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"My house is filled with this crap

Shows up in bubble wrap

'Most every day

What I bought on eBay."

eBay, the web's Bazaar of the Bizarre. Although it acts primarily as an Auction-based website, some sellers use "Buy It Now!" buttons allowing you to instantly purchase the item at "bargain" prices.

It can be a useful way of averting No Export for You, to Keep Circulating the Tapes and - as with everything else on the web - helping indulge your Fetish Fuel. You cannot, however, sell people or weapons. We've tried.

eBay has now become a trope in itself, as the place where heroes can find their Plot Coupons.

Tropes used in EBay include:

eBay in media:

  • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon sells a World of Warcraft item on eBay. This is, however, a case of Did Not Do the Research, as Blizzard would have banned Sheldon and the buyer from Warcraft for doing this.
  • The Dresden Files: In a case of Did Not Do the Research, one villain tries to sell Harry on eBay.
  • Transformers: Sam intends to sell his great-grandfather's glasses on eBay (thanks to a Product Placement deal for the film).
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "eBay"
  • In the British panel game show Would I Lie to You, panelists sometimes have a "Possession" which they must claim as their own (and convincingly argue that it really is theirs when it is not, or vice versa). A common justification is that this was a late-night drunken eBay purchase.
  • Xkcd with this strip, which is later referenced in the mouseover text of this one.
  • Jay Leno used to do a segment on his show called "Stuff we found on eBay". He would present a collection of some of the most blood-stoppingly inane stuff on eBay at that time, and ask the audience if it got sold or not.
  • Joe Hill's novel Heart-Shaped Box is a curious example. The main character buys a ghost from what the book describes as "an online auction site, not eBay, but one of the wannabes".
  • In Finding Nemo the aquarium fish list where they came from. For the Starfish, that's eBay. Except that live animals aren't allowed to be sold on eBay, making this a case of Did Not Do the Research
  • In Toy Story 3, Hamm suggests to the group that they look up what they're going for on eBay, because, after all, Andy doesn't want them anymore.
  • Yellow Eyes has something of a Running Gag about how it's amazing what you can find on eBay, including an alien medical device used to build a physical body for an AI and a mate for a formerly hostile Posleen advising the humans after the war.
  • An early Sequential Art storyline had Pip getting carried away in an auction for a rare comic book issue, getting a winning bid of several thousand dollars that he couldn't afford to pay. In a case of Did Not Do the Research, to pay for it he auctioned off Scarlet, a squirrel living with them, on eBay.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball features JUNK
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