich off of it; consequently, he comes to Aunt Miranda for help, who in turn commissions the detectives to find out which of the three Moss children may have let the secret slip, turning you, Jake and Jennifer into Secret Keepers so as to keep from possibly alerting the squealer. Turns out none of them let the secret slip--it was a misunderstanding.

Geoff, Claire and Darren Moss

Patrick Moss' three children. Geoff, the oldest, is a stage actor who aspires to hit the big-time on the silver screen, and he regularly performs at the Old Vic theater. Claire, the middle child, works at Oxford University. Darren, the youngest, is a cadet at the Tower of London.

  • Secret Legacy: They are all part of this, as explained under Patrick Moss' entry.

Cousins Stanley and Agatha

Two very obscure cousins who are briefly mentioned at the start of "Case of the Envelope Espionage" and nowhere else before or after that. One or the other of them will be mentioned depending on which of the twins you have as your companion for that mystery, but not both at the same time.

Allies in EEM Original

Nancy Marx

A member of the Eagle Eye Detective Agency and reporter for Kennedy School's newspaper, the Tiger Press.


The Eagles' pet iguana. He hangs out in the Eagle's Nest.

Chief Barnes

The local police chief of Richview.

Sgt. Nails

Chief Barnes' deputy.

Mrs. Garcia

The librarian at Richview's local library.

  • Foreign Queasine: During Book 2's version of "Case of the Runaway Reptile," Mrs. Garcia mentions that when she was a little girl living in Mexico, her family used to eat iguanas, which she claims tastes like chicken. Whichever of the Eagles you're partnered with for the case...won't react well.
  • Hot Librarian
  • Hot Mom

Jay Lightfoot

The substitute librarian when Mrs. Garcia's not around. He's also a science fiction novelist, and Jake and Jennifer enjoy reading his books.

Wat Phan

A detective from Hong Kong, who appears in Book 1's and the Challenge Book's versions of "Case of the International Idol."

Ali Bandar

An Egyptian detective who appears in Book 2's version of "Case of the International Idol."

Antagonists in EEM Original

Mark Moriarty

The Eagle Eyes' main opponent in EEM Original.

Dave Grant

Mark Moriarty's closest pal and a member of the Kennedy School football team.

Jackie King

An honest dealer.

Mr. Griffin

A character who shows up in both versions of "Case of the Rock Ripoff" and the Challenge Book's version of "Case of the Midnight Masquerade." Two out of those three appearances have him in a decidedly villainous role.

  • Black Market: Artwork and jewelry, in the two cases where he's a villain.
  • Con Man
  • The Dragon: To the guilty party in the Challenge Book's "Case of the Midnight Masquerade."
  • You Do Not Have to Say Anything: He deliberately invokes this when he's captured at the start of the Challenge Book's "Case of the Midnight Masquerade," to protect the identity of the mystery's guilty party.

Minor Adult Characters in EEM Original

Mr. Minas

The math teacher at Kennedy School in Richview.

Linda Harper

Richview's resident rich lady. Her family is in the oil business.

Steve Shredd

Richview's local surfing enthusiast. Runs a bike and surfboard shop.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Some people in Richview apparently have this opinion of him, much to his dismay.

  Steve Shredd: Too many people in Richview already say my head's been sandbar-skimming too long.


Amy Jolanna

A famous movie star who visits Richview. She and Mr. Starr are old friends.

Sgt. Buck Morrow

Coach of the football team and head of the Explorer Trek club at Kennedy School.

Randy Hicks

A local dog trainer, he owns the Moondog Academy Dog Training School.


An employee at Pisa Pizza Palace; he works there as the cook.

  • Cannot Spit It Out: He averts this by being very vocal about his crush on Sweet Treats employee Mandy Lipper, and is actively making plans to propose to her.
  • Fan Boy: Of the Eagle Eyes. In a few instances, he gives them pizza slices on the house and refers to them as his favorite detective team.


The bellboy at Swanks Hotel.

  • Cannot Spit It Out: His very obvious crush on Nicola Hamble, who he wishes would notice him.

