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  • Alas, Poor Villain: In Dragon Quest III, Dragonlord is implied by some to be the child of the Queen Dragon, a GOOD dragon, who actually created the ball of light to help defeat Zoma and restore peace to Alefgard. Not only did she die in giving birth to him, he was likely to have been corrupted by Zoma in some fashion (Zoma did note to Loto that he would have his revenge).
    • Somehow, the Dragonlord had a descendant of his own, as seen in Dragon Quest II, but outside of living alone in a castle, he's perfectly normal, even hoping that one day he and the heroes can be friends. In that sense, it seems only the Dragonlord himself is corrupted. Unfortunately, that does kind of make it hard for his descendant to show himself without scaring people.
      • Many years after Dragon Quest II, in Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart, he is resurrected along with Alefgard. Rubiss put a seal on his castle though. Judging by what the dragon guardian of his castle says, it seems the Dragonlord was probably going to be revived free of his corruption. However, due to the efforts of The Chessmaster / Bonus Boss and his interference, he ended up RE-corrupted before he could be revived properly, causing him to go on a blind rage on Kiefer's party, due to their involvement with the orbs of Loto. If they didn't kill them, he would have likely gone berserk on the world. The poor guy cannot get a break...
    • Again in Caravan Heart, the ghost of the green dragon guarding Lady Lora also counts. Like the dead in early Dragon Quest games, he could no longer see or hear, but remained faithful to the Dragonlord in his mission to guard Lady Lora. It's rather tragic to see, especially after you are forced to fight him if you talk to him.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In other games that feature them, both the Hero and Princess Lora are seemingly interchangeable with their Kenshin/Swordmaster versions. The Kenshin hero at least wears the armor of the original's artwork sometimes, but the Kenshin Lora has been given bright scarlet-pink hair and an elaborate gown compared to her redheaded (soft purple in some art), gold-dressed original.
    • Princess Lora has also been interpreted as Yandere for her tendency to say "But Thou Must!!" if you answer no to ny of her questions. Thus, she forces you to carry her around, say you love her, and marry her.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Curiously, the Green Dragon and his Palette Swap kin. They don't typically pop up much in the series, but when they do, it's always pretty cool to see them.
  • Memetic Mutation: Buckets of it. "A [X] draws near! Command?" "Thou art dead." "But Thou Must!!"
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: The extreme railroading, lack of a party, lack of a class system or customizable characters in the least bit, and very basic plot didn't age very well, so it's a bit hard for newer gamers to see what was so revolutionary about it at the time. Even more so in the Japanese version, the US version had the Regional Bonus.
  • That One Attack: If the Dragonlord manages to connect with Stopspell, just reset the game; you need Healmore to defeat his second form.
  • That One Boss: THE MADKNIGHT. Good gravy! Easily the strongest monster you fight before the Dragonlord's castle is accessible. Even if he doesn't put you to sleep, his attacks are so brutal you're going to be healing for your dear life. Ironically, you get the best armor in the game for beating him.
  • Woolseyism: The backstory in the Explorer's Handbook (which was given alongside the game to Nintendo Power subscribers in late 1990), gave the Dragonlord a pet dragon. In the actual game however, he TURNS INTO the dragon.
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