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  • When asked on ABC about where they see the series going in the future:

 "IMAX 3D Epic Meal Time, directed by Steven Spielberg."


"Why are you laughing?"

  • From the breakfast food episode: "We 'bout to get drunk off pancakes!"
  • From Fast Food Meatloaf: "Epic Meal Time with a whole bunch of ground meat and a good idea. We got all these burgers, all this liquor, and a sexy bitch! This is the fast food meatloaf, you big dummy!"
  • 84 Egg Sandwich opens with Harley ordering ninety Egg McMuffins from a drive-thru window. The girl doesn't believe him ("Are you playing a joke?"), despite his insistence, until...

 Girl: Epic Meal Time? (bursts into giggles)

Harley: Yes. Epic Meal Time.

    • A similar event happens in Masta Pasta, Harley tries to order pizza dough, but they won't let him. He eventually persuades them to deliver it. Their receipt has "Epic Meal Time?" written on it.
  • Harly, Musclesglasses, AND FPSRussia Tenderising meat, bitch!..
  • From the sushi episode: "Epic Meal Time, online cooking is about to take SUSHI and give it a FAST FOOD BUKKAKE!"
  • From Candy Pizza: "Next time, we eat sound effects." Cue one guy making gun and explosion sound effects, then having a silly smile on his face while the rest of the guys maintain their serious disposition.
  • From Epic Hors D'Oeuvres: "Next time, we eat bacon. Eheheheheh."
  • From Sausage Fest: "Next time, we eat ice cream." Cue ladies cheering, and cue Harley's hilariously creepy Slasher Smile.
    • Also from Sausage Fest: "Eat those sausages, bitches."
  • From Epic Chicken Burger Combo: "Next time, we eat crack."
  • From French Fry Week DAY 2 - Spam Fries Four Loko: "Next time, we eat crayons."
  • Muscles Glasses' costume in Meat Mummy.

 "Next time, we eat crackers."

    • Then there's everyone except for Muscle's Glasses and Harley dressing up as Muscles Glasses. Harley's response to Tyler being dressed up as Muscles Glasses is hilarious.
  • The Gentlemen Episode:
    • Tyler still has a problem with his nose:

 Harley: Tyler! You're a gentleman!

Tyler: We may be in a tuxedos[1], we may be gentlemen, but these boogers aren't gonna pick themselves.

    • Harley's outfit:

 Harley: What do you think? Do I look more like Dracula, or the maitre d' at a fucked up whore house?

Tyler: You look like you're at Satan's bar mitzvah.

  • From Turbaconepicentipede:

 Harley: "And connected it to another pig, anus to mouth. Anus to mouth. Anus to mouth."

    • Jimmy Wong sings to the stuffed pig, bidding it turn into a princess. He kisses it. Needless to say, nothing happens.
  • From both Deep Fried Waffle Fries and Turbaconepicentipede:

 "Next time, we eat your fingers."


  1. Tyler's is powder blue
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