• In "The Once and Future Duck" Duckman's past self asks future Duckman how his marriage with Bernice will turn out. Duck man sadly, but truthfully, says he'll love her till the day he dies.
  • In "With Friends Like These" Duckman realizes Cornfed is his only friend, and tries making new friends, which he succeeds in with some Friends Expys. Duckman genuinely tries to fit in, but still is unintentionally insensitive, so his friends conclude they must kill him. They beat Duckman and leave him, and Cornfed comforts him.

Duckman: (after being beaten) That wasn't very funny...or friendly. All I did was try to be like you, try to be your friend!
Pete: "You went to far. We thought we could relate with anyone,
Sassy: Trade quips with anyone,
Ditzi: "Look hot with anyone."
Marion: "Anyone ANYONE EXCEPT YOU!."
Duckman: "Deep down, I knew I never fit in with you. (poignantly) When people look at you, they see what they want to see. When they look at me, they see what they really are. Go ahead, do it and add more to your group."
Marion: "And since we're "the Gang",
The Gang: (In unison), let's dismember him together!"

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