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"If you have any poo, fling it now."
Mason the chimp, Madagascar

The art of combat with excreta, first employed by humanity's simian ancestors. It is almost Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a combat technique based on the throwing of feces.

Compare Urine Trouble and Fartillery. A subtrope of Toilet Humor (in most cases, this is rarely if ever Played for Drama) and a member of the Fu family.

Examples of Dung Fu include:


  • Marvel Comics villain Bullseye was once given an all-liquid diet while in prison, because his jailers were afraid that he could turn solid waste into a deadly projectile. Since Bullseye's m.o. is turning anything he throws into a deadly projectile, this isn't that far-fetched.
  • The Savage Dragon has a foe called Dung who shoots hot feces from his arm cannons.
  • The Swedish comic book character Krystmarodören is an anarchic superhero with the power of super-pooping. He is once challenged by a copycat, Kung Kisstank, who uses technology to duplicate his powers and fires synthetic poop.

Films -- Live-Action


  • Animorphs 28 - The Experiment : The Yeerks are tampering with human food, and the team end up morphing chimpanzees to infiltrate one of their labs. Unfortunately, Visser 3 drops by to check on things by sheer bad luck, and orders the test chimps killed now that they've served their purpose. Marco, of course, is the one to suggest "Poop him!", getting him out of the room long enough for them to plan an escape. This is one of the books told from Ax's POV, which makes it even funnier.
  • In one Dresden Files novel, Harry rescues some temple dog puppies from monkey demons. Flying monkey demons. Since Harry cannot catch a break, they chase him by flinging flaming monkey demon poo at him.

  "The building was on fire. It wasn't my fault."

  • The Star Trek novel Ex Machina opens with a young farmer throwing a handful of animal dung at his planet's leader.

Live-Action TV

  • On one episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 had Professor Bobo do this to The Observer. Luckily it was never shown on screen.
  • The Ultimate Fighter involves one of the fighters pranking the others by something he calls an "upper deck," involving his defecating in their toilet-tank.

Myths & Religion

  • The bonnacon fends off its pursuers by ejecting flaming dung.
  • This is one of the hazards Hercules faced in confronting the Stymphalian birds, whose feces were deadly-poisonous to touch.

Video Games

  • One of the explanations behind tea-bagging (squatting repeatedly on your kill's corpse) is the tea-bagger miming the action of taking a dump on the downed victim.
  • Poshul, the time-traveling dog character in Chrono Cross, and one of her attacks which consists of kicking up a storm of "doggy doo."
  • Okami has the brown rage technique, which explodes! There's also Golden Fury, its urine counterpart.
  • There are a lot of different attacks based on this in Digimon World.
  • One of the enemies' enemies from Redneck Rampage was the Turd minion. Take three guesses on how it attacks.
  • The Great Mighty Poo in Conkers Bad Fur Day lobs the stuff he's made of at Conker, who returns fire with toilet paper.
  • In The Sims 2, a bad date will result in a "Flaming Bag Of Poo" left on your doorstep.

Web Comics

  • Schlock Mercenary has a character who was illegally genetically modified so that his bodily fluids and excretions were explosives. He is given privacy by the narrator in order to "Plant a Shaped Charge".

 Major: It's as if the madman who modified him wanted to create not only an extremely dangerous mole agent, but also a perfect pun on the phrase "Secreted Weapons."

  • In Flaky Pastry, the gang gets to fight an elemental Extrementor. "How can something made of feces move so fast?" "Diarrhea?"
  • In one webcomic (does anyone remember the title?) the main character ridicules the newest Pokémon edition for giving the protagonist a flaming monkey as a starting "fire" choice... and gets bombarded with flaming turds by the insulted mon.
  • In San: Three Kingdoms Comic, Dian Wei executes his famous Last Stand in Wan Castle by fighting with his dung buckets. It kinda explains why nobody wanted to get past him afterwards, because he stunk so much as a result.

Western Animation

  • Mentioned repeatedly (but thankfully never shown) by the chimps Mason and Phil on Madagascar and The Penguins of Madagascar.
  • In South Park, while Butters is asleep, Cartman gives him a "Dirty Sanchez."
    • Cartman also farts on the Son of Satan, whom the others shun by saying "you smell like a fart."
    • Mr. Hanky is an expert at Dung Fu; he has a brown belt.
  • In the Mars University episode of Futurama, when Fry releases Gunter the intelligent monkey's parents on a fancy party:

 Leela: What's that they're flinging at people?

(splat noises are heard off-camera)

Gunter: Oh God!

Real Life

  • Steven Seagal used something like this technique in a real fight backstage against Judo-expert Gene LeBelle: but involuntarily, when Gene chocked Seagal unconscious, causing Seagal to evacuate in his pants.
  • Monkeys. Yes, they DO fling poo.
    • Also anything else they can get their hands on. But their poo-hurling habit became infamous in the days when zoo animals' exhibits were plain concrete boxes, offering them no alternative ammunition.
  • The Second Defenestration of Prague, though it likely was more intended for the victims to die than to land in a pile of manure.
  • The Garbage Post Kid often likes to do this online, albeit with images of the substance in question.
  • "Dung showering" by hippopotamuses.
  • At least some prisoners in highest-security prisons. (That's the only kind of weapon you can't take away from them.) Being a guard there sure ain't no fun job.
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