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This page lists characters for Dreamkeepers and their associated tropes.

This page is a work-in-progress.





  • Badass Bookworm
  • Beautiful All Along
  • Catgirl
  • Glasses Girl: When she was younger, she wore a pair of glasses.
  • Innocent Prodigy: at least in Prelude.
  • Lethal Harmless Powers: From what can be gathered, it seems that Lilith's Power involves moving life energy. Now, as is suitable to her personality, she can apparently use it to heal allies...Or, in its displayed usage, suck the life out of any living creatures nearby completely.
    • Or even technically living - ala the Nightmares.
    • She accidentally activated her Power on such a scale that, after being eaten by a giant Nightmare beast and activating her Power in self-defense, it was so far past death that its entrails fell out. By themselves. Either that, or its body was so fragile that it couldn't support Lilith's weight. Oh, and all of the plants for a few meters were dead, too.
      • Also, to put the theory of how it might not have been able to support Lilith's weight in perspective: This beast was bigger than most of the trees nearby. And Lilith is a light-framed sixteen year-old girl.
      • Finally, if there was any doubt on the Nightmare being gone for good, Nightmares are basically just intelligent energy that have formed physical bodies. So, basically, that thing's entire existence was life energy; very evil life energy, but life energy nonetheless - And Lilith drains life energy. So...Yup.
  • Memetic Sex God
  • Princess Classic
  • Teen Genius


  • Little Miss Snarker: Her childhood of being locked up pretty definitively justifies her snark.
  • Rebellious Princess
  • Teen Genius
  • Tsundere: Kind of a less-extreme version; she's usually non-combatitive, just a little bit off-putting...But she deeply loves her sister, Lilith, because Lilith was essentially the only true friend she's ever had.
    • It was to save Lilith that Namah's Power awakened.
  • Whip It Good: Taken Up to Eleven levels with her Ether Tendrils. As in, energy whips that can be extended from each fingertip, and apparently have no actual set limit to their reach. Oh, and if needed, they can cut and stab too.


  • Playing with Fire: From what's been explained/shown on the website and in a free comic, Bast's Power is Heat Manipulation.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: While not huge or flapping in the wind, it is bright red.
  • The Sociopath: Bast possesses close to, maybe more than half of the listed traits. Or at least, he's shown such attributes most prominently in his fight with Mace.
  • Tranquil Fury: Apparently his default mode; however, this is his normal mood, to some degree. As in, not how he's prone to react when he's actually angered. Instead, we get...
  • Unstoppable Rage: It's easy to blow his fuse. As in, when he was blocking Mace's locker and ignored requests to move, Mace grabbed his scarf and pulled him down to get his attention. Bast's inevitable response was to punch him in the face. Throwing him into a locker. On the other side of the hallway...And after that, he went to beat Mace up more.


  • Abusive Parents: Hoo boy. It would be too glorifying to Grunn to list all of his accomplishments in this field, but his character descriptions aren't lying when they say roughly that caring for orphans is "the very task he's least suited for."
    • However, he might not be a Complete Monster, as he at least seemed concerned for the kids, enough to not want to tell them full situation because it would freak them out. Of course, he might have accidentally drank himself all the way around to nice for a second.
    • Plus, Igrath probably wouldn't even consider letting Grunn have any part in his operations if he didn't have something to redeem himself. I mean, Scinter makes jokes about shooting kids to 'reduce the surplus population', but Grunn actually thinks about shooting kids.

  Igrath: Did you give Grunn a gun!?

  • Adults Are Useless: Grunn's physical strength is incredible. ... Sadly, he's too busy being drunken and lazy and driving orphans like slaves to make use of it. Well...Besides smacking the kids around.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Sure, Grunn's a surly drunk who smacks kids around and forces them to fish for slimy fish-things. But he used to do actual sailing - It can't be good for his temper to have to take care of kids at all.
    • Namely, two of the orphans do not belong under Grunn's care at all: Mace and Vi. Mace is a prankster and rebellious - And Vi is a teenage girl who's having her dreams slowly crushed in the same way Grunn probably did (In her case, dreams of being a fashion designer) and has a hairtrigger temper match his. It's hard to tell which prospect would make one question the point of getting out of bed. A bed which, by the way, probably has bugs considering the orphanage's condition.
    • Not to mention that Igrath and Scinter are always up for picking on him.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: For pretty much the same reason as Igrath - He's practically a mountain with arms and legs.
  • Child-Hater: No, he beats orphan boys, violently knocks over little girls who try to help their friends, throws orphans several meters out to sea in fits of hangover-fueled belligerence (See the last Mace & Whip Prelude Arc, near the end) and contemplates shooting random children as soon as he gets ahold of a gun so as to teach valuable life lessons about how the world will not take it easy on them.
  • Funetik Aksent: To the point that, at one point in Prelude when he was drunk and just got up to see several things going wrong, he needed translation boxes.
  • The Captain: From what's been said, Grunn used to be a captain of his own ship, searching for treasure.


  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Possibly justified, since he's over ten feet tall, but Igrath pulled off quite a feat of strength. That being when he ripped a full teleportation system large enough to hold three teenagers out of the floor and tossed it out a door to run over some invading Shock Troopers. After he tied grenades to it.
    • It probably counts as a Charles Atlas Superpower that he can remain aware enough of his surroundings without his sight to prevent from seriously hurting others on accident, considering his size, wingspan, and large claws. Being a blind, eleven-foot-three griffon man is complicated.
  • Chick Magnet
  • Eyes Always Shut
  • Gentle Giant: He has to be, because with his claws and blindess and sheer size, not noticing somebody and making a wrong move could...Well, he might have another person to be blind with. ... Or, possibly crush them by accident.
  • Fridge Logic: Igrath is the target of great affection from the Indigos. Two incredibly sexy women. It all seems that he's quite lucky. … Until you quickly realize that the man loved by two beautiful twins is blind. Let it sink in.