Nicola Hamble

A local socialite and volunteer coach of the Pepperoni Ponies softball team. She also works at the Egyptian Theater.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold

An elderly couple that runs the Richview Historical Society, where town archives and newspaper clippings are kept.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Mr. Arnold is generally a nice guy when he's not being a Grumpy Old Man, but put his vegetable garden in danger and he will lambaste you. Also, Mrs. Arnold leaves a picture of a skull just inside the entrance of a cave as a warning to people not to mess around in there and disturb the bats that live in there.
  • Grumpy Old Man: Mr. Arnold, at least where his vegetable garden is concerned. He's very protective of it.
  • Happily Married
  • Perpetual Frowner: Mr. Arnold.

Professor Krank

An inventor who comes up with all sorts of weird gags.


  Jake/Jennifer: He's very, very smart...but a little strange.



A construction worker at Dependable Construction, and an aspiring chef.

  • Only One Name: When the detectives ask him what his last name is, he says he's like Madonna or Cher--he has no last name. In the Challenge Book's version of "Case of the Midnight Masquerade," this causes Silvia Torres, a minor character, to suspect him of being a criminal on the run and possibly the guilty party in the mystery. He's innocent.

Mr. Cohn

The owner of ice cream parlor Sweet Treats.

  • Punny Name: Take a moment and think about it. We'll wait.

Ms. Polaria

The proprietor of Brass Monkey Antiques.

Silvia Torres

A real estate agent and member of Richview's Garden Society.

Mr. Carrichi

The owner of the Pisa Pizza Palace.

  • Large and In Charge: He's fat. Or big-boned, if you prefer.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: To his son Anthony. Mr. Carrichi wants Anthony to take over the family's pizza business, but Anthony would rather be a veterinarian.

Mrs. Meniski

The Eagle family's next-door neighbor.

  • Grumpy Old Lady: When it comes to toys being left in her yard.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: She owns two, named Fluffy and Puffy.
  • Pretty in Mink: Used to play it straight, but eventually quit wearing hers after reading about how minks are raised in cages (and she doesn't approve of cruelty to animals). She keeps the mink for sentimental value, though, plus it did cost her a pretty penny.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Iguanas: She's absolutely terrified of the detectives' pet iguana, Watson. Eric Vickor takes advantage of this in Book 1's version of "Case of the Runaway Reptile" as revenge for her confiscating his baseball when he left it in her yard.

Mr. Washington

Owner of Washington Jewelers.

Mr. Medford

Owner of Medford's Jewelry Store, and competitor to Washington Jewelers.

  • Insurance Fraud: Attempts this by staging a robbery of his own store due to desperation at not being able to pay his bills.
  • Land Poor: His house, on the far end of town, is rather run-down and in need of at least a fresh coat of paint.

Melinda Joost

Assistant manager at Medford's Jewelry Store.

Sam Poholsky

Owner of Dependable Construction.

  • Nice Hat: Wears a cowboy hat as part of his outfit in the Challenge Book's version of "Case of the Midnight Masquerade."

Mrs. Preston

Owner of the Pretty Puppy Obedience School, and rival of Randy Hicks.

Anthony Carrichi

Employee of Creepy Critters Pet Store, and coach of Jake's Little League team.

Andy Hill

Owner of a baseball card shop, and a big baseball enthusiast overall.

Dr. Knox

The local dentist. An amateur archaeologist and spelunker.

Romana Skerzo

The music teacher at Kennedy School.

Mr. Grimaldi

The owner of Creepy Critters Pet Store.

Mr. Edwards

The owner of Brass Monkey Antiques.

  • Card-Carrying Villain: He has an unfriendly-looking avatar picture, but otherwise seems to be a fairly reasonable and practical man in Book 1's version of "Case of the Angry Arsonist." But later on, he proves to be a villainous douche after he burns down Grime's Novelties and Gags because the owner wouldn't sell the property to him in Book 2's version of the same mystery.

 Jake: That was cold, the way Mr. Edwards burned Grime's Novelties so he could take over the store.

