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Not to be confused with Dragon Half.

Dragon Pink is the title of a three-part erotic anime series, released by Pink Pineapple in 1994. It is based on an incomplete, four volume manga by Itoyoko 1990, currently only translated into Spanish for release exclusively in Spain. This title was also made into a video game, Dragon Pink: The Zero Castle, released in 1992.

Dragon Pink takes place in a world parodying a generic role-playing game and centers around a catgirl named Pink, owned by a hero named Santa, who in turn is accompanied by a barbarian warrior named Bobo and a female elf mage named Pias or Pierce, depending on the translation. While many of the adventures a very generic, with Pink serving as a damsel in disress for the others to rescue, the plotting and characterization are not simple curtain rods on which to hang the sex scenes, rather building a coherent story.

Tropes associated with Dragon Pink:

  • Catgirl: Pink.
  • Deus Sex Machina: Pierce recharges her magic by having sex. In the middle of battle, no less.
    • In an odd application of the trope, Pierce is surprised when in Episode 11 of the manga, she discovers she's pregnant with Bobo's baby - it's implied that sex mages like Pierce have fertility problems. Also odd for the genre, both her and Bobo are ecstatic at the news. In episode 16, the baby actually disables a Power Nullifier for her despite being too early in its development to change her figure. She goes into labor in chapter 23, and gives birth in chapter 24.
  • Intimate Healing: See Deus Sex Machina, above.
  • One Curse Limit: A magic sword obtained after defeating a monster had a death curse on it: Santa immediately falls sick and his lifeforce is slowly being drained away, but Pink (who's already cursed) is not affected.
  • Out with a Bang: After being molested by a water nymph in the second episode, the nymph turns into water and enters a girl through her privates... and then literally invokes the trope to reform. Implied to be completely orgasmic for both parties.
    • In the third episode is a Japanese-styled lamia who rapes Pink with a snake/blowfish hybrid. She being a catgirl and made of sterner stuff like all typical catgirls, manages to survive this however....barely. For all the human girls the lamia kidnaps and rapes this trope more than likely comes into effect, however.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: Pink.
  • Role Playing Game Verse
  • RPG Mechanics Verse
  • Sex Slave: Pink.
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