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In 2011, Reflections (now Ubisoft Reflections) took another shot at the series with Driver San Francisco, the first game in the series for the Play Station 3 and Xbox360. Returning to the first three games' continuity and, like Parallel Lines, taking place entirely in one city (guess which one it is), San Francisco goes the supernatural/Mind Screw route by taking place while Tanner is in a coma... and giving him "shifting" powers that allow him to possess other drivers on the road.


 Passenger: "This car is worth cash money!"

Tanner: "Your mom's cash money."

  • Mighty Glacier: Anything that's a Van Dourn, Dykemann, Camion and Caisson would count. Pick ups like Ford F-150/350's also count but to a lesser extent.
  • Mind Control: Tanner's "shifting" powers basically amount to this.
  • New Game+: Which allows you to still fully explore San Francisco with no red barriers (aside from a certain mission which was meant to stop due to a boundry at that point), keep unlocks, abilities and WP points after the start of chapter 1 (which skipped the introduction to garages, dares and challenges).
  • New York City Cops: Tanner is an NYPD detective.
  • Noodle Incident: Several...

 Tanner: "Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?"

Jones: "You been eating moldy waffles again? I told you about cleaning out your fridge."

Tanner: "Hey! We agreed never to mention what happened on 'weird Tuesday' -you promised."

 Tanner: "Let's go grab a cup of coffee, there's something I need to talk to you about."

Jones: "You're not pregnant again are you?"

Tanner: "Trust me, with this (shifting) thing I got going on, it makes just as much sense."

  • Retro Universe: Despite being set in the present day, the game feels very '70s.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: In-universe example, the reason the events in the game's coma dream match what happens in reality after The Reveal, is because the television in the hospital room was on the news station, subconcioussly feeding Tanner information of what was happening in real life (which can be very subtly heard if you shift and fly up to the maximum height, along with the heartbeat and heartbeat monitor).
  • Reality Ensues: Since the final chase takes place in reality, there's no shifting, boosting or ramming.
  • Rubber Band AI: (?) If a cop falls far enough behind you, it goes into what fans call "doublespeed", gaining double the normal top speed in order to catch up.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right: Two cops, one of them you control, smash over 10,000 dollars worth of fake medication despite not having a warrent to do so, thus becoming vigilante's once they lose their badges. Tanner prefers "freelance crime fighters" better.
  • Shout-Out: The tutorial in the first game is lifted directly from a similar scene in The Driver, where the main character proves his skills to some gangsters in a parking garage. Which was then ported as a special challenge in this game.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: Of the supernatural variety, even.
  • X Meets Y : San Francisco is probably the illegitimate child of Life On Mars and Bullitt, with some input[1] from Quantum Leap.


  1. Don't try holding on the metaphor, it won't work. Maybe Quantum Leap was the nanny.
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