Jennifer: Thanks to (player's name), he'll get just what he deserves!


Farmer and Mrs. Duffy

A couple that lives on a farm on the north end of Richview; an old mine is located on their property.

Max Starr

The owner of the Egyptian Theater.

Mandy Lipper

An employee at Sweet Treats, and Willy Barr's aunt. Danny, the chef at Pisa Pizza Palace, has a crush on her.

  • My Beloved Smother: She thinks Willy's skateboarding is dangerous and that he should quit.

Mr. French

The manager of Pisa Pizza Palace, under Mr. Carrichi's supervision.

Mr. Grimes

The owner of Grimes Novelties and Gags, which is the target of arson in Books 1 and 2's versions of "Case of the Angry Arsonist."

  • Insurance Fraud: He burns down his own store in Book 1's version of "Angry Arsonist" for the insurance money. In Book 2's version, he's innocent.

Dr. Kenara

A university lecturer whose specialty is astronomy.

Ms. Case

The manager at Swanks Hotel.

Mr. Peel

The local mailman. He often stops at Sweet Treats to buy a pastry or to chat with owner Mr. Cohn.

Nina Hernandez

A longtime acquaintance of Mrs. Harper and Melinda Joost.

Other Young People in EEM Original

Mike Walker

One of the neighborhood kids in Richview. He's best friends with Willy Barr, and enjoys skateboarding and video games.

Willy Barr

Another of the neighborhood kids in Richview. He's a champion skateboarder who features prominently in "Case of the Stolen Skateboard."

Bobby Garcia

The son of Richview's local librarian, Mrs. Garcia.


  Jake/Jennifer: He's a good kid, but sometimes...he gets these ideas...


Alex and Cheryl Hane

A pair of siblings who live in Richview.

  • Challenge Gamer: Alex spends a lot of time at the Quartertime video game arcade because of this.
  • Classical Music: Cheryl plays the violin for music classes and recitals at Kennedy School.
  • Sibling Rivalry: When it comes to getting good grades.

Christine Lee

One of the protagonists' classmates at Kennedy School.

Troy Nguyen

A young musician who specializes in the violin.

  • Asian and Nerdy: In "Case of the Vanishing Violin," the guy listens to violin music via headphones in lieu of actually practicing on his own violin because it's at the music shop being repaired.
  • Classical Music

Michael and Christopher Gallin

Two brothers who live in Richview.

  • Remember the New Guy?: They are a collective glaring example, as you've never met them prior to the mystery where they first appear, but Jake and Jennifer are already familiar with them.

Eric Vickor

A local boy and classmate at Kennedy School. He enjoys baseball and plays the piano for music classes and recitals.

Kathy Bragg

A classmate at Kennedy School. She plays the violin for music classes and recitals.

Allies in EEM London

Mr. Sneed

The head librarian at the British Museum's library.


  Mr. Sneed: (under his breath) Uncivilized colonists...!


Inspector Gage

A police officer at Scotland Yard. He and Aunt Miranda are longtime friends.

Inspector Blodges

Another policeman at Scotland Yard. He's not quite as patient toward Macavity as Inspector Gage is.

Lady Edna Saltcoats

The owner of Marlford Manor and a longtime friend of Aunt Miranda and Uncle Basil.

  • Actual Pacifist: She's revealed to be this in "Case of the Marlford Murder," where her scripted method of Count von Coburg's character's "murder" is being frightened to death by a mouse, instead of being shot, poisoned or bludgeoned as the Eagle Eyes initially assume; and when they ask her which of those methods was used, she reacts with absolute horror. Then she acknowledges the point:

  Lady Edna: Well...I know it sounds unlikely, but frankly, my dears, I just couldn't bear the thought of any violence. Not even play-acted!


P.C. Bardbrooke

A London bobby (police officer) with a deep interest in Shakespearean history and a love for English literature.

Etienne Dumont

An oceanographer and genealogist.

Max Landers

An oceanographer who does research alongside Etienne Dumont. He is prominently shown in "Case of the Pirate Puzzle," having to outwit a rival treasure-salvaging company.

