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  • Arc Fatigue: This game is long. 100+ hours is not unheard of for the main story. A large part of that is spent walking back and forth through the same thirteen screens over, and over, and over again, which gets tiring even if you have no problems with an RPG being that long.
  • Author's Saving Throw: While the game still is long in the remake, the beginning of the game is a lot more fast-paced and combat is a lot easier.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The tiny little Pod/Foo (later: Pip/Conk) families of monsters, who are critter versions of the default heroes of Dragon Quest III.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Orgodemir's humanoid form. At least, he thinks it is. The final battle even lampshades it with one of his taunts, asking you if you can "bring yourself to strike such beauty". But then he ends up getting stuck between his two forms and ultimately having his flesh MELT RIGHT OFF HIS BONES.
  • Game Breaker: For a lot of people, Sword Dance is this. It's required if you want to beat the game in a decent time (and a "decent" time for this game is 100 hours!). Luckily, it doesn't take too long to get after you free Dharma. Sadly, there's several people who don't know about it or any "hybrid skills".
    • Genre Savvy: Some enemies and bosses mid-game use Falcon Slash, a weaker variant. A later few use Sword Dance without mercy.
  • Iron Woobie
    • Neris refuses to angst over her situation, instead quietly focusing on doing whatever she can to help others.
    • Firia.
  • It Gets Better: We hope you like're going to be seeing a lot of it in the beginning.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Arguably Orgodemir. He doesn't act much like this at first. But then you get to Disc 2 and find out that he's been impersonating God.
  • Narm Charm/Funny Moments: Done all over the place when Probina gets attacked. Some are less goofy than others (Those poor animals), and others easily qualify as the funniest in the game such as a man who notes the limitations of his sprite animations as he's fighting a monster.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Dialac. Frozen in stone by the Gray Rain, while most of the villagers were performing a ceremony meant to summon normal rain... and trapped that way for decades, while the elements gradually wear their bodies away beyond the point of restoration. In one case, one of the statues crumbles away the second you touch him. Oh, and one of the villagers was away when the rain fell, and spent all those years searching for a cure, only to find one long after it was too late to restore anyone.
    • Orgodemir's final final form is pretty unsettling. Basically, rather than going into more powerful-looking forms as the battle continues, he starts melting.
  • The Scrappy: Maribel is this to many players before her dad gets sick. Afterward, she's not too bad. Most of the time. Hondara on the other hand, is always this, even in-game! And no, he doesn't get better either.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: It can be hard to get into this game after the recent ones or even some of the remakes, and some of the criticisms of this game was that it looked dated for the time it was released, with Conspicuous CG breaking up the game's visual style. Keep in mind the game's development begun for the 64DD in 1996, and development switched to the Play Station in 1997 and remained in Development Hell for about three years. By the time it was released in America, it was 2001 and the Playstation2 and Xbox had been around for awhile, and the Gamecube was just two weeks ahead.
  • Tear Jerker: Not everything's resolved so happily.
  • That One Boss: Deathpal is this to some players. Then you reach Dharma and realize he was essentially a Warmup Boss for the entire chapter, which is easily a boss in itself. The four bandit goons, and later their boss, outside of Present-Day Dharma. The only way to have a chance against them is to level up your classes. Later on you fight a boss and his cronies who are a different kind of Time Limit Boss. There's no time limit, but they can turn back the fight to the start, at whim, which gets really old, really fast. After that, nobody really qualifies due to Dharma powering up your skills.
    • The first Orgodemir fight may, but that's technically a given.
    • Inopp and Gonz. Not the hopeless boss fight, but afterwards.
  • That One Level: Dharma FUCKING Temple. Let's clarify, shall we? You enter a perfectly normal looking area, but get flushed down to a crappy prison area, with all of your few, but helpful, spells and skills drained until the 3/4 point of the chapter here. There is NO way back to the present until you beat the FINAL boss of the area (of MANY), the shops sell crappy gear and items, there's an extremely hard-to-find mapshard that's hidden in some obscure little hut that you may not even know you can enter unless you tilt the camera just right, the monsters and bosses are notably stronger than your last adventure, you only have three underwhelming characters (The NPCs are decent at best, but ditch you as the story demands, leaving without any help often.), you cannot use return or outside spells to easily get to inns in order to rest -or- priests in order to revive or save (both of which you will likely need often, even if you buy tons of herbs), the dungeons are colossal and confusing (easily the largest and hardest in the game) with no checkpoints save for one crappy little town which is worse than the prison town you started at, you have to fight in a tournament of rather strong bosses, and to top that all off, you don't even get any freebies when class changing, and you will need to grind your classes to a decent level to even hope to stand a chance against the bandit goons back in the present. Yuji Horii has gone to admit in interviews that he likes to kick players when they're down, but this is just ridiculous. The entire chapter created a Broken Base between those who liked VII and those who hated it. Many Rage Quit at this point and it's not hard to see why. And if you're willing to actually go through with it, you're going to say a lot more words than the one with the "f" above. It's much easier in the remake though it's still a bit of a pain
    • Any area that's 3D and requires you to navigate different sides and elevations simultaneously. Thankfully, there's only a few, but they can get pretty dang confusing, even with a guide.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Oh, the main story's pretty good, but the effect of abruptly introducing other lands to a world where your tiny kingdom was literally the only power left when your King isn't exactly the best at diplomacy is left largely unexplored. [1]
  • Toy Ship: Gabo is heavily implied to have a major crush on Fosse.
  • What an Idiot!: Pendragon.
  • The Woobie: Eri. A Killer Robot who gets repurposed and reprogammed by Jerkass Zebbot, used to help destroy all her kind, and still gets All of the Other Reindeer treatment from the angry villagers. Zebbot also turns her into a Replacement Goldfish for his dead wife, giving her the same name and treating her as a Robot Maid. Back in the present, she's still slaving away in their little cottage, trying to feed soup to Zebbot's long-skeletonized remains. Oh, and the ambitious young king of the region hauls her off to study, hoping to create his own Killer Robot army, and his clumsy scientists waste no time in removing random parts to see how it affects her. Even when you stop this, she's just taken back home to spend the rest of her days in isolation, tending to her master's skeleton. Sure, she says she's happy, but... Luckily for her the rest of her days aren't that long; if you ever choose to visit the house again you'll find that she's broken down, finally joining Zebbot in death.
    • You kind of have to feel sorry for Sieble. The town he's living in is a complete Doom Magnet, both of his pets sacrifice themselves to save his life, and he may end up the only survivor of the Hellworm invasion if you killed Chibi rather than warned him about the villagers' plot.
    • Lucas.


  1. Doesn't help that the game seemingly drops the plot point that his predecessor took Shards away from others who almost stumbled across the Fane's secrets years ago...
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