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A trilogy by Melanie Rawn, telling of Rohan, Prince of The Desert, and his rule over the continent upon becoming High Prince.

Dragon Prince tells of Rohan's ascension upon the death of his father, his marriage to Sioned, their battle against High Prince Roelstra, and the birth of Rohan's son Pol.

The Star Scroll takes place when Pol is a young teenager and largely revolves around Roelstra's daughter Kiele bringing forth a man that she claims to be the son of the late High Prince, Roelstra.

Sunrunner's Fire involves Roelstra's grandsons Ruval and Marron, bastard sons of Roelstra's powerful daughter Ianthe, attempting to seize power from Rohan and Pol. Also involves Pol's coming of age and his growing friction with his father the High Prince.

These books are followed by Rawn's second trilogy, Dragon Star, which revolve mainly around Rohan's son Pol.

Provides examples of:

  • Angsty Surviving Twin Maarken, after the death of his twin Jahni, is noted to have been "fragile." He heals. Andry does not have visible angst after Sorin's murder, but Soren's death likely helped fuel his murderous tendences towards Sorcerers later on.
  • Bastard Bastard Chiana and Kiele, two of Roelstra's bastard daughters.
  • Dead Guy, Junior Sorin of Ossetia
  • Fiery Redhead Sioned, Sionell, Feylin...and others. Bonus points to Sioned for having green eyes.
  • Heir Club for Men In the beginning of Dragon Prince, Roelstra's very frustrated that that after one wife, five mistresses, and seventeen daughters, he still has no surviving son. Note: His wife Lallante did bear him three sons, but all three died young and within days of each other.
    • Rohan, prior to Pol's birth.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters
  • Spoiled Brat Chiana in Dragon Prince
  • Switched At Birth A large part of The Star Scroll, the second installment of the Dragon Prince trilogy, revolves around the alleged swap of Masul and Chiana at birth. Andrade's memory shows that Masul's father is one of Roelstra's men, not Roelstra himself.
  • Unfortunate Name In-universe, Chiana. Growing up with a name that meant "treason" in the universe's "Old Tongue" did not make her a happy, well-adjusted person.
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