Antagonists in EEM London


The Big Bad of EEM London. Nobody knows his/her real identity, or even if he/she is in fact a man or a woman.

  • Affably Evil: Until, that is, he/she stops playing nice in "Case of Macavity's Mace."
  • Arch Enemy: To both the Eagle Eyes and Scotland Yard.
  • The Bad Guy Wins
  • Batman Gambit: This is Macavity's shtick throughout the course of the sequel: testing the Eagle Eyes' skills throughout the game by pulling city-wide pranks; stealing a sign language-using chimpanzee; and arranging for the creation of a remote-control toy tiger to be stolen later. Eventually, in "Case of Macavity's Mace," the toy tiger is used to turn off the House of Common's security system, following which the chimp is sent to steal the Mace of the House of Commons--all in order to blackmail Parliament into passing the Animal Protection Law that has been under debate. Then, knowing the Eagle Eyes will intervene and potentially crack the case, arrangements are made to put Macavity's base of operations up for sale in preparation to flee the country, with the funds from the sale donated toward supporting the passing of the Animal Protection Law. Before fleeing, they make a video confessing their wrongs and apologizing for the harm they have brought to the people of England in their zeal to protect animals. Thus, some measure of sympathy will be garnered for their repentance, and the citizens will have the choice to support the bill if they should so choose.
  • Beware the Silly Ones
  • The Chessmaster
  • Collective Identity: Macavity is two people using one identity.
  • Crazy Prepared
  • Dramatic Unmask: Done by themselves at the end of the final mystery.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: His/her pranks, while criminal in nature, are never tailored to cause actual bodily harm.
  • Friendly Enemy: Kinda-sorta.
  • Gentle-person Thief
  • Graceful Loser
  • He Or She Who Must Not Be Seen
  • Hidden Villain
  • Humans Are Bastards: His/Her viewpoint when it comes to animal rights abuses.
  • Karma Houdini
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Meaningful Name: Macavity takes his/her name from a fictional character in the real-life book Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by author T.S. Eliot. The Macavity in that book is a master criminal who is too smart to leave any evidence of his crimes behind.
  • Phantom Thief
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist

Ned Basset

A local Londoner who has dreams of greatness.

Captain Greenbeard

The captain of a pirate crew that abducts Aunt Miranda in "Case of the Pirate Prank."

The Morgan Salvage Company

A group of treasure-seekers who rival Max Landers' company and are, in Etienne Dumont's words, "modern-day pirates." They are led by one Mrs. Morgan, a callous, vindictive and scornful woman, and one of their main agents is Mr. Spector, a supposed soothsayer. They only appear in "Case of the Pirate Puzzle."

  • Friendly Enemy: Mrs. Morgan is seen posing with Dumont and Landers in a newspaper clipping at the end of the mystery, suggesting that they are at least a little less antagonistic toward each other by this point.
  • Meaningful Name: Mrs. Morgan's name and description as a "modern-day pirate" by Etienne Dumont brings to mind the famous privateer Henry Morgan.
  • Punny Name: Mr. Spector, as per his soothsayer profession.
  • Red Herring: Mrs. Morgan directs the detectives to Mr. Spector to get directions on how to talk to the ghost of Cutlass Jack, the legendary pirate whose treasure is the focus of the "Pirate Puzzle" case. Predictably, if you go to the Highgate Cemetery and follow Mr. Spector's directions to raise up the supposed ghost, nothing happens.

  Jake/Jennifer: Honestly, (player's name), I don't know why I let you talk me into these things!...I guess you're right. Anything in the name of investigation!


Minor Adult Characters in EEM London

Ved Maringh

One of the major residents of Dartmoor in EEM London. Rae Maringh's father.

  • Agent Scully: He doesn't subscribe to the various supernatural legends surrounding Dartmoor. He does acknowledge, however, that his neighbors would be superstitious because Dartmoor does look rather spooky.
  • Papa Wolf: Regarding Rae.

  Ved Maringh: The first thing I must make very clear is that my daughter is quite innocent!