  • Badass: He had to be told that he had a knife stabbed into his knee.

  Scinter: Hm? Oh, right. * CHNK*

  • Mad Scientist: It would be impossible to tell from just the graphic novels, but from reading the info on the site, it becomes clear: Scinter was the one who originally conceived Anduruna's teleportation system, after he was able to catch the elusive and dangerous teleporting squid that power it. Scientist. However, the Andurunan government arrested him for catching the squids and inventing without the government's approval, which would have probably taken years, and he was thrown in prison. Oh, and they went ahead and used his plans to build the Telepad system. Perhaps not quite mad as in insane, but definitely angry.
    • That actually leads to a bit of Fridge Brilliance - Since he originally designed the telepad, and he and Igrath have telepads in their safehouse, an old fortress in the mountains, and the orphanage...It seems Lilith was right to be suspect of Igrath.

  Lilith: He doesn't even know how to use an info-scroll. (Which are basically the rough equivalent of cell-phones.)

  • Not Quite Dead: As it would seem to be the case. Basically, Scinter was believed to be assassinated long before the story - But rumors still circulated that he hadn't died...And seeing as how he's present in the story, and has a conspicuous neckbrace...Yeah...

The Indigos

  • Meaningful Name: The Indigos' real names are Indi and Digo Marrallang. They both have an immense crush on Igrath. In Australian Aboriginal mythology, the Mar'rallang sisters both married the same man.
  • Sibling Team: While they've not shown fighting ability, and perhaps never will, the two are rarely separate for long and they share a linked Power. They mainly work together as exotic dancers.
  • Spicy Latina: About as "spicy" as it can get without warranting a higher content warning.
  • Stripperific: This is the best way to describe most of their outfits, which make sense considering they are exotic dancers.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: To some extent; while they're both essentially "The Beautiful Sister", they can definitely get into some heated arguments.
  • Wonder Twin Powers: They can freely change their colors and patterns, even hair color, with one condition - They have to be the opposite of each other. Ex.: If one's yellow with orange stripes, the other has to be orange with yellow stripes.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: One of them stores a communicator in her cleavage, to put it bluntly. And the communicator has a way of alerting its owner to messages while it's… In storage: Vibrating. It's quite startling when she gets a message right in the middle of an argument with her sister.



  • Complete Monster: He all but oozes this Trope in every appearance he makes.
    • It doesn't help any argument for the contrary that his profile on the old website pretty much confirms his status. It basically said that, unlike many other Dark Dreamkeepers, he did not join their ranks out of an obligation/attachment to another, or some desire for revenge, or even for a chance to avoid the doomsday that the Nightmares strive for. He joined to, plain and simple, more easily bring suffering to others.
    • Neither does it help an argument against Ravat's Complete Monster status that: 1. He has the Power of 'decay', according to the original site's profile; 2. He was out doing "Tinsel's dirty work" on the night that Paige was killed; 3. From what was shown of the laundry room, the poor girl did not go gently into that good night.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: In Volume One, he appears standing in the shade at the forefront in the crowd scene shortly before Mace meets Lilith; well before his full introduction.
  • Psycho for Hire: Ravat and Tinsel's relationship seems to roughly be that Ravat is sent to kill whoever Tinsel designates -- which he's all too happy to do -- in exchange for what appears to be monetary payment. Although Ravat's clearly stated that he'd be happy to take other forms of payment, too.
  • Slasher Smile: Ravat has only ever been seen wearing some kind of example of this trope.



  • Ax Crazy
  • Break the Cutie: Tinsel seems to put tormenting Wisp above any other goals at the moment Wisp is present or a good plan comes to her. From what's been seen of their interactions, Tinsel lies continuously to Wisp and will say anything to sadden/scare her.
    • But this particular Cutie seems to have already been Broken somewhere in the past.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: How she acts when not angered.
    • As seen where Wisp stopped to answer Namah's question of why she was attacking the main characters - Right in the middle of fighting her.

  Wisp: Well, since you bring it up, it's a long story, actually…

  • Kaleidoscope Eyes: Wisp very nearly takes it Up to Eleven, as practically every major emotion for her has different-colored eyes. Considering the severity of Wisp's mood swings, it's very hard to tell what color her eyes are normally supposed to be - Which would be not-so-nasty, orange Hellish Pupils. These are what seem to be definitive for her:
  • Me's a Crowd: her Power allows her to split off different parts of her personality.
  • Perky Female Minion: At least, when she's not crushed by Tinsel's mind games and not violently enraged by something or other.
  • Yandere/ Cute and Psycho: It depends on exactly how far her dedication to Nabonidus goes.
    • She's obviously completely loyal to him, but it's unknown if that goes onto a kind of admiration towards him like a father figure… Or perhaps even further.
      • In any case, she definitely gives off Cute and Psycho vibes. She just seems to slide between being more innocent and being more dangerous.

Lord Void

  • Big Bad: Literally, as he is both the leader of the Nightmares and in his first appearance, was so huge that, showing him in full, in the resulting scene you have to follow the speech bubble to find a tiny little speck. That is the one who summoned him.
  • Bigger Bad: Well, for the time being, it seems... From the Sneak Peek at the first few pages of Volume Three, it seems that, despite being summoned properly, he has yet to return to full power - After a battle with Nabonidus in which there were many borderline-cataclysmic explosions, the two "agreed to an accord". So, that probably just means that Void is going to sit back and return to full power while Nabonidus heads the Nightmare forces in his place.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Well...Void. Total nothingness. The Nightmares seek to destroy all sentient life.
  • Virgin Sacrifice: A teenage girl named Jeneviv was sacrificed to summon him.
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