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  • It Just Bugs me that I didn't feel even remotely sad when watching this video. I even watched/viewed all the supplementary extras, and didn't feel anything.
    • Same here. No, please don't tell me that I don't have a soul or anything, I just...didn't feel sad.
  • Why did he have to use his fist to break the glass?
    • What else did he have, exactly? He might not have had good enough balance to use his foot, and he'd have gotten a concussion if he'd used his head.
  • Why couldn't he try to climb over by bringing a ladder or something?
    • Word of God says that the glass will try to cut any living thing that tries to go past it, in order to keep the two sides from mingling. Apparently, the boy later tried just that and lost an ear as well as his arm. Damn. Info from this video by the way.
  • Why did she... she... do what she did at the end, damn it?! I mean... it doesn't even Make Sense In Context! And the film just ends there and makes me feel worse! O_O
    • the boy didn't want to draw any more because his arm was FUBAR. By doing what she did, she put herself on the same level as him, so he need not feel bad about his drawing as compared to hers. The things we do for love.
      • Actually, if you notice, she's right-handed and he's left-handed. She feels responsible for the fact that his hand is ruined, so she gives him the one she doesn't need as much to restore the status quo. She just didn't want what they already had to be any more messed-up. Doesn't make it any less twisted, though.
      • Additionally, the bonus picture shows that He can actually use the arm after it's attached to him.
        • Actually, the bonus picture isn't canon. It's not posted by the same person, and in "Who" you can see the boy's writing is still wiggly.
  • Why can't they hear each other talking? The wall is barely taller than them.
    • The answer to all of the above question is basically that it isnt supposed to be taken literally, its more of a metaphor or an allegory about love, it doesn't really make sense otherwise.
      • Word of God says that the wall is meant to prevent the people on the two sides from coming into contact. Therefore, it probably has some way to block sounds as well as trespassers. Although apparently it never took drawing and seeing into account.
  • Did they see if there was anything the wall couldn't easily cut (before one of them rolled across or through to the other side), like a sheet or tube of metal? Are the fireflies "alive" (by the qualifications of the wall) but asentient, so they could test if it was possible to get past or through the wall before it healed itself, and that the wall wouldn't try to "reclaim" a living thing that managed to get past it? Are there others, that may know more about the wall? Where did the ladder come from, if not (is it like a really sad version of Blank It)? And why, why, why did I watch it in the first place (not that I regret it at all, it's just so incredibly sad, especially with neither of them present in the "Who" Distant Finale, and no indication of whether they had left, found a way across, died somewhere further along the wall, or some other thing I haven't thought of)?
    • Actually if you look VERY carefully in the Who video, you can barely make out their forms further down the wall. They're still alive and drawing/writing, they just moved to another spot.
  • Why does the wall exist in the first place? If the wall only exists to keep the two sides from mingling, then what is its purpose? Actually, this is pretty good Epileptic Trees fodder.
  • It seems like they can pull things out of the blue, so why didn't either of them crank out an MG-42 and blast that maggot wall down?
  • Why, WHY every single couple who met because of the internet seems to think that this video is identical to their relationship? Seriously, IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE. They can't talk with each other, which, if you have a microphone and CAN. They can't touch each other...EVER. Maybe it's hard, but someday you could. And most of those couples just keep on wangsting about it, while they can do something about it. I know how it feels to never be able to touch the one you love - I was in a long distance relationship, but SERIOUSLY, quit the wangst and pretending this video is oh-so-identical-to-our-pain.
    • Because human beings have a flair for the dramatic. True, the two situations are nothing alike (I am also in one). True, it doesn't make any logical sense for people to think that the situations are similar but a lot of things humans do for any particular reason don't make logical sense.
  • Why did the girl cut her arm off? I mean, I can somewhat understand it from a loving point of view but still, what's the boy going to do with it? All they had to do was wait for the boy to become good at drawing with his right hand and they'd be golden. Also, why did the boy try to cross the wall with a ladder? He knew what happened last time and the girl tried to warn him both times so she seems to know what she's talking about. If he still wanted to try it he could have at least thrown something living over it first to make sure.
    • This not-so-canon picture suggests he managed to put her arm on himself, so they are back to drawing. As to why he tried to climb over the wall despite all the warnings? Well, Love Makes You Dumb, and he's clearly desperately in love with her. And throw something actually living first? KILL something for a test? I'd like to believe the kid has some morals...
    • The Easter Egg in the game he was making shows what really happened later (if you can notice it despite the bad quality his writing is still squiggly). While people occasionally do crazy things for love, I still that's horrendously idiotic. What happened the first time should have led him to listen to her warnings or at least do some testing first. Yes. Throwing something non-consequential over first to see what would happen, even if that thing could be killed. Similar stuff happens all the time in real life. I'm not saying he should throw another person over, I'm saying something like a stray, non-anthropomorphic cat or dog. Alternatively, if there was something small enough to be thrown but is usually eaten (like a fish for example) he could have thrown that. That way, when it got cut in two, it wouldn't go to waste. Really, if it came down to either my safety or the life of an lesser animal, I'd chose the animal. In all honesty, if killing a lesser animal for your benefit is something you consider amoral then your a part of the wrong species, bud.
      • He was desperate. He wanted to go the other way there and then. No animals in the horizon. Yes, he could have tried something else, but, again- desperate. Desperate people do stupid stuff that put them in danger. Also, he's in love. In Love + Desperate = I'm Suprised He Didn't Try To Break the Wall with His Head. Plus, I don't know, his writing seemed pretty okay to me, apart from just after he cut his ear and just after he got the new arm- possibly he didn't put the new arm on yet? Still- she wanted to make a nice gesture and Love Makes You Dumb.
  • So, who are those two people at the start of the video "Who" supposed to be? I know they aren't exactly the focus of the video, but now I'm intensely curious about it.
    • Characters from the Videogame this clip is from which the author made but canceled?
  • Coal and a box with an arm in it can get over, but a ladder gets cut up? (maybe it only got cut when his ear got cut as well, but unlike his arm, his ear stays on the other side). Also, I really wish the 'who' video had better quality or the wall texture somewhere, since there's a lot that can't quite be made out.
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