Julia Beeswing

Lady Edna Saltcoats' maid at Marlford Manor.

  • Cool Big Sis
  • Girl Friday
  • Last-Name Basis: She always refers to Jake and Jennifer as "Master Eagle" and "Miss Eagle" respectively. She averts it in the player's case, however, always calling you by your first name with no "Master" or "Miss" prefix.


Lady Edna Saltcoats' butler at Marlford Manor.

Count Gunter von Coburg

A wealthy German and a good friend of Lady Edna Saltcoats.

  • Asshole Victim: In EEM London's "Case of the Marlford Murder," Count von Coburg's victim character in the murder mystery party was a swindler and a heartless brute. Among his character's list of atrocities: he cheated one character out of the Victoria Cross bravery medal, sold another character's entire pig farm to a sausage factory and then claimed the animals were stolen, shot a third character's pet warthog for spite, and defeated a fourth character in a baking competition.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Eccentric Millionaire
  • Jerkass: Not the man himself, but his scripted character in the murder mystery party during "Case of the Marlford Murder." In fact, during Lord Cheswick's recital of his character's script, he lambastes Count von Coburg's character as a swindler and rotten scum who nobody will miss...then briefly breaks character to assure the detectives that the Count is in fact a perfect gentleman.
  • Socialite

Roscoe Fishwick

A World War 2 survivor and old family friend of Lady Edna Saltcoats who appears only in "Case of the Blitz Beryls."

Ivy Brissot

An author and longtime friend of Uncle Basil's, she drops by the house from time to time.


  Nigel: I don't know about Ms. Brissot. She's nice and everything, but she seems awfully anxious to make a lot of money. She rattles on and on about how she'll spend her first million pounds! I think she spends more time thinking about that than she does writing her books!


Tungsten "Spotty" Wiles

Aunt Miranda's journalism colleague.

Sir Toby Uppingham

A member of Parliament.

Camille Wren

An actress with big dreams of grandeur who performs in plays at London's Old Vic theater.

Lord and Lady Cheswick

One of the richest couples in London, and they're both very passionate about animal rights.

Jim Mutter

The proprietor of Smuggler's Inn, a local bar in Dartmoor.

  • Handicapped Badass: He lost a leg back when he was a sailor, but he'll sit up nights with his shotgun, waiting to bag a skulking fox.

Mr. Buckleigh

The curator of the British Museum.

Percy Tribb

Mr. Buckleigh's scheming assistant.

Anne Askew

The stage manager at the Old Vic theater.

David Herrick

The desk clerk at the Ritz Hotel.

  • Blond Guys Are Evil: Well, not really evil, but quite restrictive when it comes to hotel policy and dealing with reporters.

Alice Pells

A researcher at the Natural History Museum.

Mrs. Cowslip

Nigel's school headmistress.

Ms. Mahdi

A tour guide at the Tower of London.

Warder Hargreaves

The Chief Warder at the Tower of London.

Violet Drumwright

The band manager of Stiff Upper Lip.

  • Creative Differences: She believes Astrid should practice playing her songs more as opposed to writing them down; consequently, she expresses pleasure when Astrid's notebook, in which the band's songs are written, goes missing in "Case of the Lyric Larceny." No, she didn't take it.
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair

Emma Finley

A stage actress who regularly performs at the Old Vic theater.

Dr. Dahlia Wilde

The production manager at the Old Vic theater.

Albert Frescura

A painter and sometime stage actor. He performs with Uncle Basil's troupe at the Old Vic theater.

Harry Parker

The proprietor of Snootby's Auction House.

Elmer Clumpp

An amateur inventor who peddles his wares in Covent Garden.

Lord Pomeroy

A member of the House of Parliament.

Lt. Havershim

A high-ranking member of the Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Dr. Mercury

A researcher at the Natural History Museum.

Col. Sweeney

A longtime member of the Phaeton Club and a horse rancher.

  • Agent Scully: In "Case of the Horrible Hound," he scoffs at the idea that a supernatural dog is stealing the local horse ranchers' ponies, instead attributing the phenomenon to a thief. He's right.
  • Berserk Button: People shortening "the United Kingdom" to simply "U.K."

Marissa Byrnie

A horse rancher who lives in the Dartmoor area.

Sondra Trent

Harry Parker's assistant at Snootby's.

Mr. Amesbury

A longtime member of the Phaeton Club, and a good friend of Col. Sweeney's.

Ms. Dunbar

The chief costume designer at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Mr. Maypole

A member of the Sherlock Holmes fan-club in London.

Angus Macpherson

A Scotsman and president of the All-Britain Prevaricator's Club, a club devoted to telling the best "tall tales."

  • Blatant Lies: Both played straight and subverted--played straight when he is engaged in the club's annual lying competition, subverted at all other times (and this is a rule among club members).

Guy Wingo

An Australian cricketer who coaches Nigel's summer cricket club.

Brent Hunter

An oceanographer who salvages shipwreck treasures for historical study.

Mrs. Preswick

An elderly tour guide at Windsor Castle.

  • Absent-Minded Professor: Not so much a professor, but the trope fits; at one point she starts giving a tour to the detectives even though they're not actually part of the official tour group she's supposed to be supervising.

Other Young People in EEM London

Many of the persons listed here are part of Nigel's Nakama.

Rae Maringh

Ved Maringh's daughter, and a longtime friend of Nigel's.

  • Missing Mom: No mention is ever made of her mother.
  • Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: Well, while not repulsive in appearance, her father Ved isn't what you'd call attractive. (Then again, his wife had to have found him attractive somehow for him to have become a father...)

Aaron and Felix

Two London natives who are friends of Nigel's, and are rarely ever seen apart.

Marcus Dare

A student of the University of London.

  • Cannot Spit It Out: He has a crush on his classmate Chelsea, but doesn't know how to express his feelings to her directly.

Chelsea Sinclair

Another student of the University of London. She works part-time at the London Zoo.

  • Animal Wrongs Group: She was once arrested for freeing animals from their cages at the University of London.

Gaye Goodbowe

One of Nigel's closest friends, and one of a small handful of persons in the game who are physically handicapped--in her case, she's confined to a wheelchair.

  • Handicapped Badass: She plays the role of an enterprising scientist in a youth play during "Case of the Pilfered Phone."

Ian Knight

A boy who Gaye Goodbowe has a crush on. It's indicated that he has a crush on her too.

Philip Mynd

One of Nigel's classmates, and a lover and player of chess.

Astrid Blake

The lead singer of a band called Stiff Upper Lip. She sometimes works as a costume designer at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, under Ms. Dunbar's supervision.


The keyboardist of Stiff Upper Lip. He's also acquainted with Regina, the lead singer of rival band Tone Def.


The lead singer of a band called Tone Def. She's also somewhat sweet on Jules, the keyboardist of rival band Stiff Upper Lip.


A bike messenger who also collects Stiff Upper Lip memorabilia, to the point of obsession.


A good friend of Nigel and Gaye Goodbowe, she regularly hangs out with them at Covent Garden.


Darren Moss' best friend and a young cadet at the Tower of London.

Abigail Epuru

A friend of Ian Knight who attends the same school as him.

  • Friendly Enemy: Her school is this to Nigel's school, as far as their annual chess competitions are concerned.
  • Shipper on Deck: She ships Ian and Gaye Goodbowe, and teases Ian about it.


A local Londoner who works as a tour guide down at the Cutty Sark's dock.

Griff Johns

One of Nigel's schoolmates with a great love for cricket.

Grace White

One of Nigel's schoolmates, she's described as being a new girl in "Case of the Frankenstein Fraud."

  • Remember The New Girl: Subverted. She's been around with Nigel's crowd a short while, just long enough that everyone knows her, but she's still fairly new and recognized as such.


A good friend of Nigel's and a frequent visitor to the Eagle family's house. He's the go-to guy for anything on Egyptian history and mythology.

Rebecca Locke

A young and upcoming tennis star. Her family owns a store on Quaint Street in northwest London